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Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, of course it does, what with the alt-right playing footsie and all the Russian canoodling, we now possibly have to add Nazi’s to the mix 

IS THIS ANYWAY TO RUN A DICTATORSHIP? Oh excuse me, I mean monarchy, whoops, I meant Democracy. Oops. Phew, I’m so confused these days. Meeting with Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, probably showcased the clearest way yet that our recently elected 45th President needs to be removed somehow and rather quickly. What better example do you need then King Joffrey not shaking the German Chancellor’s hand for the usual photo op. Then bringing her into his deranged wiretapping conspiracy, making her look like she was trying to figure out how to sneak out of the room, and then after the meeting tweeting pitchforks and brimstone against her nation. It’s not like his disdain for her is new, having spent much of his campaign for the White House arguing against her policies and even her looks. But his Presidency is new, and one would hope that the learning curve all newly elected leaders go through would be nearing its completion. Instead we’ve gotten a man seemingly on a crash course to a padded cell or the insane asylum. Maybe he can transition from one to the other?Wouldn’t it be nice if Donald Trump actually acted like a President or even a grown up for once? I’d settle for a few minutes of Presidential class, wisdom and good old-fashioned leadership. Like a commercial break, if not a full on tilt. Maybe a few minutes respite from his never-ending vomit inducing sewage would feel like a mini-vacation, now a days. It definitely could help his image, making our humble leader a little more acceptable to the disbelievers. Sadly I must note, that even the commercials on air these days are filled with paid promotional diatribes geared towards Trump fans. Or all those voters on the fence, perhaps trying to get the people to fall under his spell like his Trumpeters. I’ve discovered to my dismay, between the ads for sexual dysfunction, and all manner of physical or mental issues there are now ads for Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court or some religious right campaign to pitch Donald’s agenda. So no respite for the weary, it’s Trump all the time, that is until he’s dragged away or we’re all in the grave. It was just sad watching Trump embarrass the German Chancellor by acting like such a lunatic. The look on Angela Merkel’s face will be something I will never forget. Seriously hysterical seeing her react in stunned disbelief at what was standing just inches away. Every time our Donald says something, anything, I wonder if this is the one that will wake up the sleeping sheep. Will the masses rise up and force our would be king out of his castle, hopefully ending the current chaos that our nation is struggling through. Sadly entering us into the Mike Pence era, which God forbid could make even Donald Trump’s short presidency a great thing. Of course, now I’m wondering if and when that removal and escorting out take place, if it’s gonna be from the White House or will his evacuation take place in New York or Florida? Seeing that the White House is just one of the three homes that the taxpayers are footing the bill or now.What chaps my butt in all of this chaos is what our President have been doing seemingly under the radar. First with his Executive Actions, some of which have already been shot down in the courts like Trump’s so-called Immigration ban against Syrian countries. But his latest bombshell to rock our lives is his so-called trillion budget. That’s right, Donald released a $1.1 trillion budget outline Thursday that makes every war hawk’s wet dreams come true while basically cutting everything else. It seems lots of his campaign promises were like much of what he spouts a total crock of manure. He proposes to add a $54 billion increase in defense spending, while subtracting those increases and cutting or should I write gutting the funds to non-defense spending at the State Department, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Environmental Protection Agency and the wholesale elimination of other federal programs.Simply put if it helps citizens, its outta here. This plan, on the heels of the The American Healthcare Act of 2017, Paul Ryan’s Death care to millions, is a one-two punch in the gut to what makes America great. It is stunning listening to the Trumpeters discuss gutting things like the National Endowment for the Arts, Global Climate Change Initiative, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Planned Parenthood, Meals on Wheels, and a multitude of other cuts as if letting the elderly or poor starve to death is a good thing. As if dieing of Cancer is your fault and we don’t care if you drop dead. In fact, its better if you drop dead, since the Emergency Rooms are gonna be stuck with the bills. Seems if being able to not afford health care is your own damned fault again, and if you can’t, well, screw you. Sorry for you. We’ve got your vote, sucker. Now drop dead. If you’re not born with a silver spoon in your mouth you are out of luck. Well Donald wanted to go back to the good old days. Seems the millions who were fooled again by more Republican lies, are thunderstruck that the liars that promised everything for nothing are now announcing they are taking away everything, while systemically tearing apart our nation’s government. But instead we are  discussing Trump’s crazy talk when it comes to wiretapping. Have you noticed the closer we get to truth to what when on before our election and what has gone on since in regards to Russian hacking and the aiding our political adversaries by members of the Trump campaign, if not the man himself. Luckily at least,I should really write, seemingly at present, it seems there are enough Republicans in Washington who have announced they’re against Trump’s budget desires that right now it appears that the first crack at a proposed budget by the Liar-in-Chief should fail. Sadly we are talking Republicans, with them I won’t believe a single thing they say, no matter how much they protest before hand, until the vote takes place. As we’ve discovered so far, too many Democrats are willing to cross party lines and vote against what the party leaders and what the voters want them to do. Look at Donald’s cabinet choices, each one of them are turning out to be just as bad as we feared would be the case. As one by one, they all parade out and repeat the talking points that Donald Trump or whomever is really pulling the strings have told them to say, it is apparent that any back bone they argued they would have, has bent  way too easily in the wind.Lastly, it appears that along with every other assorted deplorable in Trump’s basket, we now have one of them who has ties to a group of Nazi collaborators. No really. Nazi's! Here's an excerpt from Michelle Goldberg's article revealing some startling details that somehow Trump's crack vetting devision missed again. 

Sebastian Gorka, Trump’s top counterterrorism adviser, who was born in London to Hungarian parents, worked closely with anti-Semitic politicians and wrote for openly anti-Semitic newspapers from 2002–2007. As reported by, Gorka swore a lifetime oath to a far-right Hungarian group, the Vitézi Rend. The State Department classifies the Vitézi Rend as having been “under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany”. As the article ends, ‘Absent an investigation of Gorka, it will be hard not to conclude that Anglin is correct. “How many ducks in the Trump White House must walk, talk, and quack anti-Semitically before our country wakes up and sees the problem?” Steven Goldstein, executive director of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, said in a statement. It’s a question everyone should be asking Republicans as long as Gorka holds a government job.’ To read more, please check out their report at:

I’ll let Michelle Goldberg’s word’s sink in as I end this Neilizms. I think they hit the nail on its head enough for some of you out there to sit up and go oh oh, here we go again, or this is the last straw. Either they knew about these facts or figured no one would discover them or care about his history and let them slide. Or worse, he was just another member of Donald's anti-Semetic cabinet, just another deplorable in the bunch. Well, for me its just another nail in his coffin. Sooner than later, that coffin will be filled with his impeached ass and our national nightmare would be over. I mean how much more evidence do you need.

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