Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Guess its OK, when it comes to scoring a few measly political points! 
How hysterical, Ted Cruz of all people wants to change our Constitution...Really? Ted Cruz, now ‘I’ demand to see your birth certificate. And more importantly, both of your parents since there is real concern that neither of your parents were Americans or had become American citizens before you were born in Canada. 
Then guess what, you aren’t really an American...! In facts as reports have explained, if that’s the case you are currently illegally holding a Senate seat and must resign! I wonder if that’s a criminal offense lying about your Citizenship? One would think so, wouldn't one. And better yet, this means he can't be elected President. So sit down and shut up! This explains how you seem to want to destroy our way of life, lets shut down the Government… again, Dr. Seuss!
It seems the birther party is in a big pickle. They’re in Trump mode and seem to be following his whims, screw the very fabric of our nation. I guess its good for ratings, I just can’t figure out for the life of me, how this is any good for our Country.
Seems the party who swears to high heaven anytime anything is done to change the Constitution is suddenly all in for changing the 14th Amendment, and has no problems altering the most basic right as an American. You're born here… you are American. Its not complicated. 
Whatever happened to their fits about the 2nd Amendment, I guess guns are not to be touched, but people’s rights can be taken away from them. Huh? 
Ok, what if we change it, so that at least one of the parents need to be citizen, in order to be considered official. A major get, if you ask me, but if you get that, you can’t own guns as a private citizen anymore! None! Sorry. Makes sense, get one, we get one. I dare you to suggest it.
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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday., August 19, 2015

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