Wednesday, January 11, 2012

During one of Rush Limbaugh's afternoon radio broadcasts [to hear the audio and/or to read more about this, check the links below], Rush raised the subject of slavery and Jim Crow when he discussed the Obamas' behavior in office. 
Using "The Obamas," a controversial new book, by New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor, Limbaugh said that the couple viewed their tenure as an opportunity to "live high on the hog," and that the idea that they were "owed this because of what's been done to us and our ancestors" was "part of" their thinking.
Simply put Rush, what is your problem? Why does every time you open your mouth crap has to keep coming out of it. Who or what dropped you on the head as a child to make you turn out the way you did. To have the audacity to even go there. To have to keep bringing up slavery when discussing President Obama.To suggest that our President and first lady are 'Living high on the hog' because of what happened to their ancestors. What a load of trash. Instead of discussing how great it is, that despite racism, President Obama was elected. Now thats something to celebrate.
I think if they were doing what you say they were doing, don't you think it would be more obvious. More in your face, you fat, pompous bigot. How sad that your entire conversation deals with attacks on the left based on racist theories. How sad that people actually listen to this junk and how scary that some actually believe any of your theories. But what a great country that someone of your ilk could make millions from others to spread your foul agenda.
Keep up the good work Rush, perhaps one day soon you will say something worse and get yourself kicked off the air. 
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