Friday, December 09, 2016


That's it, he's won, I give up. Looks like everything its about to all go up in flames, so i think its time to relax and enjoy whatever time any of us have left.

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER BRICK DROPS! With the news that Donald Trump has tapped a climate change denier to serve as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, I've just about given into the fear. I mean why even bother anymore? As with all of his other choices Donald is picking the absolute worst possible person imaginable. This time his bullseye is aimed at the EPA and this harbinger of doom is named Scott Pruitt. A fossil Fuel-Friendly Oklahoman tea partier who was elected into Congress in the wave that swept over Washington in 2010. This man has been a critic of the EPA and has filed lawsuits and won ruling's against the Obama administration's environmental policies. So lets give the man who wants to dismantle the agency itself, the job of running it. What could go wrong? Bye bye clean energy, hello greenhouse gases! Immediately those out there who still value our futures, have come out with their chorus of boo's to this latest pick. While the Trumpeters as usual, are touting this as a way to save the EPA, man, we are all so royally screwed. So as we go one step closer to our demise, it seems, Donald's meeting with Al Gore, was all another distraction, and everyone fell hook, line and sinker. This wasn't showing that the man would be easy on our future, save us from the big flood that would soon swallow up parts of our nation. Maybe people argued, he might actually be able to say the words Climate Change and not cough up a lung. That maybe there was an smidgen of sanity in that deranged orange faced mind of his, and once he actually realizes the power that he now possesses, Donald will realize we need to take it down a notch and wake up to reality. But sadly as usual it was simply another deflection till he threw out his pitch. Oh, wait, now I see Leonardo DiCapio is meeting with him,  so maybe all is fine with the world and the new choice isn't gonna be as bad as possible? Wake up, its just a distraction from the truth.

As the dust is settling on this choice, we also had the extreme horror to discover who shouldn't be chosen to be our next Labor Secretary, because thats who Donald Trump picked. This latest bullet into the citizens of our nation's back is named Andrew Puzdar. This man runs Hardee's and Carl's Jrs., fast food chains and pretty much hates the notion of raising the minimum wage. He in fact would probably prefer to get rid of it, so he is the perfect choice in a Trump White House. The best part, Trumps pick, dreams of replacing all of his fast food employee's with robots, so sadly the only jobs that would be available in the windfall Donny promised, probably are gonna be replaced with droids. As a bonus, this prize, also happens to be an anti-immigration zealot as well, so he fits in perfectly.

Add one more caveat to the Carrier deal, not only does Trump own a piece of Carrier, and his deal saved less jobs then he keeps pitching to the braindead that can't get their head out of their asses to see how he played them. Now the man in cage of carrier has announced that some of the saved jobs wouldn't be lasting. Seems he plans to use a lot of the tax incentives to make his factory more mechanized, saving money and killing jobs.  Another scam played perfectly by Donald that no matter how much you prove the deal was all dog and pony show, the Donald and his Trumpeters and spin it and the fools believe the bull and disbelieve reality.

So it seems the basket of deplorables has gotten just a bit more crowded, and the ones that already fill it perfectly are continuing to add to their pile of sewage. Kellyanne Conway, who never fails to open her trap and spew seriously obnoxious statements, now argues that anyone who says anything against our future king, should face "consequences" for simply saying their minds. So if reporters query or argue, that Donald is doing wrong, like continuing to Executive Produce the 'Celebrity Apprentice' even after taking the oath of office they could face consequences, or even citizens who take umbrage to something he says or does, they too could face fines or prison time. Somehow out of left field, commentating about our political leaders is a no no. What gets me after what we've lived through with the most vile show of rudeness to any political leader in my lifetime, all of that doesn't seem to be the equation. But if Kellyanne wants to make using our First Amendment right's illegal, I presume then we should make the crimes retroactive. Then lets go after the inbreds who went after our current President, Barack Obama. Remember? Your current boss, called our President illegal for years, and so did half of Congress, perhaps we should arrest all of them for crimes against the state?  Perhaps we should go after all the 'Americans' who posted images of our President and his family as apes! You want to play the criticism card, perhaps we should go after you, Miss High and Mighty for what you yourself said about Donald Trump when you worked for Ted Cruz, that is before you sold whatever you had left of your soul to him. Wouldn't take be funny if the witch found herself sharing a cell with one of those real Americans who are arguing against Trumps bullshit. Somehow, whatever he does is cool, no matter how illegal or unethical. 

