Friday, March 03, 2017


Which was sad for Donald, giving him no time to celebrate his supposed pivot into appearing Presidential, as Jeff Sessions own lies comes back to bite him in his Russian loving ass

SO MANY THINGS TO DISCUSS, WHERE DO WE BEGIN? As the madness appears to be getting crazier by the day, sometimes its hard to know what to write about. As this weeks multiple memorable moments in our political world unfolded writing about one thing seemed to fall by the wayside as the next bombshell occurred. Just as you might start on that event, some other crazy occurrence will flash on my television, or a push on my iPhone screen and my original inspiration might be temporarily pushed aside. The problems come when you try to merge the two, or three, or five. When I begin my commentaries, something, anything might spark my imagination, get me angry or inspire me to sit down in front of my computer or my iPhone and spend the next 4 to 8 hours or longer writing up my latest Neilizms. Other times I just jot down a few paragraphs as I’m travelling on the train or bus when something strikes me for whatever reason. When those moments happen it gets pretty exciting inside my head, as seemingly out of nowhere my latest commentary begins to write itself. This week for example, my commentary was conceived after waking up to hear people’s opinions on Donald’s latest attempt to right his sinking ship. His big Congressional hello to Trump's world. In that one moment transforming Donald J. Trump into the President some had been waiting for. Almost as if by clockwork, that event now feels like a life time ago as yesterday’s big event yet again proves that whomever is choosing Donald’s deplorable cabinet really did a terrible job of vetting them. Or maybe he did the job that he was hired to do, destroy our nation from within, right in front of our eyes. So I’m gonna start by discussing Donald Trump’s first address before Congress on Tuesday. From what I read and saw, maybe the delivery was different, more Presidential, but the substance, the words he read were the same. I must admit right now, that I missed the speech and have yet to sit down to watch any of it. I've read several articles, listened to too many television discussions on it and way too much time on social media seeing people's reactions to it. As I wrote on Twitter minutes before our orange faced liar-in-chief began, ‘I simply couldn’t stomach him anymore’. How sad is that, to actually feel sick thinking about whom is running our nation. I’ve never felt like this in my entire life, even with Richard Nixon, George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan. I also ‘thanked those who would be suffering though it for me’. As I finished I predicted and was accurate that yes, ‘anything I did miss would surely be discussed nonstop afterwards’ and if course it was. Waking up to hear the voices in the media talk Trumps performance, making it sound like our 45th President had shocked the world once more by finally giving a speech, in front of Congress no less, that finally made him appear presidential, and I missed it! What are the odds? Even Van Jones of all people came out and uttered a shocking response, well it was shocking to me, “He became President of the United States in that moment, period”. Honestly to hear anyone say anything like that about Donald is something I never thought I would hear, especially from someone as left leaning as Mr. Jones. Why this tribute was so inappropriate is pretty obvious to me, and hopefully to most people. A few weeks back, Donald approved a military mission in Yemen that went very badly. A mission by the way, that President Barack Obama had decided not to do cause I guess it didn’t pass the sniff test I guess. Once the mission turned shall we say into a disaster, the Trumpeters and specifically King Joffrey himself have tried to turn this failure into a great victory for our nations newest President, while blaming everyone but himself for the debacle that it truly was. For the victims of his attempt to look tough on the world stage. I guess in a Trump  administration, the buck stops elsewhere else, maybe possibly even Moscow. So the big moment happened, the widow of a slain NAVY Seal who was killed in the Yemen mission was recognized by Trump, a Carryn Owens, the widow of Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens, a now slain NAVY Seal, was being saluted by Donald and this was the moment Donald stepped into the shoes of the Presidency. At least for the ones who didn’t see through the charade. He’s responsible for the man’s death and now he uses his widow to make himself look good. For myself and many others this moment while beautifully patriotic at first glance truly showcases the Mad King’s obnoxiousness. If you listen to some of the media & of course the Trumpeters, King Joffrey hit it out the park. Really. Really? Not the first time we’ve heard some try to pitch this bogus story line.Another thing they pitched today was that the Democrats were being so disrespectful during his big TelePrompTer speech reading. How dare they sit after Donald’s proclamations, after his telling more lies, after pitching his desires and whims and promises? How could they indeed? What a joke. I guess all of these trolls have amnesia or worse mental issues. Somehow none of them remember that’s exactly what the Republicans did against President Barack Obama, every single time he spoke. And sadly no one yelled out that Trump was a liar, like they had done to our 44th President, although I hear some booed as our Donald came into the light and hit his mark up on that stage. It appears we got was a lot more mainstream Republican garbage with a lot less Bannon influence. It appears that Donald’s very bad few weeks, which have followed the first six weeks of his very bad Presidency made a good performance almost mandatory. So the toned him down to appease the powers that be. The Democrats while agreeing that this was probably his finest performance ever and most Presidential, wasn’t getting on their knees and blowing him as everyone else was doing. Most of them seemed to see what wasn’t in it, how he could possibly do all the things he wanted to do without exploding the deficit and take apart most of the programs that he seems to be trying to destroy from with in. Sadly for Donald, his good performance has almost totally been forgotten by rather an interesting development. It turns out that this little issue that has followed has over shadowed the Trump candidacy has once again taken over the conversation. Just like General Flynn, whose membership into the Trump basket of losers was nipped in the bud just weeks into his gig as National Security Advisor for Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, Trumps just confirmed Attorney General has been discovered to have possibly been playing footsies with Russia. Again? Sadly yes, it was reported that Jeff had two meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Which under normal circumstances might not be such a bad thing, except unfortunately for the good Senator from Alabama, during his Congressional Hearings he kind of said he hadn’t had any. That’s right, he was asked several times, if he had or if he knew if anyone in Trump campaign had had any contact and he had sad none. Whoops. Well today I awoke to Jeff Sessions turn on the hot seat. As yesterdays big revelation become today's biggest news story. With most of the top names in the Democratic world calling for Jeff Sessions to resign from his post, or at least to recuse himself from any investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. I must give some credit to the Republicans out there too, cause many of the big names also suggested Jeff say bye bye to Donald. Several hours later Sessions actually came out and even though he denied anything bad, he would in fact do as he promised during his hearing and recuse himself. So give the man some props, at least on this day he did the right thing by recusing himself, that said, in my opinion, lying very badly trying to explain away his possible treasonous activities. 

