Monday, January 23, 2012

AND THEN THERE WERE FOUR Finally the republicans learn how to Debate Well they may not have any solutions but finally they at least know how to be entertaining Of course watching this debate, at times it felt like their we’re only two people involved. The two big stories that came out of last night’s CNN debate is that Romney’s air of invincibility has begun to crack and we actually finally had to really debate. 
Saturday’s victor “is likely to be the next president of the United States, DeMint, predicted on CBS This Morning.  Oh, really, hey DeMint as Mitt would say “I’ll bet you $10,000 ... " you’re wrong. What, aren’t you a betting man, I mean, why haven’t you endorsed somebody yet. Scared or something? Oh yes, that’s right. Your prediction isn’t exactly a sure thing... is it. “Newt’s not perfect, but who among us is,” Perry said in backing Gingrich. “The fact is, there is forgiveness for those who seek God and I believe in the power of redemption, for it is a central tenet of my own Christian faith.”
“... but who among us is,” But who among us is.? Well we know one who certainly isn’t, right Perry. The only perfect thing you did in this race was leave it. And you couldn’t even do that right... endorsing Gingrich, another ‘whoops’ moment there if you asked me. And I know as a former presidential candidate, you are interested in a citizen’s opinion. Right Perry?
“Let’s get onto the real issues, that’s all I’ve got to say,” for once Romney, sounded like a man with a brain. Shushing some Gingrich’s cheerleaders, and getting a few of his own. But as soon as he seemed to have the crowd with him, Romney did what he always does at these points. He throws in a little dig, a little ‘I’m superior then you” vibe comes out. He lost his glow when he pointed out that he and his wife, Ann, have been married for 42 years. Romney aren’t you simply perfection personified. Oh, and how many jobs did you eventually create today...
Talk about being sneaky, underhanded and just plain not nice, Gingrich thought he had this debate sewn up before he entered it. He had his magic trick, his ace up his sleeve. The big hot button issue of the week was Romney’s taxes. Why is he being so secretive about his earnings. Finally it seems little Lord Fauntleroy is getting quizzed upon about ‘how’ rich he really is. And as was well announced proudly by the debaters last night. Romney “what are you hiding?”
If there’s anything that’s in there that’s going to help us lose the election, we should know before the election. If there’s not, why not release it?” Gingrich said.The stupid thing in all this is that every election this issue comes up. And Romney this isn’t your first dance at this rodeo. Stop playing games. Today he announced that he will be releasing his 2010 and an estimated 2012. Guess we don’t need the previous years to showcase how much he made when he ran Bain Capital into the ground. Romney’s excuse and reasoning on the subject when asked about the issue Friday on Fox, said he didn’t want to give Obama and the Democrats a “nice little present of having multiple releases.” sounded logical but as Newt said it best we need to know if something’s up, sooner not later. Heck release everything before this year’s now. 
“We started a number of businesses; four in particular created 120,000 jobs, as of today. We started them years ago ... Those that have been documented to have lost jobs, lost about 10,000 jobs. So (120,000 less 10,000) means that we created something over 100,000 jobs.” ROMNEY:  What about the thousands if not hundreds of thousand jobs lost cause of you shutting job companies.
When news broke Thursday morning that Texas Gov. Rick Perry was dropping out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination, longtime Texas progressive pundit Jim Hightower was positively giddy.“He embarrassed us enough,” said Hightower, who preceded Perry as Texas agriculture commissioner. “When he got started, I warned people not to underestimate Perry -- he’s a lot stupider than he looks.” Well Jim, I couldn't have said it better myself.
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