Monday, December 19, 2011

Whoops, he did it again 
Yesterday House Speaker John Boehner, did what he's done on a too regular basis, he changed his decision on another major vote. His latest change of heart was his announcement that he will not approve a two month extension on the middle class payroll tax cut. 
In a deal he had backed just a day earlier. On Sunday's Meet The Press Boehner's excuse this time, "How can you do a tax policy for two months?" and "I believe that two months is just kicking the can down the road."
After the Democrats verbally smacked the Republicans about leaving town for their long 'holiday' break, announcing that they would not leave till a deal was completed 
So as usual John Boehner did what he always does he backed the compromise. Then with his approval the Republican and Democratic leaders in the Senate negotiated a compromise extension which passed overwhelmingly by a 89-10. With the positive vote, they then left Washington for their 'Holiday' break. But once gone, Boehner comes out and says "No" to the deal. Surprise.
Aren't you the genius John Boehner. You figured out a way to make Congress not to pass anther bill.  So unless the Senate returns to Washington, the tax cuts will expire, so that millions of Americans will get a tax increase. Simply astonishing. So the party that refuses any new taxes, because of John Boehner, will be the party that allowed tax increase to go into effect. Very nice John. You did it again. Aren't you a winner. Of course you're the only one. Millions of American's get their taxes raised. 
From now on, if President Obama and the Democrats allow this game that Boehner has been playing to continue, then they deserve all the bad press that they get.
John Boehner has done this game on too many occasions. Each time it seems it's an earth shaking bill that will change the country's future for the better, and each time he comes out as Mister Agreeable. But at the last minute changes his mind. Forcing the hands of the Democrats and our President into a corner. And for some reason millions blame them for the problems. 
Well Mr. Cry Baby Red Face, the jigs up. Your games been revealed. You need to be smacked. Allowing your agenda to again hurt millions is not a nice thing. Perhaps that's why you are always tearing up. Perhaps the tears is your sub-conscience screaming out loud telling you, you is a bad person. You should be drummed out of Washington. John Boehner, I hope the voters are watching and vote you out.
So Senators, it's time for you to come back and fix this problem fast. 
And thanks John, cause of you in less then a year, the Democrats are gonna be in charge. And then, perhaps getting things done in Washington will be the standard and not the exception.
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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, December 19, 2011

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