Sunday, December 18, 2016


Plus: Hoping Electoral College voters really think before they cast their fateful ballots. No pressure, but Democracy is literally in your hands!

TALK ABOUT A JOKE AND A HALF, lets have the man who could be part of the problem deciding if the problem actually existed. Makes sense, why not have Mitch McConnell who many believe aided and abated Vladimir Putin running the inquiry. Yes, lets have the man who has proudly talked about stopping anything and everything President Barack Obama would do since before our President was sworn in, and pretty much did just that, overseeing the inquiry into whether or not someone did something, shall we say treasonous. Which helped the worst candidate in possibly our countries history get elected our next President. Mitch McConnell, made it his business to make sure President Barack Obama would only be a one term President, and when that failed, it seems when the republicans couldn't get  his treasonous ambitions accomplished, its possible that he and his Republican traitors, in collusion with Vladimir Putin did just that. Helping to elect our next American President, Donald J. Trump, who only happens to be planning on destroying every action that President Barack Obama did while in office. How in heaven could anyone in their right minds, entrust McConnell in being nonpartisan in his quest? 

So is Mitch trying to do what he promised from day one, except this time after the fact? This kind of reminds me of The Flash television series. This season, the storyline is entitled Flashpoint, our hero, at the end of last season, after finally defeating the bad guy, against all obvious reasons, decides to go back in time and changes things for his own personal reasons. In this storyline, its to save his mother, which one might think is a good thing. But once he does that, as is the case whenever someone changes history in every story I've ever read or watched, it turns out that action causes ramifications that changes everything. If not obvious at first, but the old Butterfly effect hits hard. Sound familiar? Seems to me Mitch wants to erase the progress that President Barack Obama did, and like lots of Republicans, wants to erase the very notion that he we even had a President Barack Obama at all. Donald Trump pretty much began his political career trying to make our President an illegal alien, in other words, not legit, not real, eventually never happened. Simply a blip in our history. 

Perhaps if Mitch gets his way, actually works his magic, like he did when he talked his way into having the Russian hacking hidden till after the election results was settled. What gets me in all this is, I could understand any of this if President Barack Obama was a bad President or was an idiot or a failure. Was anything near as terrible as the Republicans have tried to say he was or turn him into. Perhaps if he was a Kenyan spy or foreign agent, had had had multiple affairs, broke a few laws or even cursed once in a while. Anything? Or worse, if he had turned out to be the next George Walker Bush. But he wasn't. By all accounts, record wise, President Barack Obama unless everything is erased, including those of us who remember what the man actually accomplished while in office,  the man will eventually be considered one of, if not the greatest President ever.

As for Monday's, excuse me, tomorrow's, big maybe final nail into Hillary's Presidency, I have mixed feeling about it.  You know the thing that's been on everyone minds since Donald Trump lost the popular vote, but won the Electoral College. Especially as that popular vote lead has grown to almost 3 million voters. This vote, was after the recounts, and before Inauguration Day, our last best hope to stop what now seems inevitable. But even if Electoral College voters take away Donald Trumps winning number, stopping our worst nightmare from becoming real, who knows whom the Republicans would choose to become our next president. I mean sadly the options, though better then Donald, all have problems, that almost would make you lonesome for Trump once he's replaced, that is if he's replaced at all. Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants if they chose Donald Trump in the end, wouldn't that be a real kick in the ass by the haters. And now, look whose gonna be running the asylum, and look whose possibly pulling the strings.

That is unless somehow they all flip and give it to Hillary Clinton. Making history and righting the wrong that some of us believe these treasonous traitors actually pulled off. That is if that latest conspiracy is real as the FBI and CIA has announced. Of course Donald Trump thinks some fat 400 pound loser is actually doing the hacking, so you can believe him. Funny, maybe if the man actually would go to his briefings, this important Intel, you know about Russian hacking, would be something he might actually know something about. Just saying. Unless Donny is in on it, or is getting all his Intel from those who are. Or at least from the Trumpeters, that he's receiving what little information that he gets.

But unless that miracle occurs, it almost feels like someones sticking another knife in me, and twisting it, and twisting some more. Making the pain I've felt, since the Election started falling Donald Trump's way seemingly never ending. My depression or whatever this feeling I've felt is, hasn't been lifted yet. I'm still in mourning. Not only a presidency for Hillary Clinton, but actually seeing a woman sitting in the Oval Office. The leader of the free world, that's something I so wanted to live to witness 'her' reign. I think as a nation and as a world, we needed to it. Especially with a Putin, seemingly recreating the old Soviet Union. Of course, if Donald Trumps' presidency somehow magically evaporates tomorrow, the pain I've felt could go away almost immediately. That is till we discover whom the Republicans choose in his place. But I'd would accept a Mike Pence right now. How sad is that? At least with Mike Pence, I think our world won't end. We might have a few protests against what Mike tries to do to go backwards in regards to Gay rights or women's rights, or simply human rights. But at least I feel we'll see tomorrow. Its amazing how little you will accept when you see your world exploding around you.

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