Monday, December 07, 2015

Maybe its time, you checked yourself off the air!
Stop it…talk about UGLY! Having a ‘guest’ call our President a “PUSSY” really… and what gets me is, beside the obvious “what’s wrong with this picture?” aspect of the profanity being used… what the inbred is spouting is just hatred and worse, simply treasonous. 
Enough, we are in their own words… AT WAR! And to have an entire station or network of stations with the main goal to disavow whatever our President is doing is pretty much putting them in league with with terrorist.  
I understand we are discussing FOX FAUX NEWS, and I shouldn’t expect more from them, I know, I know. Really. But seriously, when did we as a nation not fall behind our Commander-in-Chief when the nation was threatened? As far as I can research, always… even when the fool George W attacked the wrong nation… remember!
People still won’t get their heads out of their asses on that boondoggle, and admit the truth, even if you show them a map, it doesn’t matter. If W said it, it must have been true. Everyone else is lying about it. Even with the facts and the evidence, Cheney and his terrorist gang have spoken their gospel, and if you don’t agree with them you are anti American, or worse. Look at what happened to The Dixie Chicks!
So instead of admitting that they were duped, they’d rather double down on the hatred and the lies, as we spiral into a possible real war that now seems unending… its like W pulled his finger from the Dam and now the flood gates are about to explode. President Obama has been trying to stem the tide… tying to solve this riddle, with seemingly no real answer. Even if in reality it seems his decisions in the long run will work, this strategy seemingly opposed by all the doubters in the room. These voices of dissent and hatred, supposed patriots who are trying to poison even the very possibility that his actions are the right ones to take. Even if we decided to bomb the place out of existence as some have been promoting or suggesting, the nut jobs will still be out there… how as he said, do we rid our world of this Cancer, seemingly with no cure. 
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