To make this even worse today for the Trump regime, just as I was about to upload my finished commentary, I discovered online that its been reported that Donald, yes, our new President, also met with a Russian Ambassador in 2016. Along with Jeff Sessions, Donald met with a Sergey, yes the same one that Jeff tried to make light of. The man he mysteriously forgot to talk about while being grilled on the stomp during his Congressional Hearings. The one he now amazingly remembers and throws out as nonsense. Seems Russian Ambassador Sergey Kisyak was an invited special guest to Trump's first ever foreign policy speech back in April 2016. Before his big speech, seems they met with the Russian, and during his speech Donald made a point of going soft on Russia. Perhaps their meeting was the reason he didn't go after them. Perhaps Trump was given an ultimatum, perhaps he wasn't. All I know is that if this one is true. No matter what his excuse is, just like Flynn and like Sessions, he lied about not having any contact with any Russians. Seriously this is getting messier by the day, I guess you live by the sword, you die with it.

To add fuel to the fire, it has also come to light that Donald’s son in law Jared Kushner, now a senior advisor in the White House who along with Michael T. Flynn, yes the same General Flynn who had to resign from Trump’s cabinet mentioned above, met with Russian ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak, in December of 2016. Accordingly as I researched this piece I discovered that Sergey and Michael have known each other since 2013, and supposedly were in contact thorughout Trump’s campaign. Seems the apple has turned for Herr Trump, now instead of any bad news being drowned out by another controversity spewed out by his royal doucheness or one of his Trumpeters to deflect the real problems, his worst nightmares are becoming the media’s choice to harp on, while all his mishigas is now thown out like yesterdays dirty laundry. First it was Manifort, then it was Flynn, now its Sessions and maybe Kushner, and you know Bannon surely must have ties. Pretty amazing huh? Wait tlll Donald’s dealings with Russia comes out, man the shits gonna hit the fan when that happens. And maybe just maybe by then the Republicans will decide to get with the good side and force Trump to release his tax returns. But by then, I have a feeling his tax returns will be the least of his problems. I just hope his madness doesn't cause too much irreversible damage.  

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, March 3, 2017


Marlyce Childers said...

The fraction of his address that I was able to stomach watching proved only that the Precedent'sreading tutors are making SOME progress.

Marlyce Childers said...

The fraction of his address that I was able to stomach watching proved only that the Precedent'sreading tutors are making SOME progress.

Ludean Mines said...

I couldnt watch it! I still change channels everytime hes on