Saturday, January 14, 2012

Here's an entry that hits home, more then most of my entries. Usually I bitch, complain, whine about big issues. Things that effect me more mentally then physically. Racism, bigotry, War, politics. They effect me, but they don't touch my everyday life. Okay, they effect my everyday life, but not usually smack in front of my eyes. Phew. Anyway, here goes.
I actually got some action on a complaint I sent in. Unbelievable, for once I opened my mouth and my internet savvy, and won one for the small guy. 
You see a few months back I had to face the same old problem that people in my neighborhood have had to endure for years. And every time I've complained, called and bitched about it in the past, nothing was ever done. I mean could I 'again' be the only one bothered by the situation. Does no one besides myself have a problem with breathing carbon-monoxide fumes for hours while waiting for a bus. Standing there while gypsy cabs illegally park in the bus stops, in the intersection, or double-parked idling their engines. 
You see at the B36 bus stop, right outside the Sheepshead Bay train station. [Which is located at the intersection of E16 St., and Sheepshead Bay Rd. in Brooklyn of course], this is what I have to deal with each and every time I wait for the local bus.There have been days that the bus stop looks more like you're standing in a fog.
So this time I had had enough. This time I wrote my complaint letter & sent it to the police, office of transportations, traffic, the mayors office, and lastly several newspapers and television reporters. I questioned why nothing had ever been done about this. Who was closing their eyes to the problems. 
Well the other day I received a call from the police, it seems that they actually heard me. It seems they've started canvasing the area, and discovering that, whoops look there's a problem. In fact yesterday they gave out 'a' ticketThey also claim that they will now be doing this on a regular basis. Yes! Bam! In your face! Whose your daddy now ... Paybacks a bitch! isn't it. Doesn't it pay to follow the rules.Score one for the little guy.
Yes, I am the man. You bother the Feigeles, and you have to pay.
Ha ha ha ha --- 
Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, January 14, 2012

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