Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Remember that pivot we kept hearing about, its finally begun, but not in the way some expected, cause I don't know about you, but I feel a dictatorship coming on. Don't you?

AS SENATOR AL FRANKEN ONCE ENTITLED A BOOK: 'Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them' which so suits the Republicans and the Trumpeters, who surely have no shame, no conscience, no soul and I doubt any of them even have a heart. Before he ran, Trump said he would release his taxes if he ever did, and yes its on video. Then once Donald ran, any time he was asked, he said that he would release them once the audit on his taxes was done, he just didn't have a date. Even though every one with knowledge of the tax system explained that Trump could release them any time he wanted to. This was just an excuse to bide his time. In his usual zeal to pitch his greatness, he also would say things like, because of the hugeness of his business empire, it was gonna take some time.  

Well the other day all pretenses ended as Kellyanne Conway, finally came out and announced that our new President would never be releasing his tax returns, ever! No taxes for you, or you, or even you, even after the audit is done. That is if there actually is one happening in the first place. I keep hearing that there's no way of knowing because of some kind of privacy rule. But simply put, Donald John Trump our nation's 45th President will never release his taxes. According to Kellyanne the voters during the campaign and by the results of the elect had "litigated" the question. That somehow this allows them to get away with everything. With all his potential business conflicts unknown and kept hidden because his tax returns haven't been released as is the tradition with his job. Enough with this he's doing us a favor garbage. That he's some sort of business genius. All I know is he's left a parade of businesses that he seemingly screwed out of paying. He's filed bankruptcy's on numerous occasions, and he seems more like Professor Harold Hill character in a movie then a man whose prepared to run our world.

From listening to the talking heads on television, and online, it seems the ones siding with the Trumpeters think that the people will simply forget about his taxes within days. Days? Really? Today after it was discussed by Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, about Trump doing all of these executive actions to make sure Americans tax payers money is used properly. I'm sorry, we are supposed to listen to this hider of his taxes, the man whose lied about handing over his tax returns. Let alone accuse President Barack Obama of being illegitimate. Let alone about every thing he's probably said his entire time on Earth. How can we trust him on anything, especially when every thing about his background is hidden away. And it seems his businesses and our nations businesses are scarily entwined. Hence the hiding of his information is seriously unacceptable and to those who are allowing this, shame of you. By you allowing this, you also belong in his basket of deplorable 

How do we know he's done right for himself. How do we know he's in debt to all of our enemies or should I write friendly adversaries. There are reports he owes money to China, Russia, and who knows who else. Today when they announced  Donald's is starting up the pipeline's that President Barack Obama, stopped. There was no mention about the fact that he owns a stake in the Dakota Pipeline. Talk about a conflict of interest. But the Republicans smiles as they get to have their blessed oil probable gusher back from the dead. 

Hysterically one of the talking heads noted that on the White House website, the petition for Donald to release his taxes was still on it, with over 100,000 signatures saying yes, release Trump's taxes! Whoops, seems that page hadn't been deleted it yet. Probably because when the idiots they hired to do the website, saw Trumps name on it as opposed to President Barack Obama's, they kept it thinking it was a good thing, while removing any mention of our last American President. Obama bad, Trump good! That is until you read the small print… oops. 

What gets me instead of talking about the executive actions Donald Trump is doing, as a really huge story, it seems what we're getting most of is Donald's illegal voter's bull. More baseless conspiracy theory's which seem to be what his followers thrive on. Maybe they don't, but the media drinks it up and sadly since Donald began his campaign for the Presidency, he's used these assertions as fact. This one, which is not new. He's been spewing for months. He believes 3 to 4 million undocumented workers, possibly Mexican rapists, or ISIL infiltrators voted in our election swaying the popular vote to Hillary Clinton's favor. Otherwise he also would've won that too. As usual with his theories, he has no evidence. All Trump has are his usual tag lines, the "some people are saying" throwaways. But just like his Birther garbage, where he kept saying that his people have found so much on President Obama, boy are we all gonna be surprised. And of course years later, nothing ever was revealed. Reminds me of his wife's papers. Remember Donald promised Melania would have a press conference and  would showcase her papers proving the liars wrong. But instead, months later, we got one of Donald's attorney's on MSNBC explaining the situation and no documents were ever shown. Nothing. We had to just take his word for it. Unbelievable, years of attacks on President Barack Obama. And most recently day away day, month after month the never ending accusation of Hillary Clinton being a crook, no evidence, just illusion and conspiracies. And to those who say we should feel bad for his wife. Sorry. No dice. As far as we all know, she lives like a queen. She was interviewed on air, and went after President Barack Obama about his birth certificate. She's gonna be living in New York City, at tax payers expense, instead of in The White House. I'm sorry, what? And Donald has ads on the White House website for her jewelry? Feel bad for her? I'm sorry the whole family appears crooked on the surface, and they are not doing a thing to showcase they get it. They are now the First Family of the nation. They now work for us, and  can't just do anything and everything they want. Of course what do I know. Looking back its a shame The Obama's and the Democrats were actually simply doing their jobs, cause how stupid were day. Look at how the Trumps are fleecing the country and the Republicans are letting them get away with murder.

As for the Democrats, I'm sorry grow a spine. One of the reasons Donald 'won' was because the Democrats didn't go all in for Hillary, even on election day. And watching them pretty much allow everyone of Donald's deplorable's entrance into the official White House cabinet is serious pathetic. Listening to them say things like I'm gonna give Ben Carson the benefit of the doubt. What? This isn't a baby sitting job, these are cabinet positions. These were ether people that were gonna help Donald dot he job, because he wasn't up to it. Whose gonna help them do it, maybe Pence? Anything that used to knock a nominee out, this time seems to be a badge of honor or as Donald would spell it, honer if you might be in bed with the Russians. Or have no experience whats soever in the position that Donald picked for for. Or even better,  swore promised to get rid off they got elected. 

As we've been living through this never ending conflict of interests whirlwind that is Donald Trump's… well everything. Seemingly everything he touches smacks of a problem. Somehow, this ring master, gamed 63 million people into voting for him by tainting Hillary and Barack with smear campaigns while as far as we know, doing every wicked thing in the book. And with the power players in Washington bowing down to his Orangeness, whats maddening is there are still whispers of going after Hillary Clinton 'problems' but nothing on Donald. Any suggestion that their savior is bad is thrown back with smiles, and comments like, Its just the liberals "throwing tamper tantrums" 

Its like with the confirmation hearings. How dare the Democrats want to ask questions of Donald's choices. He's the President we should just say yes to everything. Just wondering when that choice by Donald included internment camps or even  gas chambers. And if you think I'm exaggerating, I guess maybe you didn't vote in this pat election, thinking, there's no way  Trump will win. I'm just gonna make a statement. And even if Donald wins, he won't be the monster he pretends to be on stage. That's just for show. That's not reality. And even if he's not up for the job, he's gonna surround himself with the best people. Oh. oops. I'm can we have a do over?

I must throw in, and compliment Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Mn), whose also a candidate for the highly sought after DNC Chair, well he was on All in with Chris Hayes and brought up Donald Trump's business interests in both pipelines. That the stock for the businesses involved with the pipeline, went up when the announcement came out. In other words Donald Trump made money on his Executive Actions. Hm, call me crazy, but isn't that a conflict of interest? Anyone? Isn't that what everyone has been saying would be the problem? Aren't they breaking all the rules? Well isn't it? Shouldn't this make even the staunchest sell out wake up and realize that something has to be done. Maybe this finally could force his tax returns to finally come out. Then either like with Hillary, there will be nothing in his taxes like there was nothing in those damned emails, or the shits gonna hit the fan and all bets are off and we will discover if this time when a President is evicted, he leaves peacefully like Nixon did or will he go all out tyrant and his end will be quite messy. Of course who knows, the way things are going all of this tax nuisance  for Trump will be another thing he gets away with. I guess lets simply hope that the majority of us is wrong and the man who now has the nuclear codes actually is the second coming, otherwise, the end is getting nearer by the day.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, January 24, 2017 

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