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But then lots of shoes dropped, as he rescinds the rights of The Transgendered, wants to expand our Nuclear Arsenal, and kills off the First Amendment! So, in other words, his 'revelations' on Africans Americans was just for show.

WHAT NEXT, IMMIGRANTS HELPED MAKE AMERICA GREAT? Nah, just kidding, on that not even King Joffrey would lie. Wait I shouldn’t write that, because as we all know, he lies about everything. I mean the man’s heart might shatter from too much reality. Yesterday on the view as they discussed our President’s decision on rescinding President Barack Obama’s Executive Action on transgender students in regards to which bathrooms they could use, from just a few months a go. What got me was how they were upset that Donald “lied” to the American people on this, since during the campaign he said he would fight for LGBTQ rights. Hm, of course hearing them squawk about this lie, one of thousands made me sit up, cause I seem to recall how he couldn’t get the initials correct. How people would make fun of him because of his rearranging of the letters or how he would have fits trying to pronounce them. I’m sorry, whenever the initials crossed his lips, it looked to me like he had just taken a bite out of a steaming pile of horse manure. What was interesting about the whole thing was according to reports, Betsy DeVos of all people, supposedly was against Donald bringing back a little hatred into our nations schools. But instead of resigning over it, which would have made everyone look differently at her public school hating backward thinking brain, she bowed down and took it up the ass to save her job. So she could implement her vision for charter schools across the nation, or better yet, the end of Public Schools in America for good. 

So the same week where the citizens of the world thought that maybe their was a glimmer of humanity in the orange spray tanned leader of the free world, by first visiting the African American History Museum where he learned about how members of the African American community have lived and died to help forge this great nation into what it is today. How they suffered and what they contributed, and that not all of them are losers and criminals or worse because of their skin color or whom their parents just happen to have been. Listening to him there, even for a few seconds reading off the teleprompter, may have given some people hope that this seemingly bigoted hater, might maybe have a little heart beating there somewhere. Of course he was reading copy others wrote for him. Shame he hadn’t visited it sooner, perhaps his lies about President Barack Obama and his heinous stand-up routines on the stomp might have been a little less disgusting and racist. 

This was followed a few hours later with Donald Trump actually saying the words “anti-Semitism” without throwing up. It was a stunning reversal from his reprehensible treatment of Jake Turx, an Orthodox Jewish White correspondent, a few days back, who had the nerve to even broach the subject of the rise of Jewish hate crimes in our nation, specifically since he’s been our President. So it appears someone in the White House persuaded Trump he needed to clean up his latest foot in mouth escapade, and for just a few brief seconds the Goose-stepping I imagine him doing alone in his bedroom in the White House was gone from my subconscious. Sadly that was just a momentary blip on his inbred scale. 

Well yesterday more bricks in Donald’s deplorable wall were being cemented into place. First his racist leaning United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions came out for Private Prisons. Because as we know we gotta make money off of our nations slaves, oh excuse me, inmates. Because that’s how they treat the prisoners and from what I hear, they make Federal Prisons seem like country clubs. To make the day even worse, Donald came out and announced that it was time to start a Nuclear Arms race. That’s right, just when we were on the road to removing the dangers of the twentieth century, thanks to our last President and the work of the previous few, Donald decides, nope. Better safe then sorry, seems the big baby needs more expensive toys paid for by everyone else’s taxes. 

