Monday, January 02, 2017


With my fears for our futures causing me many a sleepless night, just wondering how we've even survived so far, and for how much longer, before it all goes bye-bye.

PHEW WE MADE IT! If you’re reading this it means you are one of the lucky ones that survived 2016. I seriously was having doubts that any of us would. Aren’t we the lucky ones. We get to see what the new year has in store. Maybe we just survived so that there are witnesses to whats coming next. I was kind of hoping what we've experienced the last year or so was really a bad dream, and any moment now I'd wake up. Maybe this nightmare was something I ate? Of course that would mean I've been dreaming, which means I've been able to sleep. I should say, I actually have been sleeping, not a lot, but I've been so tired from lack of sleep that if I am having nightmares, I don't remember any of them once I've woken up. Maybe its like Groundhog Day, except, perpetually getting worse. Or an even worse thought, perhaps this is just the first loop in the circle of despair we are currently in. Meaning, one of these days we will all wake up and this Trump era would be beginning all over again, and Donald's about to come down that escalator. Or worse, lets push back the start of this current nightmare, but begin it when Donald first uttered his treasonous talk about President Barack Obama's heritage. I still can't believe that was allowed to fester, in the good old days, talk like that about a president would have at least warranted a good scolding. I think looking back now, that was the beginning of the end of our society or at least the start of this cycle. Are you gonna argue that it hasn't gotten worse since then. Kind of like that fateful day when that now infamous white Bronco was featured for hours on television, reality as we've known it was altered and not for the good. Or maybe it was the kardashian's or Kate plus Eight or whomever or what ever is a Duck Dynasty?

So please explain it to me, how the human race has survived this far. Seemingly every time we as a species get ready to make the next step, we go backwards instead. Finally it looks like we’ve become a better human race, so the worst of us, the deplorable’s if you will, come out and seriously muck up the progress we’ve made up to that point. Each time in the past, we’ve somehow gotten past the latest hurdle, the process begins anew. But right now I’m not sure when whatever it is occurs, if we will be able to survive this time. I mean the man hasn’t been sworn in yet, but each time Donald tweets the smallest comment, which could get misconstrued easily and without even a response a little thing like a war just might occur. As Trump just said, look how complicated the world is now that computers are in it, as if the PC was this years big new contraption.  

I just feel so stupid, not seeing whats happening right now in advance. Talk about living in a bubble. Not believing, actually arguing against the possibility that Trump could ever be days away from being sworn in to the presidency. This is reality I argued. No one in their right mind's would actually vote for him. When it was time to make the decision, the right thing would happen, right? Boy was I wrong! All the signs were there, maybe I was the fool for not seeing it. Perhaps it should have been obvious all along that someone like a Donald Trump would one day be president. Right now, looking back, everything seems to have been planned in advance years ago, and all of us have been just witnesses to it.

Maybe it was that White Bronco that pushed us over. Perhaps it was the British invasion in the 1960's that started this current pain in my stomach? Maybe it was the whole Bush v. Gore debacle. Perhaps it was George Walker's WMD lies that did it or it was the never ending wars caused by those damned WMDs. Maybe electing the nation's first African-American President was the tipping point to those who want slavery back in our lives. The NRA? I know it was the 'War on Christmas' that did it, or the rise of Rap music or that Janet Jackson nipple slip. Maybe it was allowing women to vote in the first place? Lets throw out freeing the slaves for some, or segregation to keep people in line for others. Perhaps the rise of the Alt-right isn't as insignificant as people are trying to make it out to be and the explosion of swastika's actually is trying to tell us something that none of us want to believe is true. Maybe Roe v. Wade was the last straw and the never ending battle to rid our world of abortions caused it. Lets not forget to mention The Tea Party, and their hand in stirring up the pot. How about our latest world destroyers ISIS or ISIL, which ever you want to call them was the thing that finally put us over the edge. Maybe this was the thing that caused the world to turn, the fear factor was the thing that helped our world implode. Perhaps it was all of the above and a thousand other reasons. I presume if we survive whats coming next, people will be able to figure out how we got past this part of our history. I hope I survive long enough to witness society's next stage if it actually occurs.

