Saturday, January 14, 2017


Watching the powers-that-be enact their evil plans, its seriously making me wish they stop playing and, just end our misery already, save us all the agony.

I STARTED THIS BLOG, as President Barack Obama was starting his run for election, and as we slog into the beginning of the nation's next President, its hard to believe how we got from there to here. How did our nation go from the ecstasy of the Obama presidency to the swamps of the Trump swearing in. How did the people that lied straight to our faces, wrangle a nation to not believe facts and reality and side with a carnival barker? It seriously boggles my mind. Somehow in that span of time, we went from the classiest most educated, well read man possibly in our history who sat in that most highest of chairs, and a Internet troll, womanizer, Alt-Right loving pervert is now gonna be sitting in his place. We went from a health care in our nation seriously spiraling out of control, to a nation on the brink of full coverage of all of its citizens, to one which now looks like one where only the deathly will be able to afford any health care. I've written close to 240 commentaries,  Neilizms if you please,  so far for this blog, and sadly too many of them have been about Donald, his Trumpeters and the rest of the republican gestapo, and definitely not enough of them were about the great things that our President and the Democrats have accomplished. In retrospect, maybe that was one of the reasons over all that we've come to this point, where the inmates are now running the asylum, the press, the media, ran with all of the evil, all of the filth that has defined the entire right for the last decade or further. But, mentioning all that, I guess I have to thank the deplorable's who inspired me to go off so often on them,  boy did they give me a lot of material. But I must thank the people, yes you (the reader), who have actually visited my blog given my voice an audience. Surprising to me, as my little graphic above showcases this site has just passed it's 30,000th page view, which excites me to no end and makes me want to continue sounding off on things that need to be addressed in my own way. Which brings me to todays little conversation, be it with myself, or with the readers of my blog, cause that what this whole idea really is. Besides keeping me sane, before I began this blog I will admit to having conversations out loud, alone usually with just my television. If someone said something or if a news report hit me the wrong way, yes I spoke my mind at it. Eventually those conversations became these Neilizms. 

Well, yesterday was one of those conversations to my television. I tweeted a public response to Lawrence O'Donnell after I watched a segment on his show last night. He was having a conversation with someone (I should have written the name down, sorry), on how unpopular Donald Trump was in the polls. I almost screamed right then and there, enough with the damned polls. The impression they were giving was that once the republicans realize how unpopular Donald Trump was, they, the republicans might run from him. Meaning all of Trumps desires would be swatted away, he would be a lame duck president in reality. They would actually stop being his lap dog and grow a spine. Of course I laughed out loud at their assumption. haven't they noticed right now, the republicans are getting everything they want. They're one-by-one dismantling Obamacare without anything to replace it with. Nothing but promises. That tagline, repeal and replace was simply a lie. An easy to use talking point, with no meat on the bone. So all that talk we've gotten from the so-called normal republicans was simply that, talk. Look at how they jammed through all the measures in the vote-a-rama that gutted seemingly everything. They have the majority, and unlike the democrats, they will hurt as many people in t he process with a thread of guilt in their hearts. The only way the democrats can stop anything is if a few republicans break rank, which they almost never do.  

So Lawrence, if I can be so forward and call you Lawrence, why would you think the republicans give a rat's ass what the polls say? The American people hate the Republicans, look at the polls. They hate them more then they hate him. In fact he's probably making them look better, that is till the reality of what they've just done starting waking the people up. Look at how almost human they've been lately. They almost seem to have a heart, at least a few of them. Look how we actually got some semblance of a hearing during this weeks' Confirmation Hearings. But wait for their votes. Wait to see how Donald gets ever single deplorable reject into his basket. I'd be shocked if any of them don't make it. Even Ben Carson, now come on, did you watch Elizabeth Warren destroy him? It seems Donald and his Trumpeters are a match made in heaven for these republicans, and the only people that don't realize this fact of life is the so-called liberal media. The Republicans come out, yell and scream and act outraged at some insanity said by or discovered about our Donald, but that doesn't seem to have slowed them down in any capacity from doing every disgusting thing they've wanted to do for years. Why would they change anything, they've got Putin's puppet and they're gonna play with his strings, till its too late to save Democracy. And our world officially ends.

Amongst the many items that the republican buzz saw just gutted was the CHIP program. Yes, the Children's Health Insurance Program, Hillary Clinton had a huge hand in getting going while she was First Lady. Hillary Clinton only mentioned this more times then her opponents name during the campaign so its something that most people should know about. But seems, the good this woman did, wasn't discussed during the campaign, only Donald's tweets were. This great program which has only helped over 8 million children, was gutted by the republicans. That's right, they voted to defund it for no apparant reason, except to spite Hillary Clinton. Unfreakinbelievable. Seriously their motto should be, 'No health care for you!' Oh about draining the swamps, in the midst of all the gutting of health care and other necessary items, they gave a huge tax break to millionaires and according to a headline on HuffPost, they rubber stamped $9 trillion in new debt! You know its quite maddening after listening to the republicans year after year rail on the democrats about the debt. How we needed to balance the budget, screw everything else. This of course after the previous republican president, George Walker Bush blew up our world. President Barack Obama spent years trying to get our nations ship on smooth waters, who was stymied on everything because the republicans demanded the deficit needed to be lowered and removed before we could do anything. Ironically a lot of their complaints about our economy not growing fast enough, possibly was caused by their very actions, they refused to give his plans a chance to strive. But like Obamacare, instead of fixing it, it was deemed a failure before it even was implimented. All we heard from the Trumpeters was they would cut restrictions and lower taxes on businesses and the 1%, and somehow magically the economy would now grow by 4%, or more. It would just be unprecedented, just because Trump's name was attached to it. Because as we all know, Donald Trump is a genius at business. Look at his track record, doesn't that make you excited to see how fast our economy will grow, how rich we will all get? Well, it doesn't excite me, I wasn't one of the many who got fooled into deals with him on the basis of his selling skills. And it shouldn't excite anyone else on Earth, except for those who will benefit. Well at least at first, because pretty soon, reality is gonna hit, and what happened before will happen again, but probably worse this time. Cause now, instead of an idiot in the White House being led by a leash by his vice president, we're gonna be led by either a mad tyrant or a Puppet of Putin, I mean what could go wrong? I hope what's different this time, is this time, the people, won't take it lying down. We, the people, will be mighty upset when they realize they've been fleeced, and not just from the usual republicans, they've been fleeced by the con man who promised to drain the swamp. Wo promised them everything, with a resume proving he couldn't deliver on those promises. But one people only wanted to hear his interpretation of his story, not what the facts really are.

