Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Seriously, shouldn't you choose people who want to fix things as opposed to those who wish to shut them down, or better yet, can actually remember the departments name during a debate!

OOPS, HE DID IT AGAIN! Donald J. Trump keeps filling up his cabinets with people that would make even the worse deplorable upset. Whatever happened to bringing in the best people, the most experienced? Seems not a one of his choices could even be in that conversation. I mean seriously am I the only one who see's this? Isn't it bad enough when Trump picks those possibly in bed with the Russians, but at least some of them seem to be able to do the job. Much like with Trump's other choices, Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State whose a little too cozy with Putin and Exxon, Tom Price at HHS who wants to repeal Obamacare, Scott Pruitt for EPA who doesn't believe in Global Warming, or Andrew Puzder who wants a minimum wage almost as much as human labor at his fast food restaurants, picking Rick Perry as Energy Secretary demonstrates that Donald chooses people who plan on weakening, taking apart or flat our destroying the departments that he's picked them to lead and to make matters worse, he seems to be rubbing it in our faces. 

Again and again and again and again, every time he announces someone new, or teases a possibility of who no one in their right mind would pick, I constantly hear Taps in the background. What gets me is, were any of those talking heads, or political power players in the Republican Party, who came out at any time to denounce Donald Trump on whatever he said or did, were any of them at all telling the truth? Or was everything a complete lie just so their party gets back in power? No matter who the candidate is. No matter what crimes they may or may not have committed, or what Donald seems to be putting together,  honestly its the opposite of the Knights of the Round Table! A pseudo death quad. Remember all those things they complained about Hillary, I don't. Seems if you look back at the attacks now, its almost laughable at what they accused her of doing, cause reality has finally struck home with most people, and Donald you be the real crook in this past campaign. I've lived most of my life watching Bond's villains knowing that they were just fictional characters, even cheering them for their downright evilness, but I knew they were made-up, this wasn't reality. I've spent hour upon hour enjoying the pseudo dictators, stalkers, and nut jobs doing their worst, knowing that what I was enjoying was just a movie, a television program or even a cartoon. Some of my favorite experiences ever have been watching things like The Manchurian Candidate. Seeing Freddy Kruger do his worst, even watching Lawrence Olivier ask 'If its safe?" But living in an environment when the worst vile despicable tyrant  actually exists in the real world as our President, sorry I simply can not stomach that. And with each announcement of who is filling his list, when you check his twice, its beginning to seem like a picture out of central casting for a remake of The Saint Valentine's Massacre or a real life Suicide Squad. Seeing Trump lie straight faced, gives me no joy. Listening to his excuses, brings me no solace. There are no cheers in me, as I watch our nation be taken in a direction nobody ever hoped for, and most of us are currently dreading. Yet even his most harshest critics act like we must all just go with it. With Donald there is nothing too low to go after. No fact or evidence or allegation, that's worthy of even a conversation. With Hillary, the woman coughed and it was worthy of her being removed from office. But with Donald, he could share joint bank accounts Vladimir Putin, and there's nothing there. The man spends all his time insulting others, making threats, and meeting with celebrities seemingly to showcase who he knows. As opposed to actually preparing himself to do the job. I mean come on, Donny spends valuable time today with Kanye West instead of doing his homework. Unless Kanye is gonna be designing the uniforms of the next staff at the White House, or sharing his straight jacket that he just took home from his stay in whatever mental institution he needed to get his act back together recently. I'm sorry, there is no excuse for us having to witness that photo op. What is Trump gonna be making an appearance in next season's Kardashian reality show? Stop showing off whom you're buddies with, and start acting Presidential. 

Maybe the reason Trump doesn't believe that we were hacked by the Russians is because Sean Hannity is the person whose briefing him on foreign issues! It seems, Fox Faux New's number one Donald Trump fan, like all of the Trumpeters, want us to disregard what the CIA is telling us. Fine Sean, I'll make a deal with you, the next time the CIA has Intel that Donald needs to keep us safe, perhaps maybe they're say screw you sir. Ask Sean what you should do. Same with his new Secretary of State, instead of getting your Intel from the CIA, just listen to Rex Tillerson when he tells you stuff he actually got from Putin, then what the CIA professionals want to tell him. Or when Rex makes another deal to assist Exxon, but this time as Secretary of StateHappily the electoral college still hasn't officially voted yet, so there is still a chance this historic election could add one more moment that none of us will ever forget. The good thing in all his madness, is that the presidential elect has been throwing out nominations and hiring really scary people at an alarming rate. Hopefully his choices, a long with the horrible notion that the Russians seriously was involved with helping elect Trump could cause enough of the voters to shall we say make there own history. We're at the point that unless this works, the only other thing some of us have to look forward to is the fantasy that a Donald Trump presidency will be ended early because the man himself will be impeached and like Nixon will wind up being escorted out of the White House in disgrace.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, December 13, 2016

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