Saturday, January 28, 2017


The Wall, Obamacare, Water Torture, Regulations, Trade Deals, Abortion, Immigration, Sanctuary Cities, Voter ID, Pipe Lines, and he's just getting started. Are we scared yet?

WHY IS ANYONE SURPRISED at the swiftness of what Trump has done? Sorry, I've been saying this for months, Donald knows exactly what he's doing, and now he has the power to do what ever he wants to. Trump might appear like he's having a meltdown or a hitching a fit, but the nut job has a plan which may not seem obvious as its happening to most, but when looking back, everything he’s done appears orchestrated from the start. Donald spins everything, actually tells us what he plans to do, and the world sits back disbelieving. Every time it happens, nobody but his inner circle believe him, all sounding like possessed puppets, while everybody else practically laughs in his face. But then whatever he pitches comes to fruition, maybe not in the way he pitched it, but it happens anyway and the rest of us freak out or sit back stunned that the madness has actually gotten worse. The experts act like he's all talk and no action but look what he's just done. They say Donald's all bluster with no muscle, really, well surprise, surprise, surprise, seems the Mad King is doing exactly what he promised. The man may be crazy, but whether he is or not, Donald does seemingly get everything he wants. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, can you imagine when Donald gets comfortable in that throne of his? Each time he does something that everyone scoffed at, as he signs yet another Executive Action, his ego grows even bigger as his followers watch him get exactly what he promised and what he wants. Scarily him getting exactly what he wants, hasn’t lightened his mood, Donald actually looks even angrier and his wishes grow even darker. Look at the so-called normal Republicans, they seem to be living a dream. Every thing they've ever wanted is now within reach of their treasonous grubby little mitts. The poor Democrats don't seem to know what hit them as they grasp at straws trying to act like they can actually do anything. Sadly they won’t admit it to themselves, that everyone knows, especially the Republicans that they simply can't do a thing but whine and argue amongst themselves trying to figure out how they got themselves into this mess. They did everything right, had the right platform, had the polls, had the perfect adversary, and even won the popular vote, but in the end lost the prize, and now we're seeing the ramifications of that defeat. Scary, huh? 

Now about the whole Mexican wall debacle, enough already. Does it really matter in the end if we the American people will be paying for it? Cause come on did you actually believe we weren't going to pay for it one way or the other in the end. So what if he said the Mexican people would pay for it, as with everything its not how he's promised his pitches, its the fact that he's delivering on those promises. Screw the niceties, the American people are simply fucked. Obviously the Republicans are in on it anything the Donald wants cause its everything they want on steroids. But talk about hypocrites, after stopping almost everything the Democrats or President Barack Obama wanted in times of crisis or not, now these fiscal zealots, these scrooges are suddenly free spenders. Where’s the money for Flint Michigan? Silence. What about Zika, or Hurricane Sandy? Remember how stingy these sellouts were when those states effected by the historic floods when asking for aid? Health care for our citizens, sorry nope. Fixing up the Social Security and citizens pensions, not a cent. The Post Office, shut it down! Our nation's infrastructure, zilch. Well, I should say, Donald has been pitching that, so yeah for him, of course like all his other wants, getting his friends in Congress to approve the spending on his wish list may not be so easy and whipping out a pen and signing his John Hancock on some piece of paper which they claim gives him the power to do what ever he wants. I seem to recall President Barack Obama signing a few of these, that mostly were stopped by ever getting enacted. So, a wall on our southern border, knock yourself out. Lets just build the damned wall already, or at least stop talking about building it, till you actually can, and lets get on with the business at actually doing your job and running our nation. I've just had it with these Republicans liars, we've spent years hearing arguments about our deficit from them. Remember George Walker Bush's stimulus package that they pinned on President Barack Obama, because he signed it into law. Instead of making it a bigger and a better stimulus, they made it as small as possible bitching about the deficit the entire time. So instead of assisting the fix, they tried to taint anything that our President did for political purposes. Screw our nation, its worth if we can get back into power. During his entire Presidency, Barack Obama practically had to blow the Congress to get any concessions from these soulless, heartless trolls. Of course it matters that he's lied to millions for months that Mexico would pay for it. But he's lies to millions of us everyday about everything else, and that still found him sitting in the Oval office. Why should a little thing like, the American people paying for it matter, if he gets the wall built finally. As the Trumpeters keep saying, 'Screw what he says, whats in his heart really matters, and what he accomplishes.' Or something like that. So get on with it already. What annoys me most about all of this is now the Republicans have no problem spending the people's money for anything he wants. Suddenly the coffers are open. Yes, I guess its the good old days of Republican control again, where deficits and budgets don't matter, and anyone who argues against them are just sore losers and unpatriotic. Remember The Dixie Chicks? I'm sure the haters out there that went after their patriotism where they announced that they were ashamed that George Walker was from Texas, because he lied us into the war, all voted for the Donald. Well aren't you proud now, as we prepare for nuclear winter.

The sad joke about all this is, they're throwing out numbers like 13 to 15 billion dollars as if its nothing and we all know by the time the project is completed, if it ever gets completed, that the final costs will probably be closer to 15 trillion then billion. Much like their replacement of Obamacare, they’re doing it without a plan anywhere in sight. Nothing but bullet points and talking points and Cheshire grins. So currently, lets get this straight, that they have no way of knowing what the wall will really cost. How it will be made. What materials they will use. They haven't agreed on the height of it or even hired architects to design it. The numbers thrown out are simply estimates, estimates! Of course, why do I feel a Trump builder will be in charge of it and Donald's company will win the bidding to build the wall, while Trump pockets a massive windfall. Its seriously maddening. I suspect this is how Donald does all his business deals. He pitches a fantasy that's not possible in reality, but he somehow makes anything sound possible. Everyone agrees to his dream, all smiles around the table, then everyone goes about the business of doing what they promised. But then reality strikes, his pitches turn out to have 'issues' with reality, and when he doesn't get the answers he likes, all the niceties go away as he barks out orders and tends to get his way until the bills start coming in. What happens when its trillions, lets see him pitch himself out of this one. Lets see when the bills come due, how he tries to side step these bills the way he's done on countless occasions.  Why do I expect to hear Donald arguing that as President, he doesn't have to pay. i mean isn't there some kind Executive Privilege when it comes to paying bills? Well if there isn't I'm sure we're gonna discover that in Trump's America it is totally legal. It was interesting watching Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto tell Donald no, again. Not just to reiterate that his nation wouldn’t be paying the bill for Donald’s big wish, but since he decided to do the Executive action, that he was cancelling their meeting. Listening to Donald try to make his big fail a positive was the best thing I witnessed all day. Lets see how he gets out of it, cause so far, Donald has. I'm just wondering what if anything ever brings Trump to his knees, or will the Mad King get everything he wants. And if he does, are the items on his wish list gonna lead to the end of our nation forever, or will we be able to survive this latest momentary lapse of sanity. At this point in time, its feels like Judgment Day is just around the corner, and any second now we're about to reach the turn.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, January 28, 2017

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