Wednesday, December 21, 2011

 #1    “You know something? (Newt) You’re 
a f-cking a--hole.” 
Tom Sorensen of Iowa City, asked Gingrich. 

You’re a f-cking a--hole.” Classic line buddy, I couldn’t say it better myself. Gingrich’s comment back “Luckily it’s a free country,” while said in jest, had a sinister undercurrent to it. Now that’s more of the Newt that I remember, the Scrooge of Washington.
At the bottom of the terrific piece, on [where I first discovered this verbal bitch slap] was the second bull’s-eye of the day. During a separate incident in Oskaloosa, a Scott Arnold [a gay Iowan], pressed Gingrich on his stance on gay rights. What if [marriage equality] is the biggest issue?” Arnold asked Gingrich. Then I won’t get their support. ... if that’s most important to you then you should be for Obama.” Gingrich responded. Arnold answered: “I am, thank you.”
Dang, that’s telling him. As Rachel Maddow would say, Today’s Best Thing of the Day is: Two Iowan’s, who bitch-slapped the former House Speaker right to his face.
Thanks to both of you, I’ve just come up with a new idea: T-shirts with quotes on itI can see it now: You know something? (Newt) You’re a f-cking a--hole.” stencilled on the front [of course giving credit to the people who come up with these zingers]. Simply perfect copy for that first T-shirt. Talk about genius. Ha Ha, the Neilmeister does it again.

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