As we’ve all witnessed for months Donald lies basically when ever he opens his mouth, and is pissed when reporters call him out on it. Now just quoting him has become fake news according to the Trumpeters. But if you fictionalize what he does and says and make him out to be the Second Coming, then you are now the only media allowed in The White House Press Conferences, all others are the “enemy” of the state. Today the latest wake-up call shoved in our faces, proving our nation died on Election day was dropped upon a unsuspecting nation. Quietly right after Donald’s latest big election celebration speech at CPAC, well instead of another press conference run by Sean Spicer, which I have given up watching live. I think sitting through each one is seriously shaving years off of my life. So now I see what is discussed during the Press Conferences after wards on television and online before I witness the clips. I mean how much road kill can anyone take? Anyway instead of the usual nuttiness, today it turns out that the news outlets that blow Donald are now the ones allowed to ask questions and report what is discussed and those who dare to call Donald out when he’s bad, are ostracized and aren’t permitted to attend the Press Gaggle. Now this would be bad when ever, but seeing how Trump has been sowing the seeds of this for months seriously angered me upon hearing about this latest attack against the very fabric of our democracy. To bar, news outlets such as The Huffington Post, The New York Times, BBC, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Daily News, Politico, and BuzzFeed, who actually report news and facts and have real sources as opposed to what Donald wants his sheep to believe. If you’re upset about hearing who was left out, and I only listed the most notable, the ones actually allowed in was a who’s who of right-leaning conspiracy garbage spewers including Breitbart, One America News Network, and the Washington Times. I must mention, there were several major news organizations allowed into the room, including ABC, Bloomberg, CBS, FOX, NBC and Reuters. But my sense in this, eventually one by one he’s gonna cut out outlets till all we get are his favorites, who will spin his lies into gold. And we all know how much he loves his gold. Of note and we should cheer them, The Associated Press and Time Magazine were given their golden tickets, but decided against it. Making a statement I hope the rest of the press corps follows. I’m sorry, this is not permissible. I must mention that the talking heads of the Republican party are siding with King Joffrey on this. Ari Fletcher who served as White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush argued that Donald Trump had probably given more press meetings then anyone in history. He does them on the plane, in the airport, blah blah blah. As with everything, what ever Donald Trump does no matter how despicable is fine by them. But if a Democrat sneezes, it's Impeachment.

One last thing about yesterdays terrible day, turns out King Joffrey’s White House Chief of Staff Reince Preibus might have been a bad boy himself. It appears that he’s been illegally contacting the FBI, trying to influence their investigation into Russia’s involvement into the Trump campaign and of course our last election for President. Seems Reince is repeating the sins of Republicans past. That’s right, right out of the playbook of the Nixon White House, made infamous because of a Hotel called Watergate. You see his contacting the Justice department and requesting them to come out and publicly shoot down reports by the media about Donald’s associates communicating with Russians during the campaign is a crime. As Rachel Maddow  said on her show, and I’m paraphrasing, ‘Was it nefarious or are they simply incompetent? And what’s worse?’ This is the same crime that took down Nixon. So Reince helped Donald during the campaign to get elected, and now he’s trying to do it again, I guess during his victory tour. Seriously is anyone inside that deplorable basket of losers that Donald Trump has collected not a loser or worse. Speaking of worse, aren’t the Republicans glad they rushed through the voting of Scott Pruitt, King Joffrey’s choice to run the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Seems Scott has a real skeleton in his closet. You see the then Attorney General of Oklahoma, Pruitt, may have signed off on using illegal drugs in a botched execution of a Clayton Lockett, a 38-year-old convicted murderer. Unfortunately for Clayton, Pruitt trying it seems to help his polling numbers needed this execution for the upcoming election, so instead of waiting for something to replace the now unavailable drugs to end Lockett’s miserable life he approved an unproven or accepted drug. Whoops. Lastly, lets finish todays diatribe discussing who many think is the real brains behind the gold curtain in the Oval office, Steve Bannon, or Stephen Kevin Bannon, as I discovered his full name to be while researching him. Finally, something that made me shut my television off. That’s right, Steve Bannon. I guess I should thank him for being well him. I’m serious here, I woke up, finally had the energy to turn on my television, wanted to see what was on the news. Well, after switching to all of them and discovering he was on every single one. I simply had to shut it off. Took me about 3 minutes and that was all I could take. Of course later I discovered i missed the most important moment of the day, when the so-called alt-President revealed that all of Donald’s cabinet choices are put in place to destroy their appointed divisions. Hence Betsy DeVos was brought in to destroy Public School. Seems he came out an announced ‘his’ plans to destroy our nation from within. Which was when it hit me about the News blackout that the Trumpeters are trying to pull. They attacked and labeled real news and real reporting as fake, lying every step of the way. The same way Trump got into the White House and seemingly earned his billions or millions, obviously none of us will ever know his true wealth. What they pulled then is what they are pulling now, it is pretty amazing how simple their playbook is attack, attack, attack, accuse, accuse, accuse and always against those seeing through their lies. Then as the truth starts to float to the surface, their tar and feathering of the messengers of truth makes the truth-tellers seems like liars. They did the same thing to Hillary Clinton. Well lets hope what they successfully did to take down what should have been the first woman President of The United States, finally loses its success and these treasonous fools get taken away, hopefully dragged by their toes or other assorted appendages till they get their just desserts. Or most likely, no matter their sentences, they one by one eventually become paid talking heads on Fox faux news and the vicious cycle of brain dead former politicians who turn into talking heads can begin again.

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