Thursday, December 03, 2015

Finally, a MUSLIM terrorists on our shores. Are we happy now? Must be ISIL!
So after months and months, sadly years now, of senseless shootings on our shores, a white person, a Christian bible thumping individual was not the culprit in yet another mass shooting. So I guess we should disregard all the others and just harp on the latest as if they’ve done all of the damage over the course of the last few months and years. 
As the racism, hatred and nonsensical attacks against the Muslim religion, and its followers have only grown, a person with the name associated with Muslims, has been associated with an act of Domestic Terrorism. Which of course, immediately makes them ISIL! Forget any investigating to find out the facts, or the reasons. This ‘couple’ decided to act, and cause the death of so many innocent people. Must be ISIL. 
Especially since the Paris incident in November. As soon as the reports of a Syrian passport was discovered amongst the ruins of the terrorist attack, the floodgates of hatred in our country exploded. It must be ISIL. Even though. Almost immediately, the passport was described as a plant. Meaning it wasn’t a Syrian who had caused the destruction, ergo, we shouldn’t be condemning an entire group of people, especially when those people had nothing to do with the attacks. Sounds a little like George W. Bush is behind another major mistake.
But that of course didn’t stop the attacks, especially by those running for the Republican nomination. Most notably Donald Trump, and those who are using the heinous acts of a few nut jobs to alter the very fabric of our nation… how Patriotic can you not be.
Well now that its been revealed that the situation in San Bernardino, was caused by a couple who were Muslims. Or at least were the right color and had the right names, all niceties are over. The blame game is already happening. In fact, immediately, as the events were still unfolding, on FOX FAUX NEWS, a ‘fool’ was already blaming our President for it, without any of the facts. We are talking minutes... this being said, of course with out any real evidence.  
Well what gets me, now, just a day later, on ALL the news stations, they are spending their day basically throwing out opinions. Not reporting facts. Just throwing out theories about why the shooters did it? What were their motives? Were they terrorists or simply crazed individuals. Nothing really known yet, except what ifs. Kind of like every other event lately. Isn’t there any other news to report, while you find anything new to report?  
Today its been reported that Governor Christie is already attacking our President for not calling it a terrorist attack…It must be ISIL! Amazing a former Prosecutor should know better? Shouldn’t he? Haven’t we spent enough time and money persecuting Hillary Clinton for the  ‘talking-points’ on Benghazi? The New York Post has already proudly stated that a Muslim was the killer…MUSLIM KILLERS… really?!?! Finally I guess they’ve got a face that isn’t white to use… see, must mean all Muslims are terrorists…  right?
Wrong… enough of this rush to judgment! 
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thurs., Dec 3, 2015

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