Friday, March 13, 2015


So if you somehow cause her not to enter the Presidential Sweepstakes, I'm sure they've got it covered.

Lately I've been very busy responding to the various posts on Facebook, I know, why bother, especially since I have a blog, to do my talking for me. Since the latest scandal or should I write 'Republican lets keeps our fingers crossed, we think we got her this time' scandal has enveloped the media as if the second coming has occurred. And basically the theory being thrown out is if Hillary is toast, then the Democrats have no one out there to run. Oh really… says who?  Well this is one of my responses I posted, with a slight rewrite. I'm sorry, we're a year away from the nominating process… and all we hear is Hillary is it for the Democrats, that if she's not in it, they have no one else…The Press, the Republicans, the talking heads are popping up everywhere, on every channel expressing their personal opinions as fact. My feeling is its mostly because, they want to rid the election of her. Trying to remove someone that probably will win in a landslide… the current crop of Republicans are either from the last go around or seemingly out of the same cloth of backward thinking zanies.Ergo, by getting rid of Hilllary, they should breeze to an easy victory, especially since Hillary is the only Democrat running…The joke being, look what the fools on the right have been doing. And by attacking her, their crap is being quietly set aside. And since its Hillary and she gets ratings, screw the news, lets talk gossip. I am not saying what she did, isn't news, I'm just saying, please have a little perspective. I guess we stopped looking for those good old WMDs…Sorry haters and people spreading false rumors, trying to help your cause. I'm sure we've got one or two or half a dozen Democrats that could show up and be better then anyone of the treasonous fools on the right… enough with the she's the only one… If she doesn't run, believe me, they're be others its just bull being thrown by the press and the Republicans to make Hillary either look bad or worse or simply to drive up ratings.The fact that one party is harping so much on the emails as if POW, they got her is an indication of how personal the responses are. They're actually accusing her of major crimes against our nation… mostly on the pretense that, we know Hillary…and her past scandals…and the way she's so secretive… (I wonder if its has something to do with the fact that she worked on the Watergate hearings against Richard  Nixon?) We know it has a lot to do with who her husband is.They've been trying to rid the world of President Obama since he started his first campaign for the White House, why not Hillary before she even enters the race…

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