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Now that fire is beginning to scorch the White House, as Nunes reveals himself to be a stooge and ironies of ironies erupts as the ‘Lock Her Up’ general may be getting the karma he so justly deserves, is it terrible to say I’m beginning to enjoy watching a presidency implode right in right of our eyes?

THE BIGGEST JOKE OR IS THAT THE SADDEST ONE, is the continued attempt by the White House and the President himself, as they try to change the subject by continuously throwing accusations, excuse me lies against President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Always with no proof or evidence accept for having seen it on Fox Faux News or read it on Breitbart or some other Republican conspiracy website or cable news outlet. Seems when it comes to anything connected to the nation’s 45th President, Trump’s favorite words are the only ones you need to hear to know that everything they say is simply a lie. ‘Believe me’. We’ve heard those words said more times by Donald in the last year, than probably we’ve heard in all of our lifetimes combined. Believe me, I know more than the Generals. Believe me, Hillary is a bigot. Believe me, I won’t have time to go on vacations and play golf. Believe me, I never settle lawsuits. Blah Blah Blah! In my book believe me means, I’m a lying sack of manure and whatever I say is simply a deflection from the truth. You see the longer King Joffrey’s in power, even as it appears his whole presidency is imploding around him, the closer he gets to implementing his plan, the destruction of America into whatever place he and his pals envision it to be. As we watch at the very same time, Donald and his Von Trump family singers fleece the American people for as many millions or billions that they possibly can. Sadly all of this thievery is being aided by almost all the power players in the Republican party. I have to wonder how many of them are also in cahoots with Putin or one of his emissaries, or are they just feckless politicians with no hearts or souls turning a blind eye in order to get their agenda’s finally achieved. Sometimes I sit back and watch in disbelief, as they spew their talking points trying to change the entire story from what is actually happening into a conspiracy world of make believe that they themselves probably don’t even believe half the time. That being said, if you listen to or read any of the things that some of the politicians that preach the word of God say, which is most of the Right’s political leaders, who actually all along are doing the exact opposite of what their supposed real savior, Jesus Christ, actually advocated his followers to do. For the most part they all sound delusional, evil and downright medieval and somehow they get elected and reelected back into office and now seemingly are the majority in our political world. 

What are we to make of Devin Nunes and the interesting developments in regards to his relationship with the President? Was he always in bed with King Joffrey or just Paul Ryan or a bit of both? As with all Republicans like Kellyanne Conway all we’ve heard about them from everyone was how great they were in their jobs until the worm turned. How personable they’ve always been until their lies came back to bite them in their asses. People on both sides of the aisle praised both Nunes and Conway repeatedly, even one of my heroes Rachel Maddow piled on the platitudes in discussing Kellyanne when she took the job of running Trump’s campaign, and ‘believe me’ I was not pleased at Rachel for it. But because of her okay, I decided to give the woman a second chance. Sadly my original opinions turned out to be correct and Kellyanne was revealed to all the world as the lying dog that she is. Happily it didn’t take long for Rachel Maddow and most of the media to see something  was what up with Kellyanne and much to Rachel’s credit, she was amongst the first in the media to call out Mrs. Conway for her lies and word games. Honestly one of the highlights of the entire Trump debacle was watching Rachel Maddow destroy Kellyanne Conway on her show, especially when she got the chance to confront her live on air. Watching Conway’s face as it looked like she was being pummeled by an invisible fist, I can actually hear the comic book sound effects, and feel the force of the blows. Hey in trying times, one needs to grasp for as much good as possible, otherwise it would be just too utterly depressing.

