Thursday, February 02, 2012

Newt you lost, Rick you lost, Ron you lost, even Mitt the winner in the primary, you lost. Cause ain't one of you is gonna see victory on the big day. The day Obama wins his second, well deserved term. And Newt, even if you get all the conservative vote. Whoopie. What's that 30 - 40% of the voters out there.
Give it up. I mean even if you knock off the phony, flip-flopper 'moderate' there's no way you can win the general election. You don't have the votes. So why not save yourself a lot of heartache and us a whole lot of headaches and give up now. Save us from countless hours of lies. Angry hate speech. Earth shattering ideas, small government big military bedroom bothering legal hocus pocus. That will do nothing more then upset the many and help the few.
I mean it wouldn't be so bad if you guys didn't just disrespect his race. I know that sounds ass backward. But the disrespect they show him, even to his face [Jan Brewer] is beyond belief. But he is the President for God sakes. Never in my life have I seen such disrespect for the man in the hot seat. It's so apparent that they hate this man. Not sure if its because he's a person of color... Okay black. If its because his mother was white and she god forbid married a black man. Maybe it's because he's uppity, and actually defeated his master. Are they so blind to their delusions, that anyone whose living in the real world is unAmerican. All I know is President Obama would have to solve world hunger, the cure for cancer, and full employment; and they would still say he wasn't up to the job. Heck they scream it from the highest mountain tops. "Obama is the worst president ever." Even after our last fun-tastic President, Bush Jr.
You mean to tell me that Obama is worse then Bush 2, the man who went into battle with false evidence. Obama's worse? When Bush was in office, we were losing 400,000 jobs a month. Since Obama's been President we've had 23 straight months of job growth. Since Obama's been President a once dying auto industry is now leading the world in car sales. And Mitt
wanted the cars to go away.   and the jobs. Well he does know how to downsize jobs... doesn't he. Do us a favor, why don't you all just go away. I fully realize "that you don't care about the poor.The problem being to you most people are the poor. 
Newt you lost Rick you lost. Ron you lost.  Even Mitt you lost. There were no winners in Florida. But there was one big winner, but sadly for the republicans the winner was in Washington DC. and his name is President Obama.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, February 2, 2012

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