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Seems his latest twitter deflection has covered up his most recent appointee. Just wondering if those new Israeli settlements, are now Trump properties too, as his personal wealth enlarges as fast as our nation crumbles around us… go ahead Kellyanne, explain this one too

TALK ABOUT A HINT: “I think we should get on with our lives”… that’s how Donald is choosing to deflect his latest addition to his menagerie of deplorable’s. Instead of coming out with a real comment about President Barack Obama’s response to Russian involvement in our democracy. Either pro or against, he instead came out and wanted to brush it aside. The election is over, he won, screw how it happened, or who assisted him in capturing his prize. The fact that another nation hacked ours, doesn’t mean anything. I guess if we find out he knew about it from the inside as opposed to laughing it off as simply a liberal media made up conspiracy, then maybe one day, his lackadaisical attitude will be revealed for what it is. Simply more lies by a master manipulator. For Donald, only the Fox faux news conspiracies are believable no matter how far fetched they are.So whats not being talked about, is Donald hiring his own legal advisor in real estate, to make deals with other countries for the nation, while still operating all of his own businesses and the world doesn’t even cough. I’m sorry I can not believe the size of Donald Trumps balls. Now I see how he became president. Amazing, no matter what he does, nothing goes too far. Seems his need to get over the hacking as so last year, is his current deflection strategy. Notice this is all we are discussing, nothing about his latest hire. Again, I’m sorry, when does it stop? Not the doing of it, until Donald is cold and dead underground that part of his DNA will continue. I’m talking about everyone else who allows it. I get why his past issues didn’t kill the dragon. I understand why grabbing a pussy or lying straight to our faces wasn’t a turn off to millions. Its entertainment. Its not real. Its TV! What I don’t understand or comprehend is how he keeps doing it right in our faces. These events aren’t taken place behind the scenes, hidden from view. No, its like he wants all of us to enjoy his craft of thievery. I can not understand or accept that we as a nation and as Americans are allowing this to continue. So now that his own employee, a Jason Greenblatt, who has spent the last 20 years negotiating deals on Donald’s behalf, will become ‘our’ employee, since now he’s basically working for all of us, right? Just like Donald is, at least that’s what its supposed to be, right? So does that mean he’s resigning from Donald’s payroll? Does that mean his only job will be working for the United States government, or will he be working two jobs? Both at the same time? Why not, guess maybe alternating shifts? Perhaps something is not kosher in Denmark my friends, I smell a big rat. Maybe I’m just grasping at straws, but maybe, we’ve got that last straw that could break the camels back, is finally here again. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that somebody out there, with any pull disregards Donald hacking camouflage and actually pushes this story. But so far, nobody wants to show this Trump where to go. Cause Heavens to Betsy, if they do, Donald’s gonna throw a shit storm of tweets at them. The not so hidden truth is, its seems when he does, his victims, become targets for those sheep who seriously need a padded room. Maybe Donald’s over confidence, boasted by his in your face rubbing our noses in it, probably criminal activities.  It seriously boggles the mind listening to Donald, but mostly his Trumpeters, especially Kellyanne cheerfully dismiss everything that’s done by the liar-in-chief elect. So now it’s the hacking of our democracy, and last year, so unimportant, seriously not worth our time. Let’s instead nonsensically drone on how Hillary is being a sore loser. Even though she’s the only one who hasn’t said anything. Seems they never did the things the democrats are doing now. Maybe because the Democrats never did anything to warrant any investigations. Seems, disrespecting our new president is only done by the Democrats. How dare they! Everything that occurred over the last two terms of our president, never took place. Or they prattle on about Junior’s charity being ripped out his hands. Look at how many people it was helping. Look how selfish the democrats are being, how evil of them. It’s funny, in a quasi treasonous way, how they argue that whatever did occur had absolutely nothing to do with the election results. That no matter what, Donald is the next President, even if it’s discovered he was in it with Putin. I get