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Are you bleeping kidding me, we aren't supposed to take Trump's tweets seriously, possibly causing a world war, because he's still a common citizen and not in power, but all of his activities are kosher and now Presidential because he's the president-elect? Go blow yourselves!

I'M SO CONFUSED, is he a genius, a nut job, going with his gut, following a playbook, knows exactly what he's doing or simply going "EenieMeenieMiney, Mo" what exactly is the method of the madness that is inside the brain of Donald J. Trump? Every time he comes out and again showcases how much trouble we are getting ourselves into with his climb into the Presidency, the explanations his Trumpeters use seriously can give you whiplash. Somehow, everything that is bad is genius. It seriously makes me go what the heck? One of Donald's chief surrogates, Kellyanne Conway came out and basically explained that whatever Donald says is the law of the land, is fact, and now that he's the president-elect must be considered as if he's the President. The woman has been one of the most arrogant people when defending Donald since he took her into the fold. No matter what Donald says, he's right, every attack is biased, and according to her the biggest lie of the entire campaign wasn't any of his, but it was the media who kept saying he couldn't win, that attacked him with bias, that according to her was the biggest lie. What a crock!

While others say he's just winging it, not giving it much thought, there are some like yours truly who seem to see Donald as someone who knows exactly what he's doing. The man may be insane and certifiable, but there is a definite method to his madness. Sadly this mad scientist, is gonna be using us the citizens of our country, as his personal play things, and whatever those plans he has is seriously scaring the dickens out of me. For example his 'innocent' conversation with Taiwan. According to reports, that have been discussed by everyone as if these are real, Trump or his associates have been in conversations about a huge hotel deal with Taiwan. So there's no way this accidental chat was simply a slip up. And with Trump's twitter battle onslaught against China, it seems to me, this Taiwan error was actually a business man making a deal with them. Basically now that he's gonna be President, don't worry pals, you make this deal with me, I'll make China change their ways. I'm Donald Trump, I never lose. I do ponder now that he's about to get the ultimate power, his niceties might disappear and the tyrant could take his place. Deal with me or lets just say, I might have to put a tax on you out of existence. Have you seen my military, I'll just bomb you the Hell out of existence. Did you see what I did to the Republican party? Don't test me. Sadly the real losers in this, will be the ones now under his thumb, us the American people. 

One other caveat, in the age of lies and conspiracies and Trumpism's, now we need to prove a fake news story is phony, before we can consider any made up piece of garbage false. Screw the facts, screw common sense, screw common human decency. Screw how many people are hurt by those who sling this garbage. As we witnessed via false prophets for decades, and now over the course of this campaign, via the Internet on places like Facebook and twitter, which sadly is the way most of Americans receive these false flat out lies. And the liars, like president-elect Donald Trump who have used the false narrative to taint the news media as the liars themselves. You see the people who are telling us that the lies are false, are really the liars. Hence, somehow the fake news is now real. And no matter how many times you prove the falsehoods, there will be those out there that believe the lies and disregard the truth. This has been the entire Republican playbook for years. All the lies about the Clinton's, their Foundation and practically anything and everything related to them. All the attacks on Obama's heritage, and Obamacare, I could actually go on for days. And lets not disregard all the bogus stories accusing the media of making up evidence that Trump was a tax evading fraud. Donald Trump himself, tweeted out conspiracies for months as the truth, 'believe me', and whenever facts were thrown out against him as evidence that Donald was lying, the Trumpeters would throw out new conspiracies to deflect his latest accusations. After a while, who do you believe? I can't fathom how many people I have spoken to especially lately who believe utter nonsense and can not see the truth if it slapped them on their faces. For example the Carrier deal that Pence recently pulled. When you mention Donald owns part of Carrier and his company will make millions off of the deal. Or that this is actually the opposite of the way he preached he would deal with companies who were planning on shipping jobs overseas. Or how he didn't even remember promising Carrier anything on the stomp till somebody brought it up to him, and magically this deal was made in a matter of days. A champion for the common people that's who Donald wants everyone to believe he is.  People love me. Now quit protesting the election results, and get with the program. Well you get the drift, unfortunately the brain dead, just do not see reality, and whats worse is how they explain their reasoning's. They always sound like prerecorded talking points being spouted off by Trump, his surrogates or Fox Faux News, which of course is the propaganda wing of the Trump regime.

