Tuesday, December 20, 2016


And guess what, it turns out the Electorate College wasn't our last hope, there's yet another way to end a Trump Presidency before it even begins.  

SO IT WAS ALL A GAME! Turns out all the talk about the Electorate College voters flipping their picks and ending a Donald Trump presidency went out the window. Instead of simply voting in Hillary Clinton and ending our misery, or changing the vote in enough ballots to make Congress have to decide. I would have gladly accepted whomever they choose now and worry about whom it is, once I finally have a good nights sleep again. Instead what we got were a bunch of people who decided to make statements and pretty much screwed up their one big opportunity to really make history. At least the good kind. A bunch of Bernie fans voted for him in protest against Hillary, and a bunch of Republicans wasted theirs. Seems whatever doubts and fears that any of these voters had, were thrown out the door. Whatever his negatives were, his properties, his taxes, his family, his Russian connections, his comments, his sexual habits and all his possible illegalities, weren't important. Lets disregard everything and just go with the flow. In this crazy year of firsts, we finally have a candidate that their powers were created for, especially in a year where the Popular vote was won by nearly three million votes by the loser in the Electorate College. But no, seems like all of the other scenarios that were also concocted to stop Donald Trump from being sworn in, like this one were just fantasies. Just dreams that were simply camouflaging the pain that some of the followers of the losing candidate, Hillary Clinton were feeling. Well at least what I was feeling, I shouldn't speak for others. That being said, I might be alone in thinking that each glimmer of hope that possibly would have possibly stopped the inevitable presidency of Donald J. Trump has been one big tease. Either easing the pain I was feeling or simply twisting the knife into me. The feelings of fear, loss, death, even the possible end of our Democracy and our world as we know it may just be me spouting off, flipping the bird to what occurred. Perhaps in my heart, I know, that my way of dealing with it may just be my imagination playing games with me. But that doesn't make any of my fears not less real to me.

I do realize that what I've written off and on, especially since Donald's tenure in the White House became closer and closer to reality makes me sound more and more like a conspiracy nut. Exactly like the ones I much make fun of all the time. Like my latest interesting footnote to this years election. Either this is an ironic twist to this years campaign or a frightening coincidence. As I have brought up from time to time, besides Donald's Alt-right leanings and his love for the Russian leader, Trump has scarily been associated too much with Nazi propaganda. Well something I read yesterday put an eerie stamp on the Electorate College vote, which kind of puts everything in perspective to me and makes me even more nervous. Yesterday was December 19, 2016, the day Donald J. Trump won the final and most important vote and his election became official. Well decades a go, a certain Nazi took command of the German army, and guess what the date was? That's right, December 19th, 1941! After all we've witnessed this year, lets add that to the rubble of history being spat on. To discover that on December 19, 1941, Adolf Hitler took command of the German army! Just saying I find it pretty ironic, that the powers that be would make the anniversary of a pretty bad thing the same day as what could become our nation's last swearing in.

So am I nuts? Is my eventual acceptance into a mental ward, being foreshadowed by my nonacceptance of the presidency of Donald J Trump? Is my seriously coming off as a loony because I believe the zany notion that our future President could be blowing Vladimir, or that Trumps pocket book will grow by billions once he takes the reigns of our nations purse strings. Kellyanne Conway I'm sorry, every time, this twisted soulless traitor comes out and demands that we bow down to her leader, all I say to myself and to anyone who agrees with her is 'Birth certificate'! You want respect, stick it up your asses. I'll make a deal to all the Trumpeters, I'll give Donald as much respect as he's given President Barack Obama. That is before he didn't need him to explain everything from A- Z about how to be the President, to actually do the job. Its been approximately eight years of disrespect, so in other words in about eight years, I might begin to begin to respect him. Maybe, if he actually does a good job and doesn't destroy us, and I do mean all of us, then maybe I might. But remember I haven't mentioned everything else he's done. Boy, I might have to think on my agreement… this could take a while… of note, I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you.

But believe it or not, with all that said, there is actually a glimmer of hope, I can report. It seems today Donald Trump was ordered by a Judge to testify under oath in a case which Donald brought on against two Chefs for cancelling their restaurant deals with Trump. You see, after Donald's racist Mexican comments, you know the ones where 'all of them were either rapists, drug users, or murderers, and of course some of them were cool' made the world scream and shout. That God awful day when he announced he was running for President. Well these two chefs announced they were cancelling the deals because of his vile comments. So, Donald being the arrogant egotistical fellow that he is, decided to sue them for breaking their contracts. How dare they! So the Judge in the case, ordered Donald to swear on a bible and to answer some questions under oath. Ta da! There it is. Right there, this could be the answer to all of our prayers.  Believe it or not. This in fact is how The Donald could be dethroned. Sounds far fetched, I know, but other giants have been defeated by things of a similar nature. Al Capone was imprisoned for tax evasion, not for any of his criminal activities. So why shouldn't Donald Trump be taken down a peg when he has to answer questions under oath in a court room? I'm sure there will be a limit to the type of questions asked. But I've seen enough trials both fictional, recreated for television, as well as documentary footage to know that even with restrictions to what is allowed to be asked, something could possibly lead to shall we say incriminating answers. That in the end could actually force our now official President-elect to step down. Which might lead to the perfect ending to our story with Trump. Donald spending his last days in a prison cell. 

Of course none of this fantasy is possible if Donald decides to drop the lawsuits. Simply cancel the suits, end the saga and get on to bigger things. In the end, I presume that will be what he does. Much like his settlement with the Trump University lawsuits which ended a possible political nightmare for our next commander-in-chief. Ending these lawsuit before it goes any further would appear to be the right way to go. But, we are talking Donald, and we are talking massive ego. So what if Trump now enveloped in his recent presidential victory aura, perhaps now thinks he can do no wrong? That whatever is thrown at him good or bad he can get past. Anyone who has witnessed the last two years knows what Donald has been able to deflect and in fact prosper from. So lets just ponder he decides to not listen to everyone and sits his ass down in court and puts his hand down on that sacred bible. Which as he has proudly stated on more then one occasion is his favorite book. So if Donald's hand or the bible doesn't burst into flames and if he does actually swear under oath to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, then we might see if his racist commentaries were just political mumble jumble or is Trump really a racist. We could find out about Donald's hiring practises, perhaps the way he really deals with women. The questions and answers my mind is coming up with make this latest victory by the Trump campaign a little more palatable. But, like the rest of the maybes, I'll believe it when I see it. As of now the reality of a Trump Presidency has begun to sink in, I just hope my anxieties are just something I ate, and I wake up tomorrow and somehow our next President hasn't done something that starts the final countdown.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Unknown said...

I'm with you. Sometimes I feel I am scared out of my mind. Then the conspiracy stuff starts me going, then I think I'm being silly. Then he does or says something stupid or scary, and it starts over again.

Unknown said...

fact check everything that comes out of Orange Hitler's mouth and you'll find that the conspiracy theories go away! the truth does wonders!