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As I watched his inner Nazi starting to come out, that scarily turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg, you see selling off his assets or releasing his taxes is officially off the table. 

Donald 'Trump' Drumpf:  Con Man, Liar & Crook, & those are his best qualities. © Neil Feigeles 2016

YOU HAD TO FEEL BAD for CNN’s Jim Acosta as President-elect Donald Trump decided to showcase how he deals with those who try to mar his aura of greatness. Why not just rename him King Joffrey Baratheon already, that’s how it felt as Trump’s face turned a darker shade of red and yes, I almost saw a little ‘tache forming underneath his nose. Unbelievably and chillingly, our next President went after CNN for reporting ‘fake news’ and when Jim Acosta wanted to ask a question, Trump turned into the Trump that only should appear in our worst nightmares. Basically saying point blank to the reporter that CNN was on his shit list. It was pretty shocking seeing this and should have made all members of the press corps rise up and turn their backs on him. I must mention, something that Chris Hayes mentioned on air tonight, I noticed the same thing and was glad to discover it wasn’t just me losing it during the press conference. While Donald was shouting down CNN, shockingly in the background applause and cheers were heard, well according to the television anchor, it turned out that the Trumpeters had hired people to cheer the press conference. Yup, brings to mind his announcement speech where he hired people to be in his audience. I wonder how many people will be paid to see his Inauguration day event. To make this diss even worse, Donald Trump later took a question from Breitbart reporter Matt Boyle, who ironically asked Donald “What reforms do you recommend for this industry here?” In other words, the fake news site which promotes Alt-Right philosophies and right-wing conspiracies wanted to know how to clean up the news? What? I’m confused here. Oh, they consider their bogus reports as real and facts and news as fake. The world has gone totally mad. 

Of course I found it funny that this so-called ‘fake news’ channel was broadcasting the Congressional Hearings, and discussing this slight afterwards. So after the smackdown by Trump, between their airing the hearings, listening to the talking heads on CNN discuss being dissed by the future President kind was a sight to behold. Listening to them defend themselves and try to explain what they really did was exactly what the Trumpeters was praying for. As usual whatever they throw out, thats what people out there are discussing. Not the real news at the press conference, but the diss instead. 

Now about the other stuff, seriously it boggles the mind, what we got was a show and what bothered me most, the same insane fool who was a candidate was the person who was standing there less then two weeks from being sworn in and it seriously made me sad. I understand being a partisan followers, but this man is beyond the norm. Too beyond. Just as with his props on the stomp, his steak, the wine, the hats, on this occasion, his first press conference in 6 months, we got we got props showcasing what a big successful businessman he is. This time next to the stage was a table covered in folders, which supposedly were filled with paperwork of businesses that Donald Trump was handing over to his son’s to run. Of note, no one was allowed to look inside the folders, so they could have been blinks sheets of paper. Chris Hayes noted that during his campaign, some of the items Trump was showcasing as his own products, for example, his steaks, turned out to be steaks that they just bought at the local supermarket. In other words the Donald lied again. Along with the folders we got a lawyer, Sheri Dillon, whose worked for the President-elect for over a decade, she came out and explained why selling off his businesses actually would be a bad thing. Let me repeat that, somehow his selling off his companies, the sales, the profit or losses, could be looked at either way as something bad, so why bother selling it off. Screw the conflicts of interests, screw the rules. Either way, the man would be looked at suspicious. So, in other words, its better to keep it this way, and since he’s handing it off to his sons all is right with this world. As Trump himself said “I have a no-conflict situation because I’m president … it’s a nice thing to have.”  Basically in Donald’s and his Trumpeters minds, once he’s sworn in, he can do what ever he wants and its all legal. Boy are they gonna get a rude awakening, especially if or when something actually comes out.Now if you really want to talk about a conflict of interest as Donald Trump doubles down on his line in the sand. Seems no taxes will ever be released till that damned audit ever gets done. I presume with his stepping into the White House, that audit won’t be occurring any time soon, if ever. Of course as we all know, he can and always has been able to release them, he’s just lying to the world as he keeps trying to whatever demons he wouldn’t want anyone to see.Seems that someone or something has to wake the GOP into realizing what they are allowing to take over our world. I understand why, I get it, but someone needs to explain to them that country supersedes political motivations. I’ve been trying not to watch too much of the Congressional hearings, its just hard to listen to people whom to put it simply, scare the crap out of me, but I’ve tried to catch some of it. One never knows what or when some gem or foot-in-mouth comment would occur. So far its been pretty quiet, and both disheartening and uplifting as you watch the partisan statements and comments from the perspective cabinet members on both sides of the aisle. In my viewpoint, neither Jeff Sessions or Rex Tillerson, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of state, todays deplorable on the hot seat, warrant getting the assignment. Both have too many issues that in most instances would have made either of them acceptable, but this year, sadly they will both probably get the gig. At least a few Republicans sounded like they were trying to actually do their jobs and not just say yes to Rex Tillerson because Donald wanted him. But they haven’t voted yet, so I’ll await to see if they just stamp him yes or will this be the Congress putting their line in the sand and lets see how Donald responds to that. Especially once he’s sworn in.

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