Sunday, December 18, 2011

Final debate show’s whose for war just because we can
OK here we go, on December 15th, at the Sioux City Convention Center in Iowa, during the final 'Not Ready for Prime-Time' Republican presidential debate before the Jan. 3rd (first-in-the-nation) Iowa party caucuses, had one significant moment. Michelle Bachmann and Ron Pauls heated exchange over Iran's nuclear weapon capability. Simply she’s for a Preemptive strike in Iran and he’s for gutting our government’s ability’s to protect our CountryBasically this exchange showcases a major reason why neither of them should be President. And why any of the others who agree with either candidate’s position should be taken to task as well.
Even to question if another Preemptive strike should happen anywhere, for me is the ultimate insult to all the brave men and women who have just served over a decade (in the previous attempt at using this stupid, un-American war tactic). Haven’t we learned already what a huge mistake this tactic is. Wasn’t the so-called evidence presented in Bush's war, prfved to be utter crap.
So like Bush’s big mistake (the worst decision possibly in the history of our great nation by any previous President), we should start another war. Just because some experts with knowledge of the area, think their insights prove that we are in danger. I wonder if any of these so-called experts are the same idiots that President Bush Jr. used to start his war?
In their zest to release President Obama of his position, these ingrates are willing to start another war with just thoughts and opinions guiding them. But luckily for us, President Obama is in charge, and remember he was one of a handful to not vote for the war last time. Me thinks he will veto any bill trying to start another war prematurely.  
Isn’t War the last thing that should be discussed, not the first?
Not, if Michelle has her way, it's better to make a mistake, and be safe. Then afterwards you can admit that your proof was wrong. Whoops. Of course like our last President, who continues to lie thru his teeth and claims that in his heart he made the right decision
Michelle Bachmann, you are a former tax accountant. What gives you the audacity to talk about starting another war. More bloodshed. More lives lost. More money we can’t afford to spend. Why don’t you instead focus on fixing the tax system. Perhaps your experience there might actually do some good. Instead of leading us into another decade of war and death and financial ruin. Perhaps you could lead us into a decade of prosperity and financial growth. 
Well Michelle, now that’s an agenda that I think you could sell. Its called a positive message, for once what Newt says makes. 
Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, December 18, 2011

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