As for Devin, thank the powers that be, listening to the talking heads in Washington, they seem stunned at what the chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has done. What gets me is, why would anyone believe that someone who served as a member of President Trump’s transition team could be considered a viable choice to head a commission in charge of discovering if his supposed former boss was guilty of crimes against the state? The one word I kept hearing about him is how “honorable” he is. To listen to Nunes say “it appears like the Democrats aren’t really serious about this investigation,” after seemingly being a pawn in King Joffrey’s mad plan is being hypocritical to say the least. But he is a Republican so why am I surprised at all, this is their modus operandi after all for everything. Anyone besides me who can not believe this actually happened in the real world, I swear we must all be living the same nightmare April Fools joke. Devin Nunes actually met with two sources on the White House grounds, who he promises he will never reveal their identities. Oh my! So lets get this straight, the head of the committee who is investigating if Trump was in bed with the Russians, Devin Nunes appears to be trying to prove President Barack Obama had indeed “wiretapped” Donald Trump just as our orange-faced President had tweeted weeks before. Its been reported that Devin switched Ubers no less to make whomever was following him, if anyone was following him, lose the puppet of Donald J. Trump. Me thinks Devin has been watching too many Jason Bourne movies. Somehow when he was tipped off, about this top secret Intel from whomever, since Devin keeps insisting out loud, to whomever asks, that he will never give up the sources identities. So get this, the first person he met with was Paul Ryan. Hm, strategizing, maybe? Instead of doing the proper thing, discussing the events to the members of the committee like he should have done in the first place. Yet another chance to play ‘spy vs. spy’ cold war games and failing miserably. Could the ineptitude of the Trumpeters be more hysterical or is that sadder? As once again their method of deflecting the subject has blown up in their collective and probably treasonous faces. Which of course meant that all the Trumpeters had to throw out even more outlandish conspiracies in hopes that the pile of questions that are now almost a mile high against our President would be tossed aside as just yesterdays fake news again. 

Unbelievably with all this going on,  just when you thought this April Fools of a Presidency couldn’t get any crazier, out pops the latest development. Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn coming out and asking for immunity, it keeps getting better and better. The man whose more famous now for being the ass who rallied the sheep at the Republican National Convention with the mantra of “Lock her up,” then for all his years in the military, is now the person out of all the Trumpeters who seems headed first to his very own prison cell before anyone else in what is jokingly known as Donald Trump’s cabinet. Oh the web they weave these Trumpeters. Questions abound. What was the reason he jumped the gun and asked for the deal? What is his story that he thinks is worthy of immunity. Of course, I want to hear him explain how he’s not guilty for asking for immunity, since he actually argued Hillary Clinton was guilty by association, because 5 people close to her were given it to testify. Let me repeat that, 5 people associated with Hillary Clinton received immunity to testify, not Hillary, she never asked for it or was offered it. He argued that people who asked for and received it were guilty period. Don’t you love the double standard of these Trumpeters, Hillary was guilty until proven innocent, no matter how ridiculous the conspiracy. No matter which lunatic accused her of the crimes, seemingly whatever they spewed was believed by many, no matter how many times the lies were proven false. And the President and his cronies are still doing it. And lets also not forget, that when Hillary Clinton testified for over 11 hours about Benghazi and her emails, she didn’t ask or was offered immunity. None. So shouldn’t we presume the man is guilty if he presumed she was? The question is not if he’s guilty, its how many crimes he's guilty of. I want to know, what does he know that’s worth immunity? What crimes has he committed that has made him need immunity in the first place? Why was it necessary for his attorney to tell the world that his client was seeking immunity in the first place? Which makes you ponder, who else involved in the biggest political scandal since Watergate is out there also seeking immunity or threatening to do so? In the end the most important thing that I want to learn is, was Donald Trump ever in cahoots with Vladimar Putin? If so when did it begin and is it still occurring as we speak? Has this whole affair been decades in the making or just this political cycle? If not our President, I mean it is possible the whole Russian thing is beyond his mental grasp, who if any in the inner circle was the ringleader? You call yourself a patriot sir? Prove it finally. I now see why President Barack Obama fired him, its just sad that the next President in the White House, disregarded the previous ones orders. But than again, the answers to all of the other questions would probably explain King Joffrey's decision in the first place to hire the loser. Of course knowing our world these days, Michael Flynn will most likely be our next Oliver North, so get ready for the General’s close up on the premiere episode of the Flynn Report.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, April 2, 2017

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