Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why do I think it matters to speak one's mind, especially today with all the B.S. that fills the airwaves 

Do I have an open mind? Does my political beliefs sway my opinions? Has my viewing habits since childhood altered my perceptions? Are my political views been pushed to the left, because I get most of some of the news about things by watching MSNBC and by reading The Huffington Post on-line. As well as a dozen different websites, newspapers, listening the radio, and watching the local newscasts.
I mean world issues, political uprisings, wars, and economics can be simply be too much to think about when you have your own life to deal with. Has news reporting changed from reporting the news to simply ‘commentating’ on the news. Has the emergence of the Internet and its’ bloggers changed the way our world and it’s people see each other. Are we getting the truth or are some of or all of its content simply fabricated untruths tossed around by scared, uneducated people with vendetta’s. Dreamers who hope the world someday will be the Utopia we read about in childhood. Is the information we are getting simply today’s version of the old ‘telephone’ game. Is my displeasure of the Tea Party and at it’s parent (the republican party) more about its talking heads or it’s politics? Should I discuss, report, complain, bitch, or make sarcastic comments about some of today’s biggest problems? What gives me the right or the nerve to discuss my views on the internet? Is what I have to say important enough to have others read it. And of course, should I put out (there) more commentaries to confuse the issues even more. Can I expand the conversation? Solve some issues along the way. Would I be helping or making things worse? Does the world even need another blog spouting off personal viewpoints? Aren’t there millions of blogs already? Why waste what little time I have on subjects that I have no chance of changing? How does what I say have any power to alter the minds of others that I do not agree with?
These are some of the questions I’ve been asking myself since the notion of starting a blog began bubbling to the surface. And now that I’ve actually got up the nerve to do this on a regular basis, these questions are even more important to continue asking. I prayer I’m not the only one who questions himself and questions each entry into this blog to make sure I’m not going too far. These are the questions I should be asking myself before I subject anyone else to my opinions. Especially if I want to do anything besides venting.
Can I do some good here or simply just try to entertain the people who accidentally discover this blog? Can this blog actually do both? Can one blog even make a difference? And what's the deal with my entries on movies or comic books? Do they even belong here? 
Lots of questions, indeed to ponder. And for good reason, these subjects are important to me. And they should be important to everyone. The topics I write about are things that I truly care about. Injustice, people’s rights, racism, bigotry, sexism, gay bashing, basic human rights, etc. There are too many experts who know that what they are saying is the truth. They have no doubts in their minds. You could tell them the Earth is round, and some might argue against that. Even in the face of the obvious.
I think my entries into this blog so far have showcased my feelings on a lot of issues I’ve mentioned above. Only others can a test if I’m a man just spouting off lies and misinformation. Or if my commentaries actually add not subtract to the conversation. So I’ll let them do my talking for me. But I’ll address the comic book or entertainment entries. We all need a little me time. Time to escape all the crap we have to deal with on an everyday basis. Time to forget all the stress of finding a job, paying the bills, and the sudden events that changes your outlook on life in a moment. Times you just want to stand under a train and scream your lungs out. The many things that have been created to make life a little less difficult. To help you forget. You’ve seen one too many debates. Stamps are going up, yet again.
Films, television, music and yes even the world of the comic books are my means of escape. My way to re-energize my minds and help to make everything a whole lot less stressful. And besides one can learn a lot from pop culture.
In today’s world every things going at a rapid pace. Sometimes one simply needs a break.  

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2011

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