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Its kind of ironic, that a comedy series about the end of mankind, sort of fits the plot that the powers that be have come up with. Scarily maybe sooner then any of us expect, I mean what could go wrong with a chat with Taiwan…

WHAT DOES IT TAKE to make the sheep wake up and see whats happening right in front of our faces? I know I'm beginning… no scratch that, I know I'm sounding like a crazy person when discussing the end of our nation and our world. But seeing how others have seriously lost their minds over Donald Trump, maybe the world as we know it, needs to end. Deserves to be put out of its misery. Perhaps all the prayers have been heard, all the cries to the powers that be have been answered. Maybe Donald's presidency, is what in modern times is equivalent to Noah's flood or the Tower of Babel, or the meteorite that caused the Ice Age and killed off all of the dinosaurs. Maybe God, or whomever you pray to, is angry enough at the human race and sent Trump down, or should I write up, as a test. What if we seriously just failed that exam by simply electing Donald Trump into office. 

Rigged or not, maybe its time for another meteorite, like in The CW's romantic comedy 'No Tomorrow', to show up and destroy whats left of our world, and I'm beginning to believe that we as a species deserve it. Because for the life of me, I can not come up with any other reasons that the big fella or whomever is pulling the strings would allow someone who seems so bent on destroying everything to actually get the power to do just that. Of course if you watch the series, you know that's just what one of the characters, named Xavier, think is gonna be happening soon. To be more precise, he believes that in approximately eight months an asteroid will blast us all out of existence. So Xavier lives his life as if he has nothing to lose, hence the title of the series. Of course if the show is a hit and lasts, not sure how they will solve that little plot twist. Love conquers all?  

Sadly even though what we've lived through so far in the time of Trump may seem much more like its written for a quasi remake to the 1980's movie 'Night of the Comet', where instead of a Comet striking our planet and turning everyone into zombies, in this rewrite the Trumpeters, are the brain dead monsters in the plot and Donny boy is the flying object hurtling through space. And when Trump gets sworn in, that's when the rock collides with our planet. Who knows what the ramifications of that historic day will bring? I mean he hasn't even been sworn in yet and the ground feels like an earthquake beneath me, as my world has suddenly gone beyond surrealism. Honestly I fear, that the President-Elect is gonna end our nation and the world, in a similar way that the Comet did in that movie. I so wish i was joking.

Its bad enough that Trump's stocking his cabinet with the worse people possible, but whats more horrible to me is it seems the American people have turned deaf, dumb and blind to it. Simply believing every scam he throws out as fact, while disregarding the truth that's staring them straight in their faces. I mean the education in our country seriously needs to be looked at. Of course sadly, the woman that Donald just cast as his Education commandant, surely won't help solve anything and most likely will make it a whole lot worse. And to make matters even more upsetting, now Donnie, our new world leader has decided to touch base with Taiwan. Only breaking tradition and who knows, possibly causing a world war! I'm kidding, or am I? Unbelievably the man who has no knowledge of world events, except for what Stephen Bannon has told him. Who refuses to sit in briefings, cause heck what could he learn from the experts? What can he learn? What can he learn! Perhaps who he should or shouldn't have phone chats with. Who knows what China might be thinking? The back story seems to be, that Junior Trump supposedly spoke to Taiwan a few weeks back, something to do with business deals. As we know as of now, The Trumps are gonna be running daddy's business, so a business deal with this foreign nation is cool. Especially since daddy will be completely uninvolved with his children's businesses. Remember he doesn't care about that anymore, its all for the American people! Of course, that change of ownership hasn't taken place yet, and already his businesses are making a mint off of his elected position. Well, I guess in a way, Donny possibly causing the next world war, is a good thing. At least we finally will have justifiable reasons to remove him from office. Not that we don't have loads of options for that same reasoning already. For example, wondering when his Foundation will become the political problem that it should have already become.