Sadly one of Trumps usual campaign strategies has made one of his followers act out. You see Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, a choice for one of Trumps prized cabinet positions, his son helped make one of the sheep's wet dreams seem real enough to go all bat shit crazy and shoot up a pizza joint. The instigator of this attack was Michael Flynn Jr., yes, Trump's new lieutenant's son. Michael Flynn who has a penchant himself to share conspiracies via tweets, well his son, Michael Jr., just tweeted "Until #Pizzagate proven to be false, it'll remain a story…." Seems the whole, Fake Media is big with our future tyrant' s choice for national security advisor, and this story is the perfect example of what could go horribly wrong in the next 4 years. That is if we survive that long.

You see 'Pizzagate' is just the latest lie Michael Flynn Jr., has spread online, and sadly one of the sheep, had to find out for himself if this Fake News was in fact real. And If it was real, he was lock and loaded and ready to kill if necessary to make America great again. The back story is that for weeks a local pizzeria chain of shops, Comet Ping Pong, have supposedly been trafficking children and under aged sex. Allegedly there are underground tunnels, and the children were being held in the backrooms at the eatery's hence this regular Joe's decision to become Rambo. To topper of this conspiracy, is of course this crime was backed by Hillary Clinton. That's right. What? Okay. Sure. Sounds feasible to me, doesn't it sound feasible to you? Sorry, I got lost in the insanity of it all for a moment. But to put it nicely, how could anyone believe this one? Anyway, whats most important are these false stories which appeared online at Facebook, as well as Breitbart type pseudo news outlets like 'The New National' and Alex Jones' Infowars, caused one of the sheep to go batshit crazy. I mean as Donald Trump has said, when he throws out his facts, where did he find it, he saw it on online, must be real. Except of course when the items are negative about him or in fact prove everything he says is an out right lie.  Then its the biased media whose conspiracy against him and should be shut down or imprisoned, like Corey Lewandowski who suggested the editors of the New York Times show face prison time because they printed Trumped leaked taxes. 

As this is taking place, our current Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama, shows us all again how he has been making America greater since the day he first stepped into office. Eight years ago, President Obama walked into the Oval office unlike any before him, and after the debacle that was the George Walker Bush's tenure, the nation prospered probably better then anyone of us couldn't have hoped for. As we watched him take our nation from a country on the verge of collapse and stared us towards we find ourselves today. Unprecedented continuous job growth for years now, our world became just a little more equal, when our President made Gay marriage legal, and things could never have gone as good as they were under his leadership. The man came in needing to fix the mess up and he has done just that. Obama proved that he could take our nation in the right direction, more then lived up to his promises. By his actions he improved millions of life with his fix of the health care system. But sadly, those people behind the systems he was correcting weren't happy, and their power players have spent most of Obama's tenure doing their worst to taint or destroy anything positive that our President attempted. But even with all of their stoppage, they couldn't prevent everything that Obama our accomplished seemingly on his own. And yesterday he did it again by putting a halt to the pipeline that was about to destroy the live of Indians in North Dakota. Whats maddening to me is, this shouldn't have happened in the first place. It was originally supposed to go somewhere else, but they got the construction to move. Sadly the Indians, as has been their fate in the so called land of liberty and freedom for all, ever since the white man decided to invade their land, were the unlucky victims of the change of location, and of course, their voices weren't listened to. But showcasing again what a great man President Obama is, he just halted the construction and now they're gonna finally see what damage would be done to the area if the pipeline is allowed to continue on its present course. As well as if the pipeline could be directed differently so as not to effect the lives of the Indians in the area. Well the madness of the entire thing for me is Donald Trump it turns out owns stock in the pipeline itself. So this for him is an investment, and unless he divests himself from his businesses like all other previous Presidents, this pipeline could be yet another windfall for our future leader.  If there wasn't a better example example why Obama is a great President and how Trump won't be, this pretty much hits the nail on its head. Lets just hope when Donald gets the handle on that hammer, our world won't be destroyed with one of his terrible misses.

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© Neil Feigeles, NeilizmsMonday, December 5, 2016

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