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Seriously when is he just coming out in a White Robe with Hood attached, as he surrounds himself and utters the rhetoric of White Supremacists and worse!

"What the Hell do you have to lose? That's your pitch!?! Seriously, if that's the best you've got buddy, your in worse shape then I thought you were. Its bad enough you talk down to African-Americans while doing it always in front of a predominately white crowds, but using rhetoric that comes right out of the mouths of White Supremacists and anti-immigrant racists or worse is simply beyond what my mind wants to accept. The few people of color that he does have as surrogates, could easily be considered Uncle Tom's or worse. And I'm sorry, using flat out lies and false facts while basically describing all African-Americans as out of work, lowly educated criminals, who sponge off the government is simply utter bull. As Donald would say, believe me.

“Look how much African-American communities are suffering under Democratic control. To those I say the following: What do you have to lose by trying something new, like Trump?” he said. “You’re living in poverty. Your schools are no good. You have no jobs. Fifty-eight percent of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?” 
What the hell do you have to lose? I'm sorry, are you freaking kidding me? What the hell do you have to lose? Maybe if you didn't use talking points from the Center for Immigration Studies, an Anti-Immigration organization. A think tank who sides with White Nationalists, you know the people who 'dislike' people of color! Maybe if you didn't have your history with "African-Americans" as you love to scream those two words. I'm sorry, I have to ask, but is it me? How grating is his voice on the stomp? The way he growls out words, so annoying. Anyway, the man has vowed that he would unify the races as president and actually told The Washington Post in an interview earlier this year “I am not a racist, I’m the least racist person that you’ve ever interviewed.” I'm sorry, when a man, has to come out and say those words, maybe there is some reality to what many would call a very checkered past when it comes to race relations. I mean this is the man who still won't admit that our President was born in Hawaii! Who made a name for himself in politics by helping turn the Birther mantra into a movement. And like the anti-vexers who are sadly misinformed individuals who are seriously hurting millions with their disbelief, I believe many of these people's ancestors possibly burned 'witches' at the stake.
As usual in this campaign, as soon as Donald J. Trump or one of his crack surrogates say something that would get most people thrown off the air or out of politics or shot, Hillary Clinton’s director of state campaigns and political engagement Marlon Marshalimmediately came out and condemned Trump’s remarks.
“Donald Trump asks what the African American community has to lose by voting for him. The answer is everything from a man who questions the citizenship of the first African American President, courts white supremacists, and has been sued for housing discrimination against communities of color, -- Trump painting the entire community as living in poverty with no jobs continues to show he is completely out of touch with the African American community.”
Today, one of his surrogates, actually said something like Donald isn't talking down to them, but speaking in a way that they could understand! Seriously, are you kidding me. I'm sorry I've just about had it with him and his surrogates playing nice with the racists who believe America is the land of the White and all others aren't really American. Whose ideas and policies would take us back to a time where only white men voted and woman stayed home, got pregnant and cleaned the house. Where people of color were basically slaves.
What gets me unnerved is that the media is allowing this to fester and taint the conversation. Seemingly making it okay, as more and more of his surrogates come out, guise their hate filled rhetoric in a way that might not be racist, but could be and is. One by one they say things that make you want to smack someone real good and I simply marvel that there are people who actually believe this garbage. It was bad enough when they were saying these vile things at the events, but now, they're actually invited talking heads that come on and spew filth right in our faces. Unbelievably they keep inviting the same people back, even after they sometimes scold them on the air for lying! I am seriously expecting one of these days that someone will finally have had enough and fighting will commence. At least lately the hosts of the shows are beginning to try to stop the bull, Mike Lemon, has been especially good at shutting down the fools. So sometimes they succeed to stare the conversation from the lies to at least something based in reality. But usually the inbreds, seem to control the conversation, always interrupting when the other side is making a winning argument, trying to change the topic they either have no answers for or they've been caught in an argument they can't win, or when they realize they haven't spoken for two seconds. When not talking, they sit there and makes face, tying to keep the focus on them, pretty much acting like juveniles. And the more that we delve into these people Donald has running his campaign and those he uses as surrogates, their backgrounds and connections, the scary thing is they are are nuts as the man himself. 
For the last few days, Donald J. Trump has been reading speeches practically begging "African-Americans" to vote for him. His surrogates have come out and lied endlessly through their teeth at the rhetoric he's been repeating. Luckily, it seems the media has begun to not accept all of their bull. I mean, shockingly even on Fox Faux News they've begun to wake up to the reality, as they constantly argue over the merits of polls and if any of them are even accurate. Sometimes they allow these liars to run their traps for a while, seemingly letting them put their feet in their mouths, until they either bring out the video or go, that's a lie. And what gets me, is that the liars, don't flinch, they just deflect to another lie and act like what they said was the truth, even if it isn't, even after they get owned by the truth. The perfect example of this was with the now famous confrontation on cable news, when Michael Cohen, a Trump organization executive clashed with CNN's Brianna Keilar over polls that suggested Donald Trump is losing to Hillary Clinton. His response to her question "What polls? And her answer back, All of Them!" was one for the ages. Unbelievably, even after that, they bring these liars back and they repeat this charade of phony newspeople with phony surrogates, and we the viewers are left to decide what to believe, truly Pathetic.
As for Donald's pleading for their votes, really? Honestly its almost pitiful watching him, say things like the Republican party needs to be inclusive, but never saying what he would do, but believe me he would make it work. That's like Republicans saying we need to replace Obamacare but never actually coming out with a real plan to do it. Do you think a bunch of malarkey, as Vice President Joe Biden would say, will make people disregard what he's actually done over the course of his career? So he reads a long speech that someone else wrote, without one real plan or proposal and everyone should just bow to his brilliance?
Sorry, maybe if he had any history of actually doing something for them as opposed to throwing out rhetoric that sounds like it was written by a member of a White Nationalists organization I could understand him using it. But he doesn't. Perhaps maybe if he didn't lie a dozen times over about Hillary Clinton's record with "African-American communities" and about her health, about her Foundation, well about everything, maybe then people of color would possible begin to believe him. You see Donald you are trying to make her into something so demonic that its simply beginning to some like utter fantasy. Which coupled by who you are makes anything you propose seem like hog wash.
I guess when you're polling at less then 1% of a population, nothing could actually hurt, I mean he might actually gain a few percentage points. But honestly does he actually not realize that if he keeps harping on the "African-American" communities, he might start losing the White Aryan Nation to Gary Johnson or even Hillary Clinton. Seriously Donald, maybe its time to stick with your own kind and end this charade, and just be who you are. Isn't that what you just said the other day? But instead you're trying to pitch yourself as the savior to the African-American people, and I'm sorry Donald, that's one job you will never earn or buy.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, August 20, 2016

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