Friday, January 06, 2017


The Democrats warned everyone, but sadly the people didn’t want to listen and in one big swoop our nation as we know it might never be the same.  

NO HEALTHCARE FOR YOU! I just figured out how the Republicans will make all of their issues go away all at the same time. Simply put, they're gonna cut Obamacare, and Planned Parenthood, and the money thats saved off of the general budget will be used to pay for the wall across the Mexican border. I'm amazed I didn't see this in advance. I might hate them and wish them ill, but you gotta hand it to them, when they have an issue they want solved, even if its one they concocted themselves, they will work at it and work at it till that talking point turns into the monster that needs to be taken down. For example Voting fraud. No matter the facts, no matter the ramifications, no matter how many people it hurts. As long as they get what they want, screw the consequences. Well in big mash-up they've now figured out how to take down Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, get all of Donald's nominees for his cabinet approved, and build the wall without the small problem of having Mexico to pay for it get in the way of it being built. Plus lets throw in a little more disrespect for our President to make them whistle while they work. Seems the Republicans sitting pretty right now cause they're gonna be getting everything they want, till all Hell breaks loose. That is when all of their games causes our world to set to go its axis.

Honestly why bother caring anymore, but it seems the Republicans have figured out a way that we can build the wall across the Mexican border, and not have to wait to pass a new bill. All that legislation, who needs it to rile up the masses. And even better we the American people get to pay for it and Mexico is in the clear for the bill. At least that’s what I heard yesterday on television. Of course, Donald Trump came out today and said, the liberal biased media is lying, eventually the Mexicans will pay, heck, Trump would never lie to us. Seems President George Walker Bush signed to bill to build a wall bordering Mexico, which was partially built. Turns out all they have to do is request the $10 billion in an appropriations bill, Donald could sign it, and they could starting building it without any new laws enacted. An you know what, I honestly went cool when I heard it. Why not? Lets fight on things that’s really important. Maybe if the wall is built, at least that talking point is over. As Bernie would say…”We’ve heard enough about your damned wall!”

With all that going on, almost forgotten in the Whirlwind of Russian espionage happening,  and with the new news that we the people will be paying for the wall, Donald's latest additions to his basket are being over looked. You gotta applaud Donald, if you're gonna spit in the public faces here are two that surely will leave a stain. First lets throw in a little Bridgegate into the mix. After Trump used and abused Chris Christie, and then threw him away, he's decided to add Bill Stephen into his cabinet. Wow. The man was thrown to the wolves by Governor Christie, as his way to escape his part in the scandal. Plus there was also news that one time political pal, Pam Bondi, you know the one, he gave money to while he was under investigation, and then the investigation magically disappeared.

Add to this,as Rachel Maddow noticed, a not so funny thing is occurring on January 11th. It seems the Trumpeters are throwing it all out there and trying to ram their agenda down our throats all at the same time. On that day we are getting six confirmation hearings for Jeff Sessions, Mike Pompeo, Betsy Devos, John Kelly, Elaine Chao and Rex Tillerson. We get Mitch McConnell doing the old ‘vote-o-rama’ meaning, this is the day when they'll be voting in all of their amendments to kill things like Obamacare and Planned Parenthood. And top off the  trifecta that day, Donald Trump finally will be having his first Press Conference since July. Interesting, the poor Democrats are not gonna know what hit them. Say what you want about the Republicans, they know how to get what they want, no matter how deplorable or despicable. 

And that doesn't even start to mention what the Republicans are trying to pull in Congress. In their very first vote, they immediately tried to gut the ethics committee power. But at least for the day, the people spoke, well at least enough of them called up their congressmen, jammed the phone lines and the power players in Washington, realized that maybe we should wait till no one would notices this to do it. Of course Donald Trump took  credit for it, because he tweeted the timing wasn't a good thing. In other words lets wait a while, before we go too far… as Janet Jackson would sing. Once that failed to happen, they tried something as, maybe even worse, pushing through a way to give the Congress power to fire or penalize federal employee salary's down to $1 an hour… talk about McCarthyism. Why is this important, a few weeks back the Trump transition team wanted the names of people in our government who were working on climate change. So once this is enacted they can now punish people who go against their desires.