Boy today I wish I was a fly on the wall in the Oval office. I can only imagine what President Barack Obama is thinking, perhaps making sure his bomb shelter is ready for when Nuclear war occurs? Perhaps the angry black man that many of us wished would have appeared a long time a go, that has been hidden from public view that I'm certain has to be bubbling up inside of Barack Obama's ever professional public persona of class, is about to erupt on Donald Trump's sorry white ass. I mean what does he have to lose? If this doesn't get him to go full fledged African tribesman on them, maybe nothing will. Seems to me his handing off the keys to the kingdom to a fool, who seems bent on destroying not only his legacy as one of the greatest presidents to have ever graced the White House, but our nation as a democracy is at a crossroads. Without sounding too racist, I so wish our President, would out himself and showcase the man those inbreds claimed he was for so many years. I so want him to make them sorry they were correct. Make them wish everything they spewed were never uttered. Of course, that will never happen, and the greatness of President Barack Obama will be something that these fools will never see. Even when our nation starts to implode because of Trumps decisions and the end is near, sadly these backward leaning fools will lie to themselves as they did with George Walker Bush and refuse to see reality. I almost feel bad for them, but sorry, most of these zealots of lies, deserve the death penalty for crimes against the state, and I can think of a lot who should already be on death row. 

Seems buyers remorse is settling in with at least one of those who got hoodwinked by Donald in his con to win the election. Turns out not everyone of the millions who believed his lies, are still blind to his tricks. On the news they had a woman, Teena Colebrook, who was upset at our future leaders pick for Treasury Secretary. Seems she was one of  Steven Mnuchin's victims when he ran OneWest, a bank that had foreclosed on her home and on thousands of others. The man made millions, actually closer to billions on the backs of people who were screwed over by the practises of banks like his. And now this monster plans to do the same thing again while running our treasury department. He plans to drop lots of regulations to supposedly help the economy, that is until the economy implodes worse then it did when he was just a player in the game and not running the whole enchilada. Sadly I can't find the quote, but Mrs. Colebrook said something like, 'Donald promised to clean up the swamp, but instead he's filling it up with alligators!' Which I found to be a perfect metaphor for what Donald appears to be doing. Not surprisingly, at least to me, one of his followers, even just a few weeks after they voted, now wish they hadn't voted at all. Realizing at practically warp speed that she was lied to by just another politician, the supposed outsider in this years presidential derby, is in reality the ultimate insider. Honestly while I was watching her, I wanted to feel bad for her I mean she was a victim in Donald's playbook like the rest of us will be. I tried to make myself feel anything for her, but instead of feeling sympathy, all I felt was anger at her and others like her. Its like whenever I watch others who have lost their life savings because of a scam artist, you want to feel bad for them. But instead, you ponder how could anyone be so stupid? But this time, their stupidity is now gonna hurt the rest of us! I'm sorry, you were stupid enough to believe his bullshit. I'm sorry that now you feel ripped off and you lost faith in our political system. But when do these people, who've been fooled into the worst decision of their lives take responsibility for their own actions, after the world explodes? My only question is, why was this the thing that woke her up to his scheme? Why wasn't all the racism a problem? Why wasn't all his taxes a problem? Why wasn't the things he said about others and women and children, and people with disabilities a problem? Why wasn't the things he said about his opponents an issue with her? Does she still believe that Hillary deserves to be locked up? Mind you, she didn't say she would have voted for Hillary, so she was still voting for the man's platform. So honestly she's still a lost soul in my book. Why is it now so obvious for her to see that the man is a sleaze because one of his picks turns out to be the ultimate smack in the faces to the millions who lost everything? Perhaps this as well as several other decisions by Donald Trump as we go forth will make more and more people wake up to the reality of whom is currently the person slated to be running our nation at least at this moment, for the next four years. I just wonder if we survive to the next election, how many people will wake up to that truth that Teena woke up to, and vote the man out. That is if we do get to vote again for a new President. I'm at the point in believing that either that ability will be taken away from us by Donny's Trumpeters, or that the 'end of the world scenario' which I'm too invested in right now, might come true. And voting, will be something that happened before Trump and won't be necessary anymore during the Apocalypse he seems bent on causing.

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