Saturday, March 25, 2017


That said, perhaps we should actually thank the Trumpeters, because of what they’ve just tried to pull Americans may have finally awoken to the truth about healthcare and Republicans might try to fix what ever actually ails Obamacare. 

SO THE MAN WHO ACTUALLY DIDN’T WRITE ‘The Art of the Deal’ even though he keeps selling himself as the author of the book, proved once again he probably couldn’t have written the best-seller in the first place. Deal-maker my ass. No wonder he’s had to file bankruptcy’s so often and he’s got a list of creditors a mile long, if he run’s his companies anywhere as haphazardly as he’s running his Presidency, its amazing the man’s businesses didn’t go under years a go. If this debacle known as The American Healthcare Act proved anything, the man definitely can’t close the deal. In less than three weeks the wanna be ruler of the world revealed he was all bluff and his bite didn’t have any teeth in it. That power to persuade they keep telling us he has, well turns out that was a lie too. All that bravado we were witnessed during the campaign and since was again showcased for all to see as just another con game in his arsenal. Repeal and replace on day one, that’s what he promised. That’s what the deal maker said day in and day out for months on end. Amazingly it turns out what he and his friends tried pulling these past few weeks, since Paul Ryan came out of his hole to present his draconian legislation, might actually be the thing that saves the healthcare law for the foreseeable future. Seems their obnoxiousness, lies and cruelty and flat out evil plans to destroy the lives of millions helped the citizens of this nation wake up to the reality of what President Barack Obama gave all of us. That Donald Trump acknowledged something that none of his followers ever understood, health care is hard. What President Obama did was huge and instead of demonizing it we should applaud his accomplishment, cause obviously it wasn’t easy.  So now I’m pondering  will the Republicans finally try to start to fix the problems with The Affordable Care Act, which in a lot of instances they themselves caused by their non-ending attack fest. Or will they do as some of them are saying, continue to try to wreck it till it actually eventually “explodes” like King Joffrey keeps telling us it will. As if its a fact, when all it ever is is a talking point. Despite the numbers that argue a much different story then the the Republicans have incessantly thrown out. What if they actually get what they want and Obamacare dies on the vine? If instead of coming out and promising to fix the national nightmare at the last minute as true heroes do, and Donald Trump transforms into the President his followers swear on a stack of bibles he is, they instead gloat that they were right? See, we told you so for years, but none of you believed us. We could've fixed the problem but you guys wouldn’t let us, so now you're all gonna pay the price. Those extra funds that used to pay for insurance will now be paying for that damned wall instead of to save your lives. Ha ha ha ha ha. Aren’t we great. Weren’t you wrong. As they make us beg for the few crumbs they allow us to have. The very few crumbs. Let them eat crumbs! Its been a pretty crazy last few weeks as the American people’s voices showcased the anger that is building up in our nation. Seems the men who promised to repeal and replace our healthcare, wanted to replace Obamacare with pretty much a tax cut for the rich, while the rest of us simply drop dead. And for whatever reason, we the people finally are having none of it. Hillary Clinton and others warned us all during the campaign about the Russian invasion, but people laughed it off. They preferred to believe the lies of a charlatan, than a career politician whose seems to have done nothing wrong in her life but spend most of it trying to help others. Sadly, that service is not what the Republican party is about. Its about every man for himself and screw whomever we can as long as the rich wins in the end. What was so disgusting about listening to the Republican Congressmen as they tried bartering with themselves into the middle of the night to get Paul Ryan’s death care over the hump. Listening to how they kept stripping away elements of it to make it acceptable to those who wanted the ACA gutted completely. In the end this is what really killed Trump’s first and hopefully last attempt to remove our current healthcare system. There are simply members of the Republican Party who don’t want Healthcare at all. As long as people are dumb enough to vote in people against their better interests, than we're gonna have people in power who can cause in this case, great things. Who would have thought that I would ever thank the Freedom Caucus, or what was once the Tea Party. Thanks to them, because of their stubbornness, they caused Donald Trumps’ big deal to fall flat on its face. So thanks inbreds. Thanks to you, millions of Americans won’t be losing their healthcare. Better yet, thanks to you, our President looks weaker now than at any time during the Trump era. And thanks to you I haven’t felt this good about our nation since the first results of election night started revealing what was to come. So maybe this debate we’ve been having will allow people to now look at Obamacare in a different light. It seems to have by the looks of all the people at the Town hall meetings. Listening to citizens tell their own personal stories, revealing how President Obama’s signature legislation had been a godsend to them. Perhaps because of that and this defeat, the powers that be will stop demonizing the law and try to fix the problems now that they realize they’re stuck with it. At least for the present. So maybe I guess a thank you is in order to Paul Ryan too, if it wasn’t for him maybe The Affordable Healthcare Act would now be on deaths door as opposed to in better shape and more popular than its ever been. Is it possible that yesterdays events will in the end make the Republicans and the Democrats get together and figure out a real fix or a better health care law of the land than The Affordable Care Act? Who would have thought, seven years to the day that President Barack Obama signed The Affordable Care Act into law, the people who wanted to kill it off, have now caused it by their very actions to be looked at like the achievement that it really is? After all this ridicule, or this falsehood, or these lies, the liars themselves, their actions has made Obama look even greater then we’ve looked at him before. So again thanks Republicans, all your hard work trying to tear it down, was defeated by all your lack of work trying to come up with a replacement. Next time fella’s maybe actually come up with a plan before showcasing something that never should have left the drawing board in the first place. 

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, March 25, 2017

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