Friday, December 23, 2016


As Trump continues his destructive path, his hired hands are making excuses for Donald's greed and crying alligator tears that they're the real victims in all of it. 

Donald 'Trump' Drumpf:  Con Man, Liar & Crook, & those are his best qualities. © Neil Feigeles 2016 

DONALD DID HINT ABOUT THIS, REMEMBER? Sadly, it seems most people out there, didn’t hear the warnings. Didn’t see the red flags. They were okay with his rhetoric and disregarded the horrors that his words actually were implying. Or most likely thought he was just spouting off at the top of his lungs, just for the fun of it. Lucky for them, they weren’t waking up in cold sweats, as visions of end times crept into their worst nightmares like it's done to me. We had a candidate who joked about using Nuclear weapons and for the most part no one blinked. Well they weren’t actually jokes, I guess I'd describe them as he would, when one of his statements turn out to upset people. He was just being sarcastic. His comments about letting everyone have Nuclear capabilities, why not? Ha ha! See, they were simply sarcastic laugh riots that chilled me to the bone. If its possible, out of all the rhetoric that Donald J. Trump has spewed even before he announced his now winning presidential ambitions, his quips about allowing other nations, and of course our own to enjoy a Nuclear build-up made me know deep down inside, that this man was someone we should all be afraid of. I just realized something, remember all those sightings of evil clowns we've had recently, perhaps that was a harbinger of whats to come in a Trump presidency.  

What could go wrong with a person who appears to lose it at the first provocation or insult? Just imagine if that person had the power to basically wipe everyone off the face of the world with a flick of a switch. Or the touch of a button. Wait till we start seeing people turning up missing or poisoned in his wake. How scary is it that the real monsters in our world aren’t the make believe kind in movies, or the dictators we’ve been brainwashed to believe who want to destroy our way of life, or dear I say it, even ISIS. The real horror story we have to deal with is the one whose headed into the Oval Office, with the gleeful help of his band of Trumpeters. Watching his talking heads, led by Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer disregard every comment that could actually cause harm to millions, as simply ‘we are misunderstanding’ what he said seriously gets me more agitated each time they throw out the same lame excuses. If its something they don't want to talk about or have no excuses at the ready, they act like its something they either have no prior knowledge of or it isn't something they would be privy to. Rachel Maddow tried like mad to get a straight answer from Kellyanne about Trump's nuclear tweets and all she got was blue in the face. On several fronts Rachel queried, thinking I know I got her, but each time Kellyanne creepily segwayed to another bogus talking point. I honestly applaud Rachel for not losing it and pushing Kellyanne out the door on camera. Mrs. Conway is one scary, lying soulless harpy on a good day, and yesterday she was sitting there, like a deer in headlights, being hit left and right by a pro, and you could almost see the programming in that Alt-right brain of hers twisting till she spewed out another talking point. Changing the subject every time she proclaimed that we might think she was, but wasn’t, Kellyanne was making a point to answer every question, without answering any questions. It was classic Conway. I can understand why Donald chose her, I’m just wondering how long it will take the public and the news media to turn on her? The way things are going, I’m now expecting her to run for President in four to eight years, I mean we wanted a woman president, right? Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut or as they say, be careful what you wish for. So depending on if our world still spins and if Donald hasn’t been escorted out the door in handcuffs, or to cheers, if somehow, I am wrong and he turns out to be the savior his sheep so desperately pray that he is. Our next President after Donald could be Kerryanne Conway. 

Possibly my favorite line of dialogue ever, or at least the one I always look forward to hearing each time I watch any Star Wars movie, surely fits Donald's latest twitter ta do, ‘I have a bad feeling about this!’ Of course in this case, the bad feeling has to do with ‘our’ I hate to even think this, next president and his comments which either he understands exactly what he's doing or worse, doesn't care or understand what he says actually has consequences. That’s right, Donald J. Trump, Presidential-elect, his latest tweets about the world getting into an arms race, putting it out there that he wants to expand our nuclear capabilities and is okay with other nations doing the same. Seems there are just too many scary people out there for his taste, so if the nukes we have now, that dwarf every other nation on the face of the world, aren’t enough to make the man sleep comfortably at night, he wants more. So I guess that means he’s gonna build up an arms race, bust the budget on his new toys, and probably have to kill something else to help pay for it. I get it, seems its a good thing he picked a few who wanted to tear them apart in the first place. How lucky are we that he can soon give his command to his  commandants and magically that department will be gone and he’ll be considered a hero for not putting us into even more debt. At least on this day. That is until the reason for the department is realized and all the pain and suffering that Donald's latest genius move and kept us on to that path he's brought us on, making sure to make America great again, as he destroys it bit by bit right in front of our eyes. But they will claim the debt that was created by that failed Democratic President Barack Obama. 