it, any doubts about the results would put the Donald’s precarious win even more in doubt. His so-called mandate a Trump talking point which makes him sound more delusional then laughable. Seems, either the people were suckered in by all the leaks which were hacked by the soviets. Sorry if you’re gonna act like KGB, you’re a soviet. If Putin doesn’t want to act like its 2016, and really we’re back in the wonderful 1950’s, then we should refer to his and his nation as the Soviet Union. Lets discuss this with the Ukraine, shall we, see what they think of it. So it’s still the Cold War, and it seems we’re back in the good old days that Trump yearns for so much. So if the tainting of Hillary wasn’t enough to make the final results something that needs to be looked into, at least warranting a real evaluation of the election I’m not sure anything does. Should I mention the many reports of voting devices being faulty, uncounted ballots just sitting there, gerrymandering, and voter suppression. Or of course the voter obstruction in minority areas that anyone who doesn’t see some problem is either lying to us, to themselves, or being paid off in some way or the other.So we get this huge statement by our President, Barack Obama, putting his foot down. Setting a line in the sand. And the Trumpeters act like it’s yesterday’s news. Barack’s really not in power anymore. The republicans proved that when they halted his Supreme Court choice. They’ve simply been allowing him to hold court. Look at how they all played us. I’m almost beginning to believe this Trump phenomenon was set up by the Koch brothers themselves. Meaning, all their arguments against Donald’s personal actions, his politics and any other, what now seems to be nonsense to them, was just an act. Seems far most of them got what they really wanted. All of them have gotten a better seat at the table, and every one if their draconian polices are soon gonna be enacted into law. So after President Barack Obama’s smack down of Vladimir today, what does Donald do? Instead of siding with our President, he sides with Putin’s non actions. Seems Vladimir’s not fighting back is showing strong leadership, and in his brain, President Obama is the one being weak today. Huh? Well I presume this means that Donald and Vladimir have already spoken about the punishment that the Russians received and once the swearing in takes place, those minor slaps will be reversed at once. The media is actually discussing if Donald dare’s remove the Presidents actions today, as if that might make Trump look bad. As if he cares what anyone thinks. In fact Donald will probably help build the KGB new locations inside our borders. Why not, it appears their in bed together. Lets make it official.See, no one is discussing Trumps decision to upgrade his attorney with his presidential seal. It’s not on anyone’s radar. All we are now gonna get is the BS about how unprecedented this latest Trump tweet was. Endless hours of the arguments from the liberal biased press and the Fox liars shushing it aside as just what it really is nothing. Nothing but another demonstration once again how Donald Trump is in bed with Putin. On every occasion the man never fails to agree with the Russian dictator, and well to put it nicely, wasn’t that once considered treason. As with everything, the Trumpeters brush anything and everything aside, that even hints at a problem as just sad poor losers. It is rather amazing seeing this change of perspective in disregarding everything, after having suffered through the never ending attacks against Hillary on everything. How they drummed up everything into the next watergate, but nothing, even a Russian invasion, possibly aided by some of their own, deserves a look-see. And finally, here’s a thought to make you curl up and die. Maybe in the long run, I guess Hillary Clinton becoming the Secretary of State, showcasing why she was the right person to become our next President was the worst thing she could have ever done. Instead if she had sat back and simple bided her time till 2016 as the heir apparent, right now she would be getting ready to be in charge. Seems if she hadn’t put her thumb down, and showcased to the world and most importantly to Vladimir Putin that this lady wasn’t gonna just bow down to his whims. Maybe if she had played nice with Vladimir, he would have helped her win this election as opposed to Donald. Maybe her not being the puppet is the reason Donald is about to be sworn in. Perhaps, as his many victims of the Soviet dictator have learned, if you’re not nice and do what he wants, he pay the price. Me thinks right now, we all are living in Vladimir’s world and Donald is just his partner in crime.

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