I understand that the Republicans hate our President. I get it, you would have to be an inbred not to. So for the next 4 years their ambitions is to return our nation to where it was, before Obama was sworn in. I am talking our being on the cusp of financial ruin, at war and seemingly near our nations end. But sometimes it stuns me. Well today, Florida Governor Rick Scott was on air, to discuss the tragedy of the latest killings in our nations caused by gun owners. He announced that he had been in touch with President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence about the tragic incident at the airport. That they promised to help in any way possible. As I heard this, a funny thing occurred to me. Hm, why hadn't he spoke to President Barack Obama or Vice President Joe Biden? Wouldn't that be the proper channels, you know, the people in charge, not the one's coming in in a few weeks? Well, maybe if he eventually gets around to calling up our President, Barack doesn't answer the phone. And in another slight to our President, today it was reported that the Trumpeters have ordered all ambassadors in the world that was appointed by President Barack Obama to resign without replacements announced. In other words, who needs them. Remember the Benghazi embassy that they blamed on Hillary, it was the Republicans who cut the funding. Seems get ready to blame the next Democrat when they come in, cause be then somebodies gonna be paying for this political move.

Let me add one other thing, to all those people who laughed at Donald Trump when he announced he was running for President, who scoffed at his announcement, and who all turned out to be wrong. He would never really run. Trump was just doing it for fun. There's no way he could ever win. I must admit I was one of those, I'm still in disbelief. Of course all those same experts, also laughed out loud when Donald announced he was gonna build a great wall. Of course, there was a one-two punch, with the construction of the wall, the paying for it was necessary. No ands, ifs or maybes, Mexico was be paying for it. Millions of unemployed low waged workers heard the words they were dreaming of, and the hook was baited. The wall would be built and Mexico would pay and then America would be great again! Well, if this latest wrinkle, if it comes to fruition is true, the republicans have proven once again, that no one can take a negative and turn it into a positive better then then can. And sadly in the case of the Democrats, no one can take a winning hand and lose as badly as they seemingly always do. The Democrats had Majorities in the House, the Senate and the President Barack Obama was coming into office. The Democrats cleaned up the environment, gave millions health care, got us out of the worst financial situation in 70 years, and even had the best and most experienced candidate possibly ever and somehow the Republicans turned that into where we are today. All along their followers believed their lies, and sadly, never wanted to listen to the other side or at least the experts who had the facts. What the Republicans are planning to do with Trump's assistance is nothing new. Its just that the wants by the fringe are just about to become the needs and have to be's by the new majority in power in Washington. So when Paul Ryan comes out and announces that he's gonna add Planned Parenthood defunding into the Obamacare kill bill, why is anyone shocked. When they say, they want to change social security or welfare or food stamps or any other assorted items to save them, we all know they plan to shut down those programs. In the case of Planned Parenthood, the fact that keep throwing out the debunked proof as evidence, that the whole organization now needs to shut down because of that same evidence, just makes me want to scream. But sadly the sheep wouldn't or couldn't believe the truth that was staring them in their faces.  When Donald said, "Believe me" they did no matter how far fetched or ridiculous it was. Just wonder what if anything will wake them up, and if or when they do, will it be too late to right this ship before it all goes up in flames?

Am I the only one that stops every once in a while and ponders what would be happening if Hillary Clinton had won. Who she would be naming? How she would be handling the transition. I actually imagine the Republicans on the side, screaming to high heaven how she stole the election because of her server. How, her Foundation was crooked. Boy how I miss not having those congressional hearings in our future. How I miss the threats of Impeachment on her for something that was first reported on Breitbart. It is amazing to ponder everything that they would have attacked her for, but with their savior, nothing is being talked about. The Trumpeters, are pushing penalties and prison to those who don't get on their knees and blow the man. They refuse to even contemplate that Russia hacked and effected the election. It shouldn't matter who won or lost in the election, it should matter that they tried. The fact that for them, any discussion of Russian involvement is just an attack on his legitimacy, is a sad, pathetic excuse not to deal with reality. As all this is happening, still no talk about his taxes and still no apparent  selling off of his businesses and properties. Is it a bad thing to hope Donald hits the button on day one, and end our miseries, sooner rather then later? Sadly right now, that's the only way we get out of this with the least amount of suffering. I wish I was kidding.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, January 6, 2017

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