Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Well, surprise, surprise, surprise. Mitt Romney [the only sane candidate in the wacky bunch of republicans running for Obama's seat] actually won. He finally won something. Real people in Iowa actually voted for him. So, it's t
he lowest percentage of victory in Iowa history. He won right. So, he only won by 8% [in a state that he's been running for the last six years], he won. And as usual he got  24.6% of the vote in yesterdays Iowa Caucus [approximately the same amount he's been polling since he entered the race]. 
 Just slipping by Rick Santorum [who gambled on Iowa big time. Santorum sucker punched his adversaries in Iowa, by going old fashioned politics, basically going door to door and asking for votes. You have to give him props for sneaking in and showing the rest of his brethren how to run a campaign. Congrats, Rick]. isn't such a big deal. But congrats on your victory. Now we can to talk about reality. 
But, now that you've earned yourself the spotlight, Rick, welcome to the fire. Cause, sometime within the next few days your past in gonna bite you big time. Once the public begins to hear all the radical statements you've said over the years. Your flame will sputter out.
So Iowa, you did yourself proud. You showed the crazy's. You showed the news media.  Now lets just hope that in return for your delivery of Rick Santorum to the general public. The general public will be fully informed about who and what Rick Santorum stands for. 
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