Well happily to take my mind off of the end of the world we might be heading, hysterically all of his Trumpeters and even the Donald himself are whining how terrible it is, that his son isn't gonna be dabbling in his Charity events anymore. Or at least that's what he's announced. As with everything else that comes out of their mouths, I won't hold my breath. Like this charity event that his sons supposedly had nothing to do with, but their names were in the contracts. Seems making money for the Trump empire isn't sitting well with most people outside of Donald's inner circle. Somehow the pay for play issues that they screamed and yelled to high heaven that the Clinton's were doing aren't what the Trumps are trying to pull now. Seems their phony accusations, were only thrown out to camouflage their own issues. According to Junior, Its all to help others. Nothing they do is bad. The fact that others can't see it boggles them as they sarcastically smile, and rub their greed into our faces. So as we watch as hotel reservations are changed from other venues to Trumps new Hotel, the best excuses I've heard so far, are simply, it was time for a change. 

My fear is that change could actually be our landscape, our very world. If anyone survives that is, we might have to have the map makers reconfigure the borders of our nation. What if Donald decides to scratch his itch? Lets show everyone whose really boss. What do we do then? I understand what I'm throwing out is far fetched and obviously I hope will never happen. But much of what we've gotten so far from this candidate and now future president, has been as unprecedented. Today Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu played twitter games about Israel and their settlements, causing President Barack Obama to basically abstain from signing a U.N. resolution. Basically our President said, you guys wanted this, its now on you. I tried, Donald, you think you know best, Benjamin you've always thought you knew best. Go for it. I wipe my hands of the problem, your turn to lose sleep over it. 

Remember that little thing called Peace in the Middle East, at least between Israel and Palestine, guess that's not in the cards again, not in our lifetimes. That is at least unless, Donald and Benjamin are somehow planning on ridding the world of the Palestine's? Not that I wasn't being serious, but sadly me thinks in the near future there might be a little war out there, again. Which actually might suit Donald and whatever his plans about Israel really are. I'm sorry, not that I'm saying Donald is anti-Semetic, but I never understood how people who hate Jewish people love Israel. I never got that. I keep hearing these Alt-right inbreds argue they're the real Americans. Amongst the many things they hate, the thing they really hate most are the Jewish people. So why would those who follow those hateful beliefs want to help Israel? Maybe eventually ridding Israel of the Jewish people themselves and replacing them with the Alt-right. I mean they are the chosen people right? Isn't that what they taught up in Hebrew school? I know the rhetoric that Trump and the Republicans always proudly announce how much they love Israel and will do everything in their powers to keep it and its people safe. But in the back of my mind, it just doesn't square with me. I'm sorry, I can not separate the Jewish people from the state of Israel itself. If you didn't know or may have forgotten but the nation of Israel, is known as the Jewish state for a reason. So question, if you are an anti-Semitic, how do you separate the two? And if you're not, how do you believe others you spew hatred towards one, is okay with the other? I understand the historic significance of the location. I get the bible, its teachings and how its been used to educate and brainwash millions to follow the rules that society has deemed necessary to live by. But that being said, how do you square the rhetoric with the hatred? Who do you believe? Who can you trust? Especially after all the Nazi propaganda that accidentally or purposely crept into Donald presidential campaign this past year. I hear the arguments that Trump's son-in-law is a Jew so we should all chill out with those anti-Semitic comparisons. I also hear arguments that there's no Global Warming, but in both I sit back and and say look at the facts and the big picture. 

So another day passes, as we creep ever so near to the day Donald J. Trump is sworn in as our nation's Forty Fifth President. After what we as a nation have lived through so far in the era of Donald Trump, I find it almost comforting that more people are upset about The Rockettes being forced to perform at Donald's Inauguration then are upset that Nuclear war is close at hand. Well today my feeling is, there's pretty much nothing more I can do but what I've been doing. Keep telling it how I see it and hope the somehow the right person who could actually do something to end this trajectory we are currently on reads it, or luckily is also sensing what is the inevitable, and steps in, and this nations next real savior will appear and right this ship. And if that doesn't happen, and the tomorrow's begin running short, I'll just enjoy watching the rest of the world start loosing it when they realize the clock actually is ticking down. Sometimes it hurts being right, this is one of those times.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, December 23, 2016 

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Silverfox said...

So well said and you covered EVERYTHING I have been thinking for the last 18 months. The man is positively dangerous and is power hungry. That is the way he has lived his life up to now because he has the $'s to make things happen his way. Now he thinks his $'s are going to work the same way for him as President !!! That's all he knows. He has brought his children up to think the same way.

AS for Kellyann Conway, she is another whole subject all on her own platform. Watching her squirm her way through an interview is absolutely fascinating. Wonder how much she gets paid or what she gets in "gratuity"....!!!!!

Only time will tell what happen in the USA. Thank God I am a Canadian, but even as neighbours, I know that a lot of us are very nervous come January 20th.