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So I guess that means his surrogates were also in on the joke, right? Otherwise, guess like us, they've been played for fools by a master manipulator

Seems Hillary has nothing to hide and Donald is simply a sarcastic asshole, there you go. Today, one candidate for President releases her tax forms for the year, and the other tweets to inform the world that he was just being "sarcastic", his comments about President Obama being the Founder of ISIS was simply a bad joke. Question does this new admission explain Trumps entire campaign? Are all his comments sarcastic? I mean most of what he says, sounds sarcastic, am I the only person who hears that in his voice? I mean it is possible, seems after each comment he makes, he constantly reminds us to "Believe" him or "Trust" him, are they just his way of punching his jokes too? Are these just his tag lines, like most stand-ups have? So when is he and when isn't he being sarcastic, since unfortunately he doesn't have a drummer next to him, hitting his snare drum, to accent his punchlines. Seriously I'm asking, is he always being sarcastic, making jokes or is this latest excuse, just another lie, another deflection? Well if he was just being sarcastic then, perhaps that explains the entire Republican National Convention for what it really was, a Roast on the American people. His new revelation surely explains his recent unveiling of his Economic proposals, cause buddy that was a laugh-and-a-half! And about those 13 white fellas who wrote that speech you read, hysterical.

So Donald J. Trump was simply being 'Sarcastic'! Phew, now I get it! That explains everything! I guess his entire campaign has been a bad stand-up routine, and the American people have been his suffering audience. Honestly I've been thinking for months that those Republican debates, were more like Celebrity Roasts then political debates. Come on, his stomp speeches sound more like Don Rickles was doing a stint in Vegas then a politician running for public office, let alone the Presidency.
Ratings challenged @CNN reports so seriously that I call President Obama (and Clinton) "the founder" of ISIS, & MVP. THEY DON'T GET SARCASM? So there it is, the tweet heard round the world, or at least Donald hopes it was. The Tweet that will end all discussions on his latest faux pas, not! Finally for once Donald came out this morning and tweeted it was all a joke. Simply put, another lie by the man. Another excuse to try to change the subject, at least this time he didn't add his usual, 'people are saying' bullshit, explaining that his insane suggestion that President Obama had founded ISIS. And Hillary Clinton was obviously his MVP in creating the vile terrorist organization. Seems it was all a joke, a hilarious comment that was meant to crack every buddy up. Of course, what it actually did was make even more people really that the man himself is the joke.
GMAFB! Liar! Ass! Your a bad candidate & a worse stand-up! 
That was my tweet that I posted after I first heard Donald's latest excuse for his public meltdown. After I digested the information, I turned on my television, wanting to see what the discussion was, and as usual someone made me want to scream. The culprit this time was a Jack Kingston, a (R) Senior Advisor on the Trump campaign, he was being interviewed by CNN's very own Wolf Blitzer. And as usual for his surrogates, the man was making every excuse up in the world, to aid Donald J. Trump. The man's not really a politician, the man speaks from the heart, so he mixes up his words, blah blah blah. And what was worse, there never seemed to be any real conversation on the reason they were talking in the firs place, Trumps basically making shit up! That part of the conversation seemed to be side-stepped completely.
And when Wolf brought up Hillary's taxes, that she had released them, like clockwork, this paid off fool brought up Hillary's speeches. When will she release them, what is she hiding? Forget the taxes, this is most important! Unfreakingbelievable. And what got me, was The first time he mentioned them I started realizing that every answer the man was putting out, I had heard before. Every, not just what he was saying, the exact words! Seems this man had learned his talking points real good. And repeated his speech transcripts lines none stop as if to drive them home, make that the conversation. Make that the one thing that the audience at home would remember. And what was worse, Wolf Blitzer let him get away with it. Unlike other commentators on the air who have suddenly begun to grow a spine and bite back at Trump and his surrogates. Maybe its good reporting or simply the fact that they like us see the obvious that he's a lying bastard. And no longer can he be looked at as just a joke, but as the man who could actually become our next President. And if that were to happen, sadly, the United States would become the laughing stock of the world. And with would take the brunt of the ramifications.
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