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While the world screamed foul, it turns out the Republicans finally showcased their Ryan-Don’t-care health care proposal and its the same old playbook, ugh!

SO THE REPUBLICANS DID EXACTLY HOW THEY ACCUSED the Democrats of doing it 8 years a go, except of course much much worse in scope. Sounds like they did exactly what they  bitched about against Democrats for years, except the Democrats never did that. This seems to be their way of doing all legislation. They concoct a problem, come up with a way of making it worse, try to jam it through, and showcase how inept and evil they really are. With no qualms about how many people they hurt as long as they can help their backers. They actually designed their so-called American Health Care Act, their plan in secret. They didn’t have hearings or meetings or an open conversation with the public. NO, they just got into a room and concocted a piece of legislation that it appears nobody but themselves actually likes or thinks it could actually work. Of course the plan turns out to be every wet dream that Paul Ryan has been trying to enact for years. And now that they finally announced their top secret legislation to the world, they’re trying to jam it through without even finding out how much money its gonna cost, how many people will lose their healthcare and how much debt our nation will get into because of it. No they actually want to jam this through with in mere weeks,  continuously harping that Obamacare is imploding before our very eyes and that any day our health care system will be gone. Oh woe, is me. They spent over a year putting President Barack Obama’s health care initiative together with bipartisan support in what eventually became the Affordable Care Act or what the Republicans tried to taint it as Obamacare. In fact, much of the bill was based on what the Republicans wanted, Obama sadly was tying to work with the Republicans, something, they spent his entire tenure religiously doing the opposite.Paul Ryan whose now practically climaxing talking about taking away people’s healthcare is currently going around and demanding that Republicans simply fall in line. Screw what’s wrong with the bill, or what they don’t like about it, and screw how the masses might rise up and smite those who sign off on it. If you go against what I want to be enacted, you will have to face the wraith of the Republican voters who voted them in. They finally have the chance to do what they’ve promised for years, and if they didn’t do it now, how could they ever face their constituents again.Screw the ramifications, all that matters is we repeal Obamacare and put something, anything else in its place. Screw anything and everything that our new President Promised on the stomp. Hurting people, not our problem. Why wait till they actually come up with a real plan. They spent years bitching that Obamacare sucked, but never sat down and actually came up with something to replace it with. They just wanted to get rid of it and go on to other things. Other things to destroy. As Donald Trump hysterically finally opined  “Healthcare is hard.” My problem with their plan, or should I write Paul Ryan’s Ryan-Don’t-Care wet dream is basically its another tax break for the rich. Seems everything with Republicans is tax breaks for the wealthy. That will fix everything that ails us. I get that logic with jobs, I don’t agree with it, but I’ve heard it long enough to get why other people believe the lie. At least when the Republicans throw out that drivel that the rich will take the money they’ve been given and then invest it into their businesses. The money would hopefully be spent hiring employees, perhaps giving some raises, and the money’s earned could then be taxed and the cycle of economic growth would continue and hopefully we would all prosper. Except of course, that theory doesn’t seem to come to fruition, ever.  All that said, what does that have to do with healthcare coverage and insurance. How does tax breaks for the wealthy have anything to do with healthcare. Not surprisingly, the Republicans or should I write Paul Ryan and those inbreds who created this nightmare have striped away the last eight years of health care and turned it into a worse version of the system we have before. You remember the one everyone complained about which was the reason we created Obamacare in the first place. Just a few mentions, it looks like there’s a cap to have much insurance you will be covered by. Depending on your age, will depend on what you pay. Funnily, instead of being forced to get healthcare or be penalized for not having any it, now, those who don’t get healthcare or whose coverage lapses because they missed two months in a roll, whatever your payment will jump 30% higher, for one year as punishment for being a slug. A much steeper penalty then the one Obama put in place if you decided you’d rather skip it and get insurance. And that’s just the start of what’s wrong with their plan.   So seemingly in the middle of the night, the Republicans, between Donald Trump bombshells, have begun to destroy yet another achievement of the Obama administration. Very clever one two punch these Trumpeters are, along with the Republicans, as one by one hand they lower our nations character and in another they destroy one safety net one at a time. Each one of our allies and each one of enemies are shaken and stirred on a daily basis depending on one of Donald’s Executive Actions or one of Trump’s tweets. Unsurprisingly, this followed a few days after King Joffrey’s latest nuclear blast, his accusation that former President Barack Obama, “wiretapped” him at Trump Tower. Which of course has yet to be showcased as anything more then either the delusions of a mad king, or something he read on Breitbart. Or as  some suspect, something that Steve Bannon whispered into Donald’s ear as he was putting him to bed, tucking him in way past his bedtime.   A few weeks back, Donald came out and decried the terrible terrorist attacks in Sweden, which were immediately debunked by all and it came out that it was simply something he had seen on Fox faux news, which was first reported on Breitbart. And now Trump comes out and announces to the world that President Barack Obama, wiretapped him and the only thing that people can figure out that again it was an article, written on Breitbart, authored by a Conspiracy nut. And when the nut was queried, as usual with crazies like this, no proof is ever showcased. Trump calls CNN and a bunch of liberal leaning news organizations as fake news, but promotes conspiracy theory’s with no proof, just he’s got a feeling in his gut. The joke in all this is now the White House is saying, or should I say Sean Spicer said during one of his press conferences that even if they investigate, as Trump has requested and discover no proof that he was wiretapped, like it never happened, Donald still might believe he was wiretapped. Sounds a lot like his stance on President Barack Obama’s birthplace, on how many illegal aliens and dead people voted in our past election and how many Muslim people were in Jersey chanting death to America after 9/11. I must admit when I first heard about this it made me scream out loud, not because apparently the nut job is getting everything he wishes, but as soon as King Joffrey requests something, Republicans snap at attention and say, Sir, yes Sir! Something they fought against the entire time President Obama was in office.  As we’ve witnessed since the Russian invasion into our election went from being a conspiracy by some and transformed into what eventually could take down our nation’s 45th President, the Republicans have tired everything in their power to throw away any Russian intervention into just sour grapes by the Democrats and the left leaning media. They went after Hillary Clinton and Benghazi with a vengeance, but nothing, I mean nothing seems to be worth any hearing in regards to Donald Trump. We need to do whatever our King desires and any one who disagrees is obviously gonna be Trump’s next twitter victim. For the most part the Democrats went wait a minute, but sadly whenever they whined before about one of Donald’s mad episodes, no one seemed to listen, especially since the Republicans got the majority in everything, except of course the Popular Vote. But maybe we all should thank Trump, no really we should. Thanks you Donald Trump! Amazingly King Joffrey’s latest lie, could finally be the thing that kicks our orange faced spray tanned leader out of office. Seems for once I should be happy that the Republicans are gonna be doing exactly what the Donald wanted them to do. Investigate our former President, to discover if he actually wiretapped his successor. If the wiretapping actually happened, if so, who did it, and if they did it, why was the wiretapping approved in the first place. And if no wiretapping was done and Donny boy lied, hm, that a big problem for our current President. You see that is an impeachable act.So first Sweden and now Wiretapping, perhaps Steve Bannon is the one pulling the strings, and if Donald gets all his Intel from Breitbart, isn’t that where Steve Bannon ‘used’ to run? As the mad king seemingly spirals into insanity, the question I end this commentary on is, is Donald being manipulated by Bannon, owned by Putin, doing this on his own, or are his minions controlling him and/or has all this power he now holds in the palm of his hand, gone to his head? So is Donald the Manchurian Candidate, a Trojan Horse or simply a Mad King trying to destroy his own empire?

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, March 8, 2017 

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