Tuesday, January 17, 2017


So, the Trumpeters want us to forget 8 years of obstruction, lies and accusations of illegitimacy… really? Well, not on my watch!

KARMA IS A BITCH, ain’t it? After spending the entire tenure of President Barack Obama’s presidency, obstructing every thing he tried to do. In fact proudly announcing to the world that they would do everything in their power to make Barack Obama a one term president. Isn’t that right Mitch? In the good old days that used to be enough to be considered treasonous and crimes against the state, but not in the age of Trump. Now those who spewed it, want everyone else to bow down and behave like they never did anything but what they were elected into office to do. Take us back to the 1880’s, remove abortion in America, hurt as many people as possible and always triple the deficit. Remember all that obstruction started even before Donald Trump and his friends started the birther movement. And somehow now, that birther movement never occurred. All the republicans did was respect Obama and treat him exactly like they want us to treat the President-elect. And for some reason when we do the disrespecting we’re the ones who are being unAmerican or worse.
It cracks me up listening to these hypocrites not understanding why people are questioning Donald Trump’s legitimacy, especially with what has just come out in the press. With all the loving between the Russian President and the President-elect, with Vladimir Putin himself coming out and practically climaxing over Donald Trump. Best part was having Putin, unbelievably  accusing President Barack Obama of conspiring to hurt Donald Trump’s legitimacy as the next President. Seriously Vladimir, you’re complaining about our President conspiring after you just helped elect Donald Trump into the White House. Well, now I understand why Donald and Vladimir are such good friends, they love blaming others for doing things that they themselves are masters of. Lying straight to your face, always accusing others of crimes and smiling as their bank accounts keeps expanding. They created a cottage industry before Obama even entered the Oval Office, trying to destroy our president and his policies. Without a thought about how it would hurt our nation and its citizens in the process they were like vultures going in for the kill. Just as they’ve done in the pursuit of ending Obamacare its never been about helping people, making something better. Doing whats right for the people themselves. Its been one thing, appealing all of President Barack Obama’s achievements. They want him out of the history books, an in the process may actually destroy democracy right in front of our eyes. That is if any of us survive. Why does the movie Mad Max come to mind? Whatever President Barack Obama proposed, even if it was one of their own ideas, its was bad. Nothing this man could suggest was good enough for them, and what was maddening in all of this, every idea they offered seemed to benefit the 1% and hurt everyone else. Everyone! As what we just witnessed in the vote-a-rama the other day, most of their so-called policies are exactly the same or on steroids.  Take, take, take away everything they possibly can. No health care for the peasants in the street, shrink government as much as its possible, give trillions of dollars in tax breaks to the 1%, add billions of dollars to the debt for building the wall. Yes, you know that’s whats gonna happen. Has anyone heard anything good they want to do that benefits the citizens of the United States? I’m serious, I can’t think of one. Their drive has never been about helping people, its been about repealing something that was helping people. The replace was never in the equation, cause if it was, why hasn’t there been a committee created to do that by them. President Barack Obama has always said that if they could come up with something better or come up with ways to fix them, as you would do with any other situation. But for some inane reason, the only thing they do, is want to repeal and leave everyone, I mean everyone hanging. How do you remove 30 million human beings from their life lines, with out having something to replace it with. From what I can make out from the dribs and drabs that the talking heads are spouting or leaking, it sounds like they want to take us back to the good old days. Where everything was imploding, hospitals was closing, and our economy was tanking. If they actually wanted to fix the problem, wouldn’t you have thought by now they would actually have something concrete as opposed to a few bullet points of wants. Well, wouldn’t you? So in other words, that ‘Repeal and Replace’ tag line was simply a talking point they used to scam millions. If you were keeping track of the votes, they stripped everything. Every provision they claimed they wanted to be in the new health care program was cut. Every single one. They are ecstatic about taking things away from us. Let’s celebrate a big FU to our constituents. Look we won, America look what we just took away from you, and we took that away for you, and this away from you. To make matters worse, nothing new was proposed, nothing. So now millions of people are out there scared, worried, crying their eyes out scared for their very lives and the lives of the loved ones.   People like Reince Preisbus and Kellyanne Conway have always been arrogant, but now they’re downright tyrannical. Its very unnerving when bullies are given too much power, especially when they think they have dominion over you. If you listen to how they ridiculed President Barack Obama, or how they take about Hillary Clinton, these are not nice people. Now that they have the power, listening to them ridicule others who didn’t see in Donald what they saw is downright scary.   

“We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided!” 11:29 PM - 6 Nov 2012 @realDonaldTrump

As the above tweet showcases, hint hint, look at the date, those who argue that the Democrats are being disrespectful to the President elect should go blow themselves. Are you insane? ‘They’ never disrespected President Barack Obama, bite me. Seriously throw yourselves off of Trump tower and do the rest of us a service. As usual every thing they accuse others of, they themselves have done and are doing. To have the man who spent years arguing that our President wasn’t legit because of his skin color is seriously disgusting. To have his Trumpeters now come out and whine that the democrats are being unpatriotic because they won’t blow him is possibly worse. Rachel Maddow had a great segment showcasing the number of Democratic congressmen who didn’t go to Richard Nixon’s second Inauguration. Hint, Watergate was exploding at the time. So what the Democrats are doing is nothing new or that creates a new precedent. In fact a few power players in Washington miss out on the Inauguration every time it happens. So stop with the over dramatics every time its a democrat. This is America people, we are not your people you work for us. You were elected, not crowned. This is not a kingdom, you have been hired for four years to do the job of President, not to run your own empire. So snap out of this Game of Thrones mind set and realize that we are living in a democracy. If Donald you do that, you will be surprised how many people would be less opposed to your leadership. Otherwise, what happened to President Richard Nixon, will happen to you.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, January 17, 2017  

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