Friday, December 18, 2015

Seems, its not just for Republicans anymore
Hysterical, so a person working for the Bernie Sanders campaign did something bad, and his campaign is getting smacked for it. Yet 'they' are complaining that the DNC is playing political games… really? I love it when crooks blame their accusers.
Hm… The good thing in all this, the Sanders campaign immediately fired the fool when this was discovered or shall we say, when it was revealed to the press & the media… would they have if it hadn't come out, I'd like to believe it, but sadly, it seems hypocrisy is everywhere. Even in the land of Bernie. Even, in what I'd like to call the sane party. You know, the ones who live in reality and not some fantasy of how great things used to be when slavery still existed.
Well, the crook was just interviewed via phone on MSNBC,  he claims his crime was just "an experiment" to see if what he did would be noticed. He was checking the system… he was being the good guy. Well tell that to the judge at your trial.
Now the DNC has suspended the Sanders Campaign, to access of the voter data (this is something described on television as a big deal), till they, the Sanders Campaign can prove what information they have illegally taken or if they have nothing as they claim. Until they do, they are cut off the list. They were caught in the cookie jar, and now they have to prove what they did or didn't do… 
As in any conversation about the state of the Democratic Party, its all Debbie's fault… the Clinton insider…  
They are using this again, to smear Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who it seems is the poster child for those who feel the system is rigged. We must rid our party of her. As soon as she's gone all would be right with this world!
Sadly the fringe of the Democratic party who want Bernie Sanders to win, are seemingly turning into the horror show that they supposedly are against…accusations and conspiracies! I'd had hoped they were above that… guess not.
Amazingly, in all this, Hillary Clinton is completely innocent, but somehow, a person working for the Sanders Campaign, fired for doing the wrong, possibly illegal thing, his actions are being turned into another attack against her… its always Hillary's fault, even when others get caught with their hands in the cookie jar.  
I'm now awaiting the attacks by those in the Republican Party, almost afraid to flick on FOX FAUX NEWS, to see how they use this to smear Hillary and the Democrats as much as possible. Sadly what these conspiracy nuts don't get, is by creating this conspiracy out of the damage that one of Sanders' supporters has done, they've only hurt their own candidate. And by doing do, helped in their own small way to elect someone who none of want to be sitting in the Oval Office in 2016, one of the Republican clowns. Don't they know that this bull will be used to showcase that Sanders is a communist, he was cheating, just like Hillary always does. I just hope this is a blip on this years radar, and will be forgotten by New Years. I won't hold my breath on that. 
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