This going back and forth from Democrat to Republican every eight years seems to be working, even if while we are suffering through the Republican part, it looks like each time the end is near. After each party does what it wants, or tries to at least, their actions cause ripple effects, for the good and the bad. President Bill Clinton, came in because of what President George Bush Sr., and his predecessor Ronald Reagan did. President George walker Bush, aided by the Supreme Court's ruling, replaced him and well we don't need to go into details, but as we all know he was replaced by Barack Obama, who was elected with the highest vote totals in history. Perhaps because of Bush v. Gore, in the first place. The people spoke and they demanded change, and they desperately needed some hope to enter their lives.

Sadly instead of getting everything they wanted, we had the Republicans trying to stop any and all progress no matter how much it hurt others. And it did, spoiling what many out there who needed the hope and the change that President Barack Obama had promised had voted for. All they saw was what Fox Faux News and the Trumpeters wanted us to see. They pitched a lot of lies, about what our President was doing. Any and all little problems were attacked, like the roll out of the Obamacare website, which seemed to prove their point. Look how they tried to tarnish our President Obama, how sad it is that there are millions of people out there who don't believe he was actually born in Hawaii. That's he's actually legit and American. Lets not forget what they did to Hillary Clinton, her accomplishments and her life. Did we find anything on either her or our president? Was anything ever proven? In a world no! Look at Donald Trump, I must say, in this regards, I find the people to be at fault. Its not as if they weren't informed about Trump's issues. The sad truth is, that years of lies about Hillary Clinton had tarnished her, as they have tarnished our President too. So reading and seeing truths about Donald, just made his items which should've been fatal items, not fatal in the least. If you compared the lies against Hillary, Barack or the truths about Donald, all of it sounded so farfetched that it got to the point that nothing was believed. After all, all Donald kept saying was a, "believe me" and sadly people did, whatever the truth really was. Listening to those who are wong, it must be nice to now have place online where you can fine others like yourself who believe in anything, even if its not true.     

So as we begin a new year, I just wonder if my fears are just that and our future leader will turn out not as bad as he possibly could be. If any of my fears turn our to be true the question is how soon will the pain be felt in our nation. From the reports we are reading, the republicans are already starting their destruction of anything that the democrats have accomplished over the last half century or more. They seem like a pack of wild wolves ready to attack and the citizens who were tricked into believing his lies won't know what hit them, till its too late. It was heartening and so very sad watching all the protests that arose once Donald's victory was announced. Seeing how the people reacted to the horrible news. Well I guess we will see, if the citizens rise up the same way, if or when the changes to our nation begins that Trump will cause that people don't like or find unjust. Will they rise up and demand his resignation? Will the people be attacked for it, arrested for it, and will they shut down the Internet which Donald has fears for. Will Donald turn even crazier the longer the people don't bow down to his whims? What will be Trump's last straw? When will his niceties go away, and the real tyrant show his face. Honestly I am not looking forward to that day. What happens when one of his tweets actually causes a real war? I guess we lucked out, cause we survived 2016, which means we get to witness this part of man's history with our own eyes. Lucky us.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, January 2, 2017

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Middle Molly said...

Thanks for your commentary, Neil. I also don't know where all of this started. I enjoy dabbling in gossip here and there and I enjoy watching some reality TV here and there, but I'm not a Trump fan or a Republican because I do so. One of the biggest causes of the insanity we see now was the end of the fairness doctrine under Reagan. It led to the rise of Fox TV and talk radio. Millions of not-very-bright people (and some bright people) were pulled into the far right/conservative propaganda just as their wages and their prospects were fading due in large part to Reagan economic policies. Instead of blaming the conservatives and the Republicans, talk radio and Fox news (and later rightie blogs and websites) allowed these people to blame Democrats and liberals. They got really good at blaming Democrats and liberals and they elected a Republican Congress under President Clinton, a Republican President (W) and a Republican Congress under W, then, starting in 2010, a Republican House and then Senate under President Obama, and now Republicans everywhere running amok. Not to mention the state houses that were taken over during these 20+ years.

The power of propaganda when people are struggling... That's what this is all about.

I enjoy your blog, Neil.