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Under oath Senator Jeff Sessions demonstrates the rights hypocrisy, as Russia's involvement gets clearer, while his Republican pals pitch Hillary as New York's next mayor.

WATCHING THIS YEARS GOLDEN GLOBES was great for a number of reasons, of course the one that hit home to me and it seems lots of people if you go online, is the great Meryl Streep’s astonishing acceptance speech for winning the Life time achievement award. Honestly I wasn’t expecting to hear what we all heard. Maybe a few zingers knowing her political views we discovered during the campaign. Yes, she was a Hillary Clinton supporter, like many of her supporters, Hillary’s defeat hit her very hard, and like most of us who have watched Donald Trump’s disgusting ‘impersonation’ of Serge Kovaleski,  a physically disabled man,  instantly we felt and still feel that by doing that vile act, he should have been disqualified to be President right then and there. Every and any excuse that he or his Trumpeters have come up with have never actually done the one thing that should have been said from day one apologize. Not too difficult to do. ‘I’m sorry, I apologize, I was trying to be funny.  I went with the crowd. I might have over done it, in fact I know I over did it, it will never happen again’. But instead they attacked anyone and everyone who called them out as wrong. So hearing Meryl Streep use this as her tipping point, struck home. But no one was expecting what she did. I was simply expecting a funny acceptance speech and nothing as political as it turned out to be. I seriously got chills as she eviscerated Donald Trump for just one of his many sins. By the end I actually stood up, cheered out loud, and applauded the greatest actor of our time. The audience at the event seemed to feel the way I felt throughout her speech. In awe, in admiration, and yes even with tremendous pride in our country once again. I hadn’t felt this patriotic since I can’t remember when. Oh yes I can, seeing Hillary Clinton accepting the Democratic nomination at the Democratic National Convention as all those balloons dropped. Seeing President Bill Clinton acting like a kid, playing with the dropping balloons seriously made me proud of the nations voters. When our President Barack Obama signed the law giving LGQTB community was another one. Of course both times President Obama was sworn in, as well as probably every time the man makes a speech or even begins singing a tune. It just makes me proud to be American, and that we actually lived to see the day that our nation could be led by such a great example of humanity.  And of course last but certainly not least, when President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law. Now that was one great moment that I will remember for a long time, as was listening to the great actress say things that needed to be said. Straight to the audience in that room and millions out there watching it live and now online. As we discovered the morning after, the intended listener had indeed heard her words, and as is his lot, responded in the juvenile manner that he seems to troll in. Hysterically Meryl Streep never once mentioned Donald Trump by name, but he and the rest of us, knew exactly whom she was talking about. So his denial of the truth of what an ass he made of himself that day on the campaign stomp, and his response to Meryl Streep should showcase to everyone what Donald Trump is, the ultimate troll. You know the ones you block on twitter and Facebook. The words whose emails you immediately send to the spam folder. Personally I’ve blocked him on both, sadly because it is who it is, that of course doesn’t shelter me from them. As we inch closer to Inauguration Day and all that implies. A movie star has set the world a blaze with her, I will call it, historic smackdown of sadly our nations next President. As a follower of the great lady through the years, I’ve always admired her for her talents on the stage and on the screen. As showcased in the clips at last nights Golden Globes festivities, the woman’s range is phenomenal. How lucky we have been to be alive during her extraordinary career. Personally I first witnessed her great talents before I saw her work on film. The first time I saw her was in a performance of Anton Chekhov’s classic The Cherry Orchard in 1977. I can still remember the second she walked on stage as Dunyasha, she seemed to float on air, and seemingly glowed. Why I remember this so much is easy to explain. I remember scanning the playbill, looking for her information, and then I discovered Meryl Streep, and spent all of intermission, trying to figure out how to pronounce her first name. The next time I witnessed her was on screen, and pretty soon after that she won her first Oscar. And the rest as they say is history.  