Friday, December 16, 2011

Here’s $20 million reasons why you made 
a really really bad decision 

So you thought you had the right idea, huh? With that decision of yours, didn’t you Supreme Court. To let money help destroy any belief that our system of Government is still on the up-and-up. In a time when our hopes and dreams about our countries’ greatness are seemingly diminishing daily. When what it means to be an American is debated incessantly. You had to throw a huge monkey into the voter’s equation. And I’m sorry, you were wrong.
2010’s landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court on Citizens United has definitely changed the landscape of politics and unfortunately not for the better. This decision, possibly worse then your landmark decision in 2000, of course I am referring to Bush V. Gore. Which changed our country’s future [and possibly helped lead us into a war we never should have be in, in the first place] helped get us where we are today. Thanks to Citizens United and a subsequent court decision, Super PACs can raise unlimited sums, and spend it all advocating directly for or against any candidate, as long as there’s no coordination between the Super PAC and the candidate’s campaign.  
Yesterday’s latest ripple effect in the court’s decision, that Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson might hand over $20 million to a “Super PAC” backing Newt Gingrich.  Possibly drove a cold knife into my heart. Just imagining the possible ramifications in their decision was getting me nervous. Even if the story, rumor, or  turns out to be totally erroneous, it perfectly showcases the problems with the decision. And if true could possibly alter the future of our country forever. This of course could be moot since Newt’s defeat of Obama is surely as farfetched as a man walking on the moon. Oh, that’s right, that already happened.
Even the possibilities [which in today’s world means almost anything] makes your decision, in light of the Gingrich Scenario too scary for words.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, December 16, 2011

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