Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh yeah!  Well I’m a better husband! 

So now it’s come to this. The two biggest flip-floppers Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in the campaign  (or is that in America), sending out verbal smacks at one another. Sounding more like school boys running for Class President, then two grown-ups running for the most powerful job in the world. 
Surely neither man honestly thinks he’s in the same league as the President. That either could best Obama in the general election. Let alone a measly debate. Honestly does anyone out there truly believe that either one of these Bozo’s really has a chance to be President. 
I will admit that they’ve both shown moments where you can see a real candidate, but (unfortunately for them) it is usually followed by statements and commentary that either unnerves most of us or worse. Like their stands on Abortion, the separation of church and state. Our economy, our ecology, and most every other issue. And don’t get me started on racism. 
And as usual both of their agenda’s put the brunt of the problems onto the backs of the middle class and poor. Seemingly they change (at least on the surface) their opinions on things overnight. But when questioned on their decisions lie thru your teeth. You’re mistaken, I’ve never changed my opinion, ever. We are all just misinformed. Don’t believe the video or audiotape. 

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