Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Not surprisingly Donald Trump had yet another total meltdown revealing in a series of tweets that the walls are closing in.

SO WHAT SHOULD WE MAKE OF THIS? According to James Comey, as he explained during today’s question and answer session with Congress where he pretty much called our President a liar in regards to President Barack Obama "wiretapping" him and that Donald Trump and his campaign, as well as his Presidency are under investigation. But he argued that what's been going on  is not collusion, as most people have described it, but its’ coordination… hm. Meaning you might be doing something illegal without knowing you are. While that happens, that something, turns out to actually cause something else to happen, which unbeknownst to yourself is bad.  Another words, you aren't intentionally guilty, but you helped to cause a crime. Interesting, but in my mind, does it actually matter. How elected was infiltrated by the Russians, and our nation may never be the same again.I get why the Republicans keep trying to sidestep the problem, he’s a Republican in the White House, and they have a huge agenda they’re trying to jam through while they still have the majority to do all the despicable things they drool about doing, but, and its a big but, me thinks finding out any or all of the Trumpeters could be in cahoots with Russia is shall we say, a much higher priority than investigating who leaked King Joffrey’s taxes. Seriously, watching the Republicans ignoring the Russian canoodling with Donald’s minions while trying to make the leakers the big get during the FBI Director’s hearing was insanity. We’ve just spent years, years, witnessing the Republicans try to destroy Hillary Clinton with half-baked conspiracies. If she coughed we needed to have a hearing to discover if what she got was contagious. But nothing, I mean nothing that Trump or his minions may have done warrants a glance. It is quite mind blowing, but it goes with everything else that the lying heartless, soulless members of the Republican party perpetuate. Look at their American Healthcare Act, look at Trump’s budget. Shall we recall the Republican platform the RNC crapped out, or any of the policy proposals of the last decade or three.So now that director Comey has let it be known that Donald lied about President Barack Obama and or one of his minions having wiretapped him or put Trump under some kind of surveillance, maybe its time for this lie to be officially debunked by our Orange faced leader, as opposed to him libeling more innocents, like England, or throwing out that Hillary Clinton had in fact worked with Russia, much like his laugh out loud lie that she was a bigot, just to keep the deflection alive. I must remind those out there that argued that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be allowed even to run for the Presidency if she was under an FBI investigation that their silence about our President’s now ongoing FBI investigation speaks volumes. As with everything to do with Donald or with Hillary, the possible crimes of Donald don’t raise a red flag. All those sanctimonious hypocrites on the right who went after her should all be forced to watch their own bullshit on a loop like in A Clockwork Orange till the sound of their own voices and the sight of their own faces make them sick to their stomachs. Now about that death care replacement for Obamacare that Paul Ryan climaxed over and King Joffrey is pushing, I must say it’s hysterical listening to the reports that the mad king is warning Republicans who don’t vote for it, that they would face his wraith and be drop kicked out in the next campaign and replaced by more agreeable candidates. Seriously Donald, you expect them to all fall in line for you when it’s looking more and more like by the time we get to campaigning for 2018, Trump might already be pounding the pavement or a cell block. Having him argue to politicians that he needs this passed right away, regardless of how badly conceived it was or how many people it might hurt because once this is wrapped up he can focus on the other parts of his agenda, like renaming everything after himself. Every single Republican these days are telling us that Obamacare is imploding in onto itself. Yes, I’ve heard all the nightmare tales, which mostly sound like worse case scenarios’ rather than the norm. But with Republicans, they always find or worse create out of thin air, the one example they can use to prove any point they want to make. Disregarding facts, they hammer that attack, those Republican talking points, till that attack turns into what people believe actually occurred. Screw the truth, screw the facts, screw how much it hurts people.They scream to high heaven that they’re doing all of us a favor because they’ve got limited time to right the situation before it all goes boom! Since day one, they refused to help fix any of the hick-ups arguing that it was a simply impossible to fix the worst piece of legislation in the history of our great nation. At least that’s what the partisan haters of President Barack Obama’s signature achievement of his presidency. They’ve been harping against it, even while hearings were taking place, live on television. As opposed to what the Republicans claim occurred than or what they just pulled with their AHCA death care proposal. Before Obamacare was finalized they railed against it, predicting what an utter failure it would be. After it’s pathetic launch, that tainted the law as bureaucracy and just too big too succeed. I mean look at how many pages it was, it was just too confusing for any of us to deal with. So instead of fixing it, which they’ve refused to do since the law was enacted, they’ve been working to kill it ever since and now finally that they have the power to actually erase Obamacare out of existence and deliver the exact thing that they accuse The Affordable Care Act to be, the worse piece of garbage since George Washington became our first American President. They have pledged to end the Obamacare nightmare! The question being, whose nightmare? The voters who will have to live with whatever the Trumpeters finally come up with, or the Republicans who now have to deliver on what they’ve been promising for years. As the Republicans have showcased they haven’t exactly been working on except in power point presentations and the minds of small men. Its pretty obvious that the last 8 years they’ve never spent a second actually coming up with anything except of course talking points to spiel endlessly of how they could fix the monstrosity. As Paul Ryan’s proposal showcases, their real plan has been to kill healthcare for decades. There I said it. Why beat around the bush, they didn’t want to fix what was wrong with healthcare before President Obama came into office. Look at what they’ve pitched and what they’ve actually put into law. Not good. If they get their way, well good luck and try to enjoy life knowing that at any minute, you could be wiped out financially or have no choice but to head off to the emergency room. Just like the good old days when our healthcare system was threatening to financially bankrupt our nation. Guess people forgot that was one of the main reasons they overhauled the entire healthcare system in the first place. So what we get instead of a real plan to help the citizens of this nation, you know the one our President pitched during his campaign, well it turns out to be one huge piece of garbage. Yup crap, a tax break for the wealthy, millions of Americans losing their Healthcare and the creme de la creme is they finally get to kill Medicare by turning it into a voucher system, all at the same time. Now tell me again, why it doesn’t matter who wins the election, that our election was effected by the Russian entanglement, and Hillary Clinton isn’t President.  

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, March 21, 2017

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