Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Guess it was all of about race, from the very beginning after all 
So, Mike Huckabee has solved the Republican electorate problem… just remove the voters who won't vote for you. Guess that's one way of winning... No blacks allowed. 
Seems, someone's actually figured out a way to win the next election, just remove all the black voters. If you can't beat them simply remove them. And then I guess, its smooth sailing for the biggest bible thumper out there. Seems Mike doesn't realize that that's just one of the many reasons his party is losing the debate in modern politics. At least in the case of the Presidency.
The scary part of all this, Mister Holier-than-thou, doesn't believe that black people are American citizens. Huh? You see, he doesn't believe The 13th & The 14th Amendments are in fact laws! Which simply means to him, blacks 'aren't' citizens, and ergo, can not vote. In other words, to him, black people are basically slaves in his eyes and should be shining his shoes. I wonder if he's even be okay with them being allowed to sit in the front of the bus!
Simply put, the man's a racist… why doesn't someone call hm out on this… maybe some have, but now he's running for the Presidency. So I think this warrants at least some conversation about his views in the national media. 60 Minutes, MSNBC, any takers? Maybe CNN will query him on this during the next debate… I hope so, cause I'm sorry, if he wants to seriously be our next President, this for me is the number one question he needs to respond to. 
So let's take this a step further, let's remove all the pretense, all the niceties, the last 8 years we have been swamped with a higher and higher level of racist garbage thrown at our President, and those around him. The 'other' label they've been trying to tar him with. Is he really American, after all, just say it, cause our he's black. Is that simply it? Nothing to do with his nationality, or his politics, it's all about his color. Cause now that we've learned whats in Huckabee's mind, in his view point, our President isn't a citizen, because in fact that he's black, Okay, maybe only half black, but remember that one-drop rule, so, sorry, Obama is considered black by him, he can't in thru the cracks… or probably in his mind set, the crack… cause I'm sure he looks at all black people as crack heads on food stamps living on Welfare, taking handouts from the Government, while refusing to work.  
Seems our President shouldn't have lied... about being born in Kenya, cause that isn't at issue here. If it was, Ted Cruz's heritage would be a national conversation… and it isn't. Is it! What's at issue here is that, in his view point and those of his ilk, is that a black person was elected by black people. If those people couldn't vote, then we wouldn't be in this pickle now would we. Ergo, no black voters, history would have brought us a President Romney… or worse, a Vice President Palin!
Question: Are any black people out there voting for Mike Huckabee or know anyone who is, of any color? Please don't and please tell anyone who is planning on doing so, to not! Seems to me those Confederate Flags are gonna be going right back up there and oh, about intermarriage, forget that one…if he gets elected. Not that he'd got a shot in Hell, but look at Trump and Carson now, anything is possible. The man's evil, he obviously doesn't understand our Constitution. This whole Kim Davis story is creeping me out with his religious notions on the separation of Church and State, seemingly in his viewpoint its the opposite, the Church is our nation and the State just does its bidding… didn't we form this great nation in fact to get away from that?  
Of course I could be taking his words out of context. He really believes all men were created equal… at least the White ones.
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tues., Sept 15, 2015

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