Monday, January 30, 2012

"I don't think he's intending on passing any laws this year, --" 
After President Barack Obama's [re-election campaign speech], whoops, his State of The Union speech in front of the Congress [and the nation... world], the talking heads came out and expressed their views. The fun part now is to see how much if anything that he proposed will get passed or even voted on during this years election campaigning. 
I for one think our President will have a few rabbits up his sleeve. That by the end of the, there will be one or two big moves by Obama that will will infuriate the republicans. That will make them turn blue in the face and scream that he did an something illegal or unAmerican to get it accomplished. That the end of our nation as we know it will happen in fact because Obama got his way.
While the other side of the aisle already announce "He's got to know that none of those things he proposed really have much of a chance of going through both houses of Congress," said Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee.
"I don't think he's intending on passing any laws this year," said  Paul Ryan [R-Wis.] "He's in a campaign. That was his re-election speech." Paul every speech a politician makes is a re-election speech. You know it and I know it. So stop the whining.
Probably New York's Sen. Charles Schumer, said it best, while he was pushing  on "some kind of Romney rule, I mean Buffett rule."  
One of President Obama's proposal which sound good to me, offering tax incentives for companies that brings jobs into the United States. Something you would think that the Republican would favor. Instead we her BS like this. Calling it unjust and impractical to raise taxes on companies that set up operations overseas.
"They locate their facilities to be close to the customer," said Dorothy Coleman, vice president for tax policy for the National Association of Manufacturers. "That's a big concern for us, targeting multinational companies as if there is something wrong with doing business overseas."
Of course then they sell it the overseas manufactured items here in the grand old US of A.

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