Thursday, December 15, 2011

So why aren’t I doing the same 

Yesterday I had two entry's I discussed, one of which was the latest crazy moment of this Presidential campaign. This of course is the ‘supposed’ discovery that Mitt Romney has been using a KKK expression as a campaign slogan “Keep America American” I like many others [I presume] were concerned when the story started coming out. Oh no now what? So Mitt Romney's a closet KKK?
But now that MSNBC has come out to smack themselves for going with this, without ‘fully’ investigating the story. Did they ‘Rush to Judgement’ with Mitt on this? Or was it right for them to report yet another racist addition to the soup called Republican politics in the year 2011. 
After reading about MSNBC’s apology I had to sit back and decide did I jump the gun. Now that I have become a ‘blogger’ and have put my thoughts, beliefs and opinions out there. Should I research what I send out? Was I doing what others have been doing? Had I become the bad guy here?
Hmm, I fully understand why they might feel the need to backtrack, after all FOX News tends to put out stories daily that they should, or have to re-track for doing what MSNBC thinks it might have done. But a story went out [personally, when I first read about it on my AP app, I researched. Checked to see what links Google had and discovered a ton of them about the connection. I then researched the KKK itself], and guess what, the expression is way big with them. Its basically their mantra. So the fact that Mitt Romney has or his handlers have decided to use a similar or in fact the same slogan is news. You mean to tell me they don’t have fact checkers? He is running for political office. A coincidence, perhaps, but sadly it just feels correct. 
Without being a therapist, or not having the knowledge to understand people’s insides I can't say what other person’s beliefs are, causes us to subliminally sense something about them. But perhaps the reason it seems a vast majority of the people surveyed have in fact not given Mitt Romney a chance, that he comes off cold or forever reasons why we haven’t warned up to him. This might give off a semblance of truth
Of course, all of this could be nothing. But what if it is? Surely it’s a theory that should be looked into. Maybe it is something that needs to be reported. We’ve all learned the hard way that you can’t always trust politicians. That sometimes what they say and do doesn't exactly mesh. And in this crazy year, with the abundance of every racist derogatory message imaginable. Anything that even remotely sounds racist ‘is’ a news story. If the ‘Birthers’ are allowed to cover the airwaves with their bull. Then a possible connection with the KKK is at least warranted a mention. After ‘Niggertown’ and images of our President and First Lady imagined as apes, my tolerance level is very low things days.

Just one man’s opinion
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