Saturday, December 10, 2016


Sadly we've heard this song and dance before, tear down a Clinton, and then when Republicans get back in power, their crimes, they never happened. As for us, we get played for fools as they make a killing off the backs of the American people.

TURNS OUT MITCH MCCONNELL and his buddies knew, about Russia's bad behavior and stalled its revelation to the American people, but Hillary's fair game! That's right, when the FBI director James Comey, decided against the wishes of his advisers to come out and pitch Hillary Clinton's possible new leaks on her highly demonized server, that was fine. That was okay for these so-called patriotic Republican power players, screw convention and normality. I mean according to them, all the facts had to be in out in the open. The American people needed to know, to make up their minds before they went into the voting booths. I kept hearing, wouldn't it be terrible if once she got in, we would face questions about her server, the nation would have to sit through all those congressional hearings on her foundation if she won. So releasing that intel, even if an unprecedented, to save our nation from a congressional nightmare had to be done. Mind you, as we discovered later, none of it was new, and all of it proved a waste of time, except that it was in fact a witch hunt concocted by someone to taint Hillary Clinton. But releasing damaging information by the FBI about Russian intervention into our election against The Clinton campaign was political and shouldn't be told to the voters, because this could effect people's perceptions? That Donald might have been helped by Russia, I mean, we wouldn't want to damage his reputation, would be? 

You tell me this doesn't come off as a crock? This doesn't smell fishy? They pulled off the same thing with Bill Clinton when he was president, as they just did against Hillary when she was running for president. They demonized him, spent countless hours and untold numbers, to prosecute Bill Clinton's actions, even when nothing there was there. But once George Walker Bush came into office, any and all questions on him, weren't worth investigating, and even worse these patriots, their reasoning is the same freaking thing as they are doing now. Move on, the nation is tired of all this bickering between parties, lets get on to the People's business. Except when George Walker did it, he had destroyed our economy and took us into a never ending war by attacking the wrong nation, seemingly to make money for his friends, you know real issues. Sounds familiar. Talk about Déjà vu.

Now these Republicans, are trying to shush away the possible stealing of our Presidency. So you tell me, maybe the reason they don't want this to be investigated, perhaps they themselves are in cahoots with those who did the evil, treasonous activities? I'm so sick of them attacking Hillary or Bill for coughing, but nothing any of them do is worthy of a discussion. We've spent a year and a half with all manner of questions into Donald J Trump and his problems, but nothing seems to matter. Why is that? How is that possible? We are now talking about the election of the presidency, when do even their blinders come off? When does it become more then just political partisanship, aren't we all supposed to be Americans? Should I laugh, or should I cry? Please someone explain this to me in a way that doesn't make me want to punch my fist into a wall and do some serious damage to both.

Perhaps we do have traitors in our midst's and those players were the ones pulling the strings in Washington. Perhaps, those liars fooled as many as possible to believe, they were against what Trump was pitching. The so called reasonable ones, all came out and scoffed at the Republican leaks as nothing, they argued they would go against Trump when they didn't agree with his policies. Why did anyone believe any of them at all, let alone seemingly most to this day. They screamed that this election was all on the up and up, and now that the results and this report showcase that nope, no it wasn't, these same liars want us to believe that the report itself is baseless. It doesn't prove anything, so lets disregard what it says. Donald's tweet basically threw out that the same people who claimed that their were WMD's are now the ones' claiming that the election was hacked by Russians, so we should disregard this information as nothing. Simply bow down to me, I mean if you want to look at how this whole scenario dissolved into Trump winning the Electoral College, you could spend hours looking back over the course of the last decade or so. Watch as even before the Republicans lost the majority in all three branches of Government that Barack Obama enjoyed when he entered the Oval Office. Remember how Mitch McConnell of all people crooned that his job was to stop everything President Obama would do. Remember? It seems the Republicans always play this number, they stop anything good from happening, tweak any positives into negatives and lie, lie, lie.  

And now, latest hint, or should I write Red Alert, of Russian activity or collusion, has been fired! Donald Trump supposedly is gonna select Rex Tillerson, an Exxon Mobil chief who has ties with Vladmir Putin, as his Secretary of State. Are you shitting me? I was scared by the invasion of White Supremacy and Nazism into our every day lives that our nation had dissolved into, but maybe the real horror show this year was the Russian invasion thats been happening secretly for years. Perhaps that television show starring Felicity as a Russian spy isn't a scripted series, but just another Reality program like Celebrity Apprentice. Sure it sounds absurd, but look who's supposedly gonna be our next President? Anything is possible these days. Not that I haven't been bringing up these little ties with the Russian President, but this one coupled with the revelation that Putin is possibly trying to takeover our nation has to be the most in your face item yet. Come on people, if this doesn't make even Paul Ryan of all people make a stink about Russia, or even Mitch McConnell the man himself, then I'm sorry all of them are in it along with Donald, and Trump for maybe only the second time in this election campaign spoke the truth. George Walker Bush lied, along with Mitch and the other republicans about the WMDs, and the election was rigged.

Now after all this, lets discuss the recounts. Why aren't they now mandatory in all fifty states? Not just the ones that look fishy. Seriously bad things happened during this campaign and unless they're actually in on it, which I sadly suspect is the case with a few if not many, then everyone should demand to know who our real President elect should be. And not like Al Gore said for the good of the country, but for the very fabric of its being. Instead of investigating the war the George Walker Bush began, and glossing over who was responsible for all the dead bodies and destruction of property, we went after Obamacare! So we've spent millions of dollars on wars that never had to me. We spent millions of dollars on never ending hearings to find something to put a woman away for crimes she never did. But investigating the stealing of a Presidency, as Trump said "is old news" is to put it nicely disgusting. I understand in Trump's mind old news is what he had for breakfast, and facts well, aren't, but honestly why isn't there an Executive Action by our current President, or someone in Congress who will filibuster everything until we actually find out who really won, and if it is true that the election was rigged, those involved must be at least given their own Congressional hearings. I'm sorry, let our current President continue doing the job, until we fix the mess that too many of the Republicans seemed to help make. Enough of the talking head Trumpeters, who want us to just quietly bow down and be patriotic, but screamed at everything possible and actually shut down our government for bogus reasons and personal agendas. Enough, of trying to scare people with Gestapo techniques. Enough, screw all the partisan complaints by the Republicans on their propaganda machine Fox Faux News. Screw the lies spewed by the paid off soulless traitors within our midst. Our very democracy is at a crossroads, and one party is destroying it for their own treasonous reasons. I might have said 'give up' yesterday, 'enjoy whatever time we have left', but this is getting me mad. We have traitors amongst us who have been getting away with murder for years, and it looks like they've finally gotten the keys to the White House. Scarily for them, the fun has just begun, but for the rest of us, their fun is surely gonna be a very long nightmare.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday. December 10, 2016

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