Saturday, January 21, 2017


So I missed Trump's Inauguration, and I hear the days events was same old Donald, so I guess I missed absolutely nothing!

AS GRACE AND CLASS LEFT THE WHITE HOUSE via limousine, Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill, and via helicopter, President Barack Obama and his wife Michelleand was replaced by something akin to a bully in junior high, Donald John Trump, you know the one's that never graduate. My only question is how many of us will get beat up and/or put in detention by the Trumpeters when they discover even with all their power, the resisters out there still won't bow to his excellency.

After our nation's 44th President left his post and was officially replaced by our latest, our world shifted just a slight bit. Instead of watching the Inauguration of the Donald I decided to skip it and sit through the first season of Netflix's Stranger Things. Luckily I received the box set this past week so today seemed to make sense. That's right I watched all eight episodes in one big swoop, and kudos to all involved. Seriously good television, I highly recommend it. That said, I simply couldn't stomach watching what I expected to witness on my television. At one point, before starting the marathon, I turned on my television to discover seemingly on every channel the celebration had already begun hours before the official swearing in. Some cheesy concert was happening, with some godawful cover band. In the 5 minutes I turned on CNN, they were panning the crowd and focused on a close-up of Hillary and Bill Clinton, showcasing how classy they are. Actually looking happier to be there then Donald and his current Mrs., appeared. 

So I put on Stranger Things, sat back and tried to forget what was occurring in our world at the very same time. As the day continued, between episodes, I checked out the Internet and flicked the channels to discover what was happening, and sadly nothing that was, was anything different then I expected. Some of it turned out to be as sad, scary and obnoxious as we've come to expect at his campaign rallies. Watching the clips, and listening to the talking heads discuss what did occur, it seems during Donald John Trump's acceptance speech, which he announced ahead of time that he wrote  himself, he unbelievably pitched an anti-Semitic slogan, he plagiarized Bane's description of our cities from the film, The Dark Knight Rises and hysterically stole a riff from Jerry Seinfeld's The Bee Movie. Seems plagiarizing is big in the Trump family. Scarily, as with Trump's RNC acceptance speech, this one made you feel like our country is teetering on the edge of destruction and despair. It seems he didn't try to win over the rest of us, there was no transition to leader in chief, this was still the wannabee dictator appeasing his followers.

It turns out that after Trump was sworn in, shockingly to me, neither bible they used during the ceremony exploded that he placed his hand on. Sadly, no lightning bolt came down from the Heavens, the ground didn't shake, the world didn't end. So yes, I was wrong. Shame, I would have loved to have seen that. Any how, after he left the big ceremony, Donny actually went to work in the Oval office. Trump did exactly what most of us figured he would do. By beginning to dismantle everything that President Barack Obama did and even more. He signed an Executive Order to make the Repeal of Obamacare a priority of his administration, whatever that means. He also cancelled an Executive Action by President Barack Obama, that was supposed to lower mortgage rates for thousands of people, in other words he's already hurting the average man. Way to go Liar-in-CHief, I thought you ran to help the common man, oh, just more bull by the master conman. In addition, to a few other evil decrees, if you go to the White House's website as soon as President Barack Obama exited the White House, the pages on the site for Climate Change, Disabilities and LGBT rights disappeared from it. The links that used to work, don't work anymore. One other thing, while I was on Facebook and Twitter sites, I noticed that the  @POTUS posts now had Donald Trump's face on it, and his Vice President, Mike Pence was also now in my feed. Seems, instead of giving me the choice to follow the new President, I was given a free way for Donald and Mike to try to brainwash me into following their rule. I immediately blocked both handles as well as several others I discovered 

So after finishing the series, yup, eight hours of creepy, scary fun television, and happily I feel I didn't waste any of it, unlike the millions who suffered through Donald's big day. I then turned my television from a DVD viewer back to a television to discover Donald and his wife dancing the first dance as the first couple at the First Inaugural Ball. Talk about white men have no rhythm, Donald proved it again, as he made President Barack Obama's dancing during his two Inauguration days more akin to Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire then this klutz on ice-skates. Also as usual, Trump's choice of music which is always suspect, and this time was no exception. Frank Sinatra’s classic, 'My Way' by Paul Anka. You know the song which lyrics start off 'And now, the end is near And so I face the final curtain…' I don’t know about you, but I’m sorry, is that supposed to make you feel good about him or for our future? And now the end is near… And Nancy Sinatra was not pleased about it in the least, actually doing Donald's favorite form of whining, she tweeted about it. "Just remember the first line of the song." — Nancy Sinatra (@NancySinatra) January 19, 2017, "And now, the end is near." Boom! But just as I was getting excited about the fact that one of my childhood crushes agreed with me, I discovered in the Republican land of fantasy that that in fact wasn't the case.…On Fox Faux News, Breitbart and of course had reports that the lady herself backtracked that tweet. Seems she was trying to make a joke about it. "It was a joke not a warning." — Nancy Sinatra (@NancySinatra)  2:22 PM - 19 Jan 2017, which was then followed by "What a rotten spin to put on a harmless joke." — Nancy Sinatra (@NancySinatra) 4:35 PM - 19 Jan 2017. So who knows what she was trying to say. Perhaps she realized that she could have putting a bulls eye on herself if she had in anyway been negative to the new regime. Can't blame her, a lot of crazies out there who seem to have loss any of their fear in releasing their hidden or not so hidden monster. Every day it seems some nut job is attacking  an innocent victim. It sometimes feels like the days of feeling safe in our streets is over. Maybe Donald's scary description of our streets is true, assisted mightily by the NRA's take over of America.

We as a nation, surely have more then a few regrets, the day after Donald's big day, as hundreds of thousands marched across our nation as well as over the world in protest. Dwarfing the crowds that came out yesterday to honor the man for his Inauguration. These throngs of men and women today, are protesting the attacks on women's rights and the Trumpeters agenda against them. Perhaps if Donald's speech yesterday had finally pivoted, like many had hoped he would have months a go, as soon as it appears that he actually could win the prize as opposed to more of the same, today's protests wouldn't have grown so huge. It will be interesting or is that scary listening to our new President's description of today's events once the tweets begin spewing out of him. Will he downplay the crowds and how he will describe those who have yet to bow down to his magnificence. Will be insult the thousands as sore losers or will he take what is occurring as a smack in his face, an insult to his reign and get even more obnoxious. Or will he wake up to reality that he isn't loved and adored by the majority and if he wants to be, he better change his tune rather swiftly before the crowds rise up against him. After todays protests, it appears what he's already done to start off his tenure as President hasn't swayed anyone to begin crushing on him. If today's peaceful, happy demonstration showcases, the masses will rise up. What happens when we the people finally wake up and discover all the threats against our social safety net have come true. Todays peaceful march will be replaced by something akin to the Arab Spring, and if that happens, I pity, yes pity what the crowd will do to Donald Trump, and his family and his Trumpeters.  Cause it ain't gonna be pretty. That is if we haven't already been turned into a police state run by a police force akin to the gestapo or KGB.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, January 21, 2017

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em12 said...

Nancy sure was not holding back her criticism on her interview with Bill Maher. Not sure if the backtracking was sincere or just mocking.