Guess what people, right in front of the world and seemingly in the middle of the night, these, whats the best word to describe them, perhaps pure evil fits. Most or all of their other actions have made you ponder if any of them even have a soul. All we've gotten from them is hate. All they do is take away stuff from us and give it to the rich. I'm sorry when your president hands you free healthcare for thousands of people and you turn it down out of principle, seemingly to spite people, their is no heart. They seem to be on a mission to hurt people and surprise, surprise, surprise, all of them have turned into multi-millionaires. Why isn't that investigated by an independent investigation? The worst part is whenever they talk, they lie straight to your face, shushing away any facts. Responding with nonsensical answers that almost make sense if you don't pay too much attention to the actual words. Everything sounds like talking points which all of them memorize and spout off all of the time. If they say its true, its true. 

For them, that is the end of the conversation, if you disagree, you're wrong. Everyone else is telling lies. If you dare make a comment in opposition to anything, you literally get threatened by one of Donald's attack dogs. Omarosa Manigault, of Apprentice fame way back in September of 2016 warned how Donald detractors would have to bow down to our orange faced leader. Several of Trumps surrogates have been down right tyrannical when discussing people who aren't swearing allegiance to him. It sounds like sometime in the next few months, Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, could be these dissidence's new home. I wish I was kidding. Its only gonna get worse kiddo's, that is if it ever gets better again. Because when they discover they can do anything they want, and get away with it, I can't even imagine how bad its gonna get. That is until the people rise up, if we can. Seemingly out of the days of the KGB or is that the Gestapo, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, went after Walter Shaub, the head of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee, came out and slammed our future president for his lack of ethics with his bogus plan to address his potential conflicts of interests. Seems Jason wants a private meeting with Walter, maybe he wants a blow job to or a kiss on his pinky ring. Basically, the Trumpeters say he can do it, screw all precedents. Screw how it looks. AN since we can't see Donald taxes, we have ne way of knowing how many millions of dollars the man will be pocketing  Now its up to the powers that be, if they allow him to actually get away with it. That If or when something is revealed that better get his ass out of office and into a prison cell, that then they will act and actually do something, or will they let him slide then too? I mean they own the majority now, they can do whatever they want and for the most part, we no one can stop them.

Yesterday, Rachel Maddow had a piece showcasing why all of this tax business and ownership of his businesses is a problem with Donald Trump. Seems, Donald bought one of Junior's company's in South Carolina, well the Donald doesn't want to pay for the clean up of this facility, because its not his problem, but the previous owners.  Seems the new owner of a business isn't liable for it. Of course, that should mean Junior should pay for the clean-up right? Somehow in this wacky world we live in, thats not in the conversation. They want the people of South Carolina to pay for it. Thats right the tax payers. I don not get it, there are reports that he's stiffed workers on his majestic,, as he would call it, new hotel in Washington. Came in under budget and onetime, not exactly. Sure, if that translate into behind schedule and ripping off those who construct dirt and then yes sir you are a business genius, and the worlds most successful scam artist.

So unless all this Russian stuff that's percolating actually kicks Donald into reality and out of office or the James Comey FBI intrigue of was he a traitor and how much of one he is, actually kicks the man out of his gig and into his very own prison cell. Or one of the many Trump issues actually gets him into an Impeachment hearing, the only hope we have now, until he blows us all up to kingdom come is if the people rise up. In just a few days, Donald Trump will be having his Inauguration, with whats transpired so far, with what the republicans in power have just down to our democratic safety net, the only question I have is will anyone in that crowd decide that our new leader shouldn't be the world's most powerful man. I wouldn't be surprised if there's at east one nut job in the thousands that will attend. I must add, if it was Hillary Clinton's big day, I would be saying the same thing, but for entirely different reasons. Cause as we know, if Hillary had won, with the rhetoric that he spewed and some of his followers who shall we say are closer to the Children of the Corn, I actually surprised most of them can walk upright on two legs. Just saying, I wouldn't be surprised, if something happens. So will this Inauguration Day be remembered for the protests, the pomp and ceremony, an appearance by Vladimir Putin, or something else. I still expect to see a lightning bolt come down from the heavens when Donald places his hand on the bible and begins his swearing in. The only reason I'm at all interested in watching any of it, is to see how the masses act, to see if he pulls a 'stache out and if their would be a horde of goose-steppers on parade. So like many, I will be doing something else, and discover afterwards if as usual something occurs that makes you weep for democracy and what could have been if Hillary Clinton was the person being sworn in and not the other candidate.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, January 14, 2017

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