Thursday, December 29, 2011

 #10   “That’s correct.” what I meant to say is --
Just a day after announcing his plans to end abortion forever under any circumstances [once elected], Governor Rick Perry, of Texas changed his stance. It seems a little clarity had whacked him upside his head 
“[only] if the pregnancy threatened the mother’s life.”
How thoughtful. How considerate. Phew, now it’s safe for women to vote for him. I get it, throw out the worse case scenario and get everybody riled up. Then the very next day throw us a bone. Then all is fine. All is forgiven. You never meant to say, what you said. You is the man. You get my vote. Now all the women on the verge of death are still safe. A woman’s life has some value. Now I guess we’re okay with the rest of your Abortion agenda. We misunderstood. Aren’t you a kind a generous governor. Aren’t you the genius. Aren’t you special. 
Sorry but it wasn’t acceptable yesterday and it’s not acceptable today. I’m not even sure it’s even your policy. Possibly one of your handlers woke up, screamed “whoops” when he heard your latest verbal mistake. It’s simply amazing that in this age and time, we still have to listen to pompus middle-aged men who think they should have the right to control women. That women are still second class citizens. That women should just be happy to have the vote. That men allow them to work. 
I think I’ve always struggled with that issue,” Perry told reporters after meeting with voters in a sports bar in Iowa.After I went to see the movie a `Gift of Life’ and had a conversation with Rebecca Kissling, and I really thought about this through the Christmas holidays and that’s the conclusion I came to.” When asked if a mother’s life was the only instance when he would allow abortion, he was concise as he boarded his bus: That’s correct.
"That's correct." I guess he answered the question. Wonder what tomorrow's answer will be.
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