Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"It's sad to see Speaker Gingrich lashing out in a desperate attempt to try and save his floundering campaign," said Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul. "Speaker Gingrich will say anything to distract voters from the fact that he suffered an unprecedented ethics reprimand, was forced to pay a $300,000 penalty, and resigned in disgrace at the hands of his own party. His record is one of failed and unreliable leadership and simply one Americans can't risk."
Me thinks Ms. Saul you missed the point here. And frankly you aren't answering or responding to Newt's accusation. Gearing up for today's big primary in Florida, the Newt Gingrich latest  campaign gambit, is a robocall out in Florida. Here's the copy:
'As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney vetoed a bill paying for kosher food for our seniors in nursing homes. Holocaust survivors, who for the first time, were forced to eat non-kosher, because Romney thought $5 was too much to pay for our grandparents to eat kosher. Where is Mitt Romney's compassion for our seniors? Tuesday you can end Mitt Romney's hypocrisy on religious freedom, with a vote for Newt Gingrich. Paid for by Newt 2012.'
A few days back I read about Mitt's veto on HuffingtonPost, but decided to write on something else instead.Made a mental note on this.... But wasn't thinking it was such a winning item that a candidate would use it in an ad, well Newt not only used it. He made it a zinger! Now because of Newt, in some small way anyone whose read about or seen or heard the ad will from now on have a sense that Mitt Romney has it in for the Jews. Which of course means he hates Israel. So in turn if you are Jewish you 'might' not ever vote for this anti-Semite. I mean he obviously hates Jews right, he forced those old ladies to eat 'non-kosher' end of discussion.
I understand this isn't Romney himself speaking. But in either case he should come out and nip this accusation in the bud. Did you or did you not veto the 2003 bill? If you did the answer is... Romney: Yes I vetoed the bill. Then you can tell us your reasoning behind it. If you can't remember make up an excuse. But don't respond to this accusation by changing the subject.Is this how you plan on running Washington, by changing the subject. Accusing others of lying. See Mitt, if you had just answered the question none of this 'crazy' thoughts would have entered my brain. 
Mitt one suggestion.... Watch how President Obama responds to attacks... you might learn a thing or two. 

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