Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Perhaps never… well its their extinction   
When will the republicans learn, they've demonized Senator and now President Obama, he was elected twice... easily!
They demonized Obamacare, 19 million and counting!
They continue trying to make Hillary Clinton unfavorable, and they keep touting Bernie...  
And they never have one damned idea or solution, except of course, to shut down our Government...
Not one of their candidates seems to have an idea that hasn't failed in the past, and none have anything original to add that doesn't sound like it was a bad joke. Seriously!
It's actually sad, that the Republican Party doesn't have one, not one candidate that might be ready to be President, at least 'W' had something... Sadly 'it' was useless.. And any and all of these would be suitors make him almost seem acceptable, even his seemingly dumber brother. Really scary! I mean whose casting these candidates? Seriously…
Not once in any of the comments or educated guesses does anyone ever discuss their qualifications, or their expertise. All they ever give us is talking points and hatred!
They're against education, unions, women's rights, women's basic healthcare, healthcare, equal rights, gun control, infrastructure, jobs, peace, ecological reality, even simple basic math... Oh they love tax breaks for the 1%! And all the news media is worried about is Hillary's favorables and how the Republicans have succeeded in lowering hers… excuse me, Congress is at what 5%… Hmmm, can we say, Hillary in a landslide!
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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wed., August 5, 2015

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