What gets me is, with Trumps latest joke of  in-your-face hypocrisy of Donald still earning a paycheck for Celebrity Apprentice is that NBC just happens to have a news division. Remember? So as President, he could use his power to alter the news, perhaps use his show to promote his policies, pitch his products, golf courses, and of course his properties. I mean seeing foreign nations deciding now to spend their time at Trump hotels, does view me pause. Talk about a conflict of interest. As for Kellyanne's comment that Donny working on Celebrity Apprentice is like President Obama's playing a game of golf. What? Is she stoned on crack? I guess the fact that Trump would be making money on it, makes a difference, idiot! President Obama is playing a game, he's not in the sport professionally or a pro. He's not winning a check, he's playing a round. Wow, the excuses these Trumpeters spout is seriously nuts. 

But does it matter? Any of it. The more names Donald announces the surer I am that the madman is filling his basket with the monsters that he intends to help destroy our nation from within. These aren't picks out of thin air, each one seems to fit perfectly into what he's assembling. I could imagine if there was one or a few, we could say maybe we misjudged the man, lets give him a chance. But everyone of his menagerie seems to be a piece of his puzzle of horrors. Supposedly this puzzle when completed will make America great again. But what exactly does that America look like? I'm just afraid from seeing what he's trying to do, that any hope for our nation and our world is gone. 

As we watch the recounts being stopped by Republican judges for lack of reasons (according to them), as reports keep coming out that the places that asked for the recounts had so much irregularity that a recount should be a must. The more we learn the more we need to learn the truth, about who really won this election! The excuses that Kellyanne and the rest of the Trumpeters are using is that we all laughed at Donald when he claimed the election was rigged and argued that Donald would make a mockery if he demanded a recount. So now that the shows is on the other foot, the democrats are simply sore losers. Who can't face the truth. No, the reality is, by Donald using that pitch, and seemingly being in cahoots with those who actually rigged the system, the recount he wanted as long as he lost, should be down for both sides. Lets see what the truth of the matter is.

So again, what does it matter? The system is rigged, the Presidency was stolen. All of the great advances that occurred in our nation for the last century will soon be stripped out of our laws. But it doesn't matter, does it? 30 million people losing their healthcare, don't sweat it. Social Security who needs it, no big deal? People working for less then what is currently our minimum wage, piece of cake. I mean chill out everyone, cause some day soon when what we love about our nation is a thing of the past, and our present will be something a kin to our worst nightmare, all of this will be a distant memory. When the reality of what we now have sitting in the White House wakes up even the sheep and the riots erupt. Perhaps when those in power who aren't bowing down to his whims, suddenly mysteriously wind up dead, poisoned from something they drank or was injected in. So everyone take a deep breath, chill out, we are already a nation on the brink of destruction. The sheep did there part, now Donald's coven will do theirs. So why worry when we know that nothing we can do will stop the end from happening. So relax, if you need to pray that we will survive, heck it couldn't hurt. 

For me, as our nation possibly burns into the ground, I'll remember that we almost elected Hillary Clinton, into the White House the perfect candidate and smile through the agony we are living through. A woman that was gonna take us to the next level as a nation, and we let this possibility slip though our fingers. I have to say this, someone seriously fucked up this time. I mean come on. Instead of voting her in, and bringing in a new world order, of kindness and equality, 'we' voted in the worst candidate in probably the history of our nation, and the one who will probably destroy it. The only good if any, that could come out of a Trump presidency is if we actually can survive it. Meaning, when all is said and done, if America as we know it is still a nation in our world, and it hasn't turned into a new version of a Third Reich nation then I apologize big time. Maybe, this was all a test to prove that Democracy and our nation can survive almost anything? I guess that is something to celebrate, but why tell me, must the trials to prove its strength be oh so scary and oh so dangerous.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, December 9, 2016

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