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As revelations of what Ryan's Death Care means, his glee over the millions in danger of death is blood-curdling, I think its time to drop kick this nightmare out of Washington too

ACCORDING TO SPICER, "wiretapping" doesn't mean "wiretapping"… ha ha ha ha. Sean are you on drugs or have you lost your marbles? Do you actually think anyone believes your bullshit? Any of it? Not even your deranged lunatic boss, but of course he's in on the con. So a raise is probably in your near future, on the people's dime of course. Everything you or any of your brethren come up with is, point blank, one big steaming pile of shit. And we are talking elephant shit. Any arguments out there on this? Troll away doubters. I'm sorry, what else does any of the Trumpeters spew, but lie straight faced to everyone crapping out piles and piles and piles of excrement. Some with frozen smiles on their faces, while others looking more like ghouls then loved ones. I am so sick of politeness in regards to whats been going down in Washington. Switching the channels or catching up online to whats been happening this week has been a dozy in regards to the lies and pitches that the Republicans have thrown out. Sometimes when bombshells are thrown seemingly nonstop all at once, its hard too see whats really going down. Well, the land mines the Trumpeters are evading these days, by throwing their bull is seriously monumental these days. 

With the news the other day that someone tried to enter the grounds of President's vacation home in Washington away from his real home as Liar-in-Chief in Mar-a-Lago. I keep imagining King Joffrey as he roams the White House grounds, pondering what shenanigans occurred in the Lincoln Bedroom, as he conceives building the world's greatest mote to wrap around his castle in Washington. As his paranoia and the conspiracies he keeps making front page news is what's driving Washington these days. Either Donald is delusional, he's been bewitched by Steve Bannon or he's under the whims of Vladimir Putin. Whatever the reason, its time to stop the madness and end our nation's darkest hour.

So step one in Donald Trumps master plan to destroy America from within is under way, as he's gotten the people in place he wanted to help destroy each and every governmental program. Except that is the military. One might think that would be dumb, but my thinking is once Donald has systematically destroyed the programs,  his military will be there to protect him and destroy everything else that come between him and whatever mad plan he's running our world with. As Paul Ryan came out and excitingly shut down the arguments that his brainchild wouldn't work, his surprise that his plan hurt many more people then he had hoped for was sickening. His whole plan is to kill insurance. To make it everyman for himself. To now make doctors decide if they can see patients who probably can't afford the treatments they need to live. To return to the good old days when hospitals were going bankrupt because patient after patient was not paying their bills. Somehow that part of this nightmare scenario is never discussed.

They want this plan gone, its ain't working and they refuse to even listen to the other side of the argument. They actually argue against even talking about trying to fix it. Its a dead horse, just put it out of its misery. Funny they never seem to want to discover the horses side of the equation. They never seem to want to listen to the people who are liking The Affordable Care Act. Human beings in this conversation don't matter. Anything with Obama's name attached to it must be erased, and while we're at it, lets push it as far as we can get away, that is until they throw The Trumpeters all out of power and into shackles.

How ironic, now that they're threatening to actually replace Obamacare with this nightmare, turns out most people who have Obamacare actually like it. As its been proven over and over, if you ask the same people who scream bloody murder just at the mention of Obamacare that their own versions of the ACA, in whatever name its be given, most will say they love their health care. And most are scared that they won't be able to afford whatever the final version of the Republicans plans will be. Now that the reality of the rhetoric is coming to fruition, as we discover what Trump has agreed upon, with Ryan's master plan to kill off an entitlement program… as he proudly touted on television. This would be historic! Death Care, everyone of Donald's campaign speeches it seems were all a pact of political lies. My thinking is all of the "wire tapping" bullshit conspiracies were simply a ruse to deflect from what he and his pals are doing.

As with every Republican platform, the people in our nation are the last things on the minds of the political right. All their positions do is hurt citizens, while helping the rich get even richer. Seems all the money that Ryan's fantasies are saving on our budget is being off set by the billions of dollars being given to the rich. According to the numbers the GOP bill would cut Medicaid by $880 Billion, while giving a massive tax cut, all those savings to the rich, to the tune $883 billion. In other words, if these numbers are correct, the system would be worse off by $3 Billion, and the doesn't begin to discuss all the millions of people who would be hurt if they actually implemented the bill. Another lie by our King, that he was gonna help the little guy. That he knew how to game the system because he's been doing it his whole life. And man, millions of American's bit into it, hook, line and sinker. Really? Tell that to the millions who if they even afford insurance in Trumpcare or Ryancare or whatever they decide to call it, how high their rates will soar. What good is insurance if you can't afford? The liars on the right keep arguing that Obamacare is in a death spiral, that if they don't do anything within the next year or so the whole system will implode on itself. They actually lie to us and tell us they're doing this to help people, while making everything worse. They keep telling us its gonna implode, but the Congressional Budget Office, the same office that came out with the terrible estimates for the Republican's American Health Care Act, tells us that Obamacare is fine. That like all the other Republican lies against President Barack Obama's signature achievement, this latest harping on its immense implosion is simply not true. This has always been the way the Republicans respond to everything, they throw out lies and scream top the high heavens that what they are saying things like, its been reported every where, or everybody knows what they are saying are true, yet never show proof or evidence. Always we must take them at their word. Like the discuss global warming, or dead people voting or whatever else they pull out of their asses.

As the more and more of King Joffrey's inner circle get revealed to be contact illegally with Russia or other countries, its so much fun listening to them try to change the subject. Kellyanne Conway who for whatever reason was allowed all over television this past week, after practically disappearing except for Fox Faux News of course. Seems her free on-air commercial for Ivanka is forgiven. Of course I'm kind of surprised anyone from Trump World is allowed on news outlets such as CNN since they are now as as I know not allowed during the Presidential Press new conferences which star stand-up comedian Sean Spicer. And lets not forget the recent revelation that Rex Tillerson, yup Donald's U.S. Secretary of State, used an alias while working for Exxon when discussing things like global warming! Wayne Tracker, that's was his name, oy, and the Republicans wonder why we need time to investigate anyone who wants to work in a President's cabinet, seems if they hadn't rushed the vote, something like this could have been discovered, discussed and hopefully any answer questions could have been resolved before we got stuck with another turkey hired to literary destroy our nation from within.

Lastly, as I finish this up today, Rachel Maddow showcased a Donald Trump tax return from 2005. Oh my God, yes! Haven't watched it or read about it, but I presume because she announced the news event a head of time, on Twitter no less, Trump in a stop gap measure to lessen whatever damage that comes out of it, actually released more information on that year's taxes attacking journalists who dare to do something so illegal. How dare they spoil his surprise. I mean some day before we all go up in blaze of Nuclear War, Donald eventually promises to release them. well, perhaps today was the beginning of that surprise. Hopefully he won't get the last laugh again, and hour nation will survive this seriously bad joke.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, March 14, 2016

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