As Donald showcased with his response to Meryl Streep proves, as I awoke to discover, then seeing it later, over and over and over again, on Facebook, Twitter, HuffPost, and the news on television. And then of course we got the Trumpeters throwing anti-patriotic comments at Meryl, and asinine excuses for why what she destroyed him on wasn’t true. As usual Trumps actions were being misconstrued by the biased media and the Hollywood elites.There is a striking difference showcased by those who side with Donald and those who don’t. Seems when it comes to Trump, it feels more like Wrestling fanatics or mixed martial arts sports. Meryl Streep categorized it pretty perfectly. Hillary’s fans seem to generally idolize her, love her and admire her. And ever since the results of the election shocked the world, the feelings for this great lady have only grown larger and stronger. A perfect example  of this was happening the same time Meryl Streep was about to tear down the roof in Los Angeles, Hillary and former President Bill Clinton, was seeing a performance of The Color Purple on Broadway. Well let’s just say it was a love fest. A striking contrast with the recent reception that future Vice President Mike Pence received when he went to see Hamilton. Where Mike Pence was given the proper response to the policies that he’s preached for years.Now getting back to Hillary, a funny thing has been going around lately. No, not the flue, but yet another Republican game they’re trying to again do the deflect the issues at hand. Seems the republicans are trying to throw a wrench in New York City politics, but pushing a false narrative that Hillary Clinton’s now planning to run for the office of Mayor, this is what the Republicans claim to be her next step. Of course, we aren’t hearing this from any Democrats or from the Clinton campaign or even the lady herself. Not sure who started this latest fantasy for some, but the people who are pushing it all happen to be playing in the Republican sandbox, so why is any of the media paying any attention to yet another crock of… amazingly I don’t even think Donald has tweeted about this.  Honestly I wish it was true, cause I would vote for her. But sadly the truth is simply Republicans trying to hurt New York’s current mayor, Democratic Bill de Blasio. Simply put, let cause some friction with the democrats, weaken the Mayor and maybe we can slip into office. Which is the only way they can win in the Big Apple. The sad fact is, the Republicans don’t have positions on anything all they have is tricks, lies and conspiracies. All we have to do is look at most of them, especially every single deplorable  heading into his White House. I’m almost expecting one of Trumps sons to run for the post. Wouldn’t that be interesting to see Hillary battle another Trump, and probably like in the general election Hillary would win in a landslide, at least in New York City.  Today several things occurred to show the contrasts in our political world. As the world woke up to Meryl’s moment to twist the knife into Donald Trump’s back, and Donald was tweeting his usual bile, the FBI released Intel informing us that Russia might be getting ready to blackmail our President-elect. Seems they have some pretty nasty things about his business and personal activities that could force him to act in their best interests and not ours. This Intel, is probably why Donald lost it over Meryl. But, happily this Russian thing, ain’t going away, No matter what Donald or his Trumpeters wanna argue it away.This, the Russian connection. I mean without sounding hopeful, but perhaps this possibility is the smoking gun! Yup, again, another smoking gun that could bring the man done. Cause if it is true that Donald or his campaign knew about it, and the blackmailing angle comes to fruition all hell would break loose for our Democracy.  The only question will be how soon will the Republicans leave the sinking ship, how many of them will go down fighting with their new savior, and finally if or how the Democrats will use this to take the man down. Or will they ‘pussy’ out and then historically always do. It seems tomorrow’s big talking points in Washington will be this latest wrinkle in Trumps rise to power. This supposedly has pushed back some of the Congressional Hearings to approve or kick out Donald’s deplorable choices for his cabinet. Which is a good thing, since some of them having been vetted yet. But that’s tomorrow, today while Jeff Sessions was being grilled by the Democrats, showcasing what a liar he is, the nation was preparing to sit back and listen to our current President. As usual, he did not fail to make you want to stand at attention, salute the flag and simply be proud to be American. A study of contrasts, Meryl Streep, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, as compared to Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, Kellyanne Conway, and the rest of the Trumpeters. Sadly watching our President make his going away speech, the reality that this dream we’ve been living for the last 8 years has ended, and the nightmare we are about to all step in is about to begin. Hopefully that dream that we all believed in when President Barack Obama hasn’t